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  1. i though you won't even consider making vanilla bot :D
  2. You can add condition target is boss ttue I tried adding it but i couldn't get the bot tell if target is frozen cuz few API entrys were broken. Could work now but i can't work on it cuz i don't have wow account
  3. Problem is you don't tell what to look for. You can use lua to find bad buffs which i don't know code for. I think there is guide somewhere about finding bad buffs and removing them
  4. Vector3 NpcLoc = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByName("TheNPCName").FirstOrDefault().Position; wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(NpcLoc, 1111, -1, false); 1111 being the npc ID, -1 is gossip option edit: keep in mind i haven't touched the api for couple months so it may cause a error if you use this code. I don't remember everything anymore
  5. Next time this happens take a picture of the bsod so we have even small idea what can cause it. It could be literally anything like your cpu or gpu overheating or just win10 being a bitch
  6. Keep in mind the bot is currently detected by blizzard. Don't use it before official fix for it unless you want to get banned
  8. Changed Status to Duplicate Changed Version to All
  9. This makes me want to return to making profiles
  10. So Droidz is able to edit the meshes... I though this isn't even possible with the tools he has :D
  11. Roar is added. Dunno why it doesn't use it tho
  12. I'll look into it
  13. Hello. As many of you already noticed that i haven't been too active lately i actually just graduated from school so I am now forest machine operator (specialized in forwarders) . Next good thing is I'm starting to work fulltime since tomorrow and my boss said I'm allowed to work as much as i want so basicly you won't see me here anymore or if I'll be here i won't have much time to work on any bot related projects... It's been great time here but it is time for me to move on in my life. So yeah this is kinda a goodbye About my Azsuna project, anyone who wants can continue with it using my "trial" profile from downloads section. Just remember that i used zygor with it ;)