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  2. Okey thank you very much
  3. this is a really good FC thanks for it ;)
  4. Today
  5. Alright thanks guys I'll give it a try
  6. updated. see changelog np. would be great if you write review for this. thanks anyway
  7. Wenn du die nicht in dem von droidz angegebenen bereich findest, wird sie nicht supported. Was du nun tun kannst ist ihn darum bitten die version zu veröffentlichen.
  8. Ok. just wanted to show my friend my bug and... It works perfect with screen sharing in skype. wtf? Cant capture GIF, cause with it it works too. and with skype demonstration too. Help please :)
  9. I've noticed this same problem. Character lands out of range of the node. Since node isn't in range, so he just mounts up and leaves. For me, I notice it about 10% of the time and I think it seems to be on the same nodes. Sorry I don't have logs or anything right now, I was just browsing the forums and noticed this.
  10. Hi guys. Is there any way, how to tell bot to ignore ores, which are under water? Or just forbid mining for that (only 1 session) in relogger?
  11. As long as the bot isn't physically running or loaded when you play your main account, even from the same computer, you should be safe. It's always better to have as much separation as possible, but as long as it's never running while you're logging into or on your main account, you should be good to go...
  12. Haha. actually for me it works as you show in your video. but!! it still doesnt work if you stand in mob!! try it please. i tried on another pc with all those installation. still isnt working for me. P.s Dont jump far from mob. LOL> i just noticed what when i'm trying to GIF my bug. it insta turns around and it works. if my window is set on WROBOT. it's not working. maybe its Trial version Bug? can you give me working key for 1day? will pucrhase bot if all works
  13. If you want to create WoWPlayer objects from your party you need their baseaddresses otherwise use -> Party.GetPartyHomeAndInstance() Returns a list of all party member.
  14. I got a priest 48 on Elysium, hasnt done any quest until now, interested in ? Might get him to 60 in few days (i'd say around 8-10) if that's what you're looking for.
  15. nope. its not working. summoning Driodz @Droidz i need to convert C# from HB public WoWUnit Barrel => ObjectManager.GetObjectsOfType<WoWUnit>().FirstOrDefault(u => u.IsValid && u.Entry == 115947 && u.InteractSpellId == 230877); to wrobot var barrel = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit().Where(u => u.IsValid && u.Entry == 115947 && u.CastingSpellId == 230877).FirstOrDefault(); this is not working. need more info
  16. How Can I define in code new WoWPlayer for party-member?
  17. My bots keep running into the vaults of aggramar when using the fjarnskaggl route
  18. WoWUnit.CastingSpellId If you are looking for the spell id the unit is using
  19. here doc about WoWUnit.InteractSpellId is there anything similar for wrobot?
  20. Nope Are you using any addons ? If yes, try disabling all of them. Some addons interfere with WRobot rotations. If it doesn't help please paste your log here.
  21. I managed to find another solution with C# coding. I manage a SerpentStingTimer : I reset it when I'm not in combat or when I change target. That's the best solution I could think of. I did test to GetAllBuff from target (which works) and then retreive owner of all of them... But indeed => Owner==0 always. :( But it is noted on Wrobot Vanilla download page that buff owner doesn't work (I missed it at first) Same solution should apply to Priest's ShadowWord: pain (I'm planning to make a C# Fight Class for Vanilla for them too) Anyway I think FightClass creator isn't suited for Vanilla (yet). There's too much conditions/timer option missing and it's too much restrictive. C# Fight Classes is the way to go.
  22. Yeah, it would be perfect :)
  23. okay, guess i was not patient enough. Anyway, great work. Worth the money
  24. So you need to loot only mobs from the list and not any other? :D
  25. Does anyone know how to setup loot distance? Not search radius in wrobot options, but exactly loot radius. I need it to avoid looting every mob in 300 radius. And if I turn off "Loot mobs" option bot doesn't loot spawned mobs (e.g. withered hungerer).
  26. Just a feature request to make a mode either grinder or quest pulse to clear a path (attack before being attacked) for ALL npc's within a configured range while following a path, Reason being is with grinder the bot will always move towards the nearest mob and i notice the bot will spend extended periods of time in a single location if the respawn rate is fast. Even if you put a large area and amounts of pulse points it will sometimes spend a lot of time in a single location which can look suspect. If it was following a path it would move around a lot more and look less bottisht. Also a mode like that would be helpful for instance farming lower level raids.
  27. Hello. Every time bot trying to loot mob killed by another player (maybe by himself too), farms counter increased by 1. In this case loot counter should've been increased. Therefore user gets incorrect loot/farm statistic.
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