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  1. Butler should be useable on versions other 3.3.5a also (even if some stats are removed with Cataclysm and MoP)... but i have never checked it out because i have retired from playing versions beyond WotLK. WotLK ist the Azeroth i love to live within
  2. Thank you a lot, I am honoured by your confidence
  3. Version 1.3.0


    If you level a new character there are many problems - bots are not changing their equipment and sometimes they run out of manadrinks or food. Our upcoming heroes are in need of a butler to assist! Butler takes care if there is better equipment in inventory than worn and equips the better one Also (if activated) Butler switches to the food and drink which is carried in inventory most Last but not least Butler is able to destroy uncommon (gray) items if you set him to do so For the different classes you may tweak the multipliers for item scoring within the settings - so Butler is able to decide which gear is best for your juniors I think, Butler is the tool which helps your second growth to survive leveling Known issues and their workarounds: Most food and drink are detected automatically. If not, you may enter the id of your food/drink to the global setting table "Known as Manadrink" or "Known as food" Some items does not return their item stats correctly and are therefore equipped if they should not vice versa. To fix this you may enter the correct item:value pair within the Butler global setting "Item value overrides" added in Butler 1.3.0 Have fun - see you in Azeroth! Stauffenberg
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the jail ! This profile was made for rushing the stormwind jail to get rare items for lowies or wool for your tailors. Because of engaging without fightclass support you may rush as high-level Druid only - Mark of the Wild, Thorns, Rejuvenation, Hurricane, Innervate and Regrowth are used. The profile is fully afk, step in with empty bags and have the vendor and mailbox options set. Maybe you would like to use a plugin like lootfilter or a WoW Addon which is dropping waste items while running Your character will go to town if less than the minimum free bags are free - set this value to 10 about Have fun - see you in Azeroth! Stauffenberg
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I think, many of you would like to level a nightelf... but starting in Elwynn Forest rather than Kalimdor. This profile will bring your character from Teldrassil to Northshire safely. Starting in Shadowglen, crossing Dolanaar, Darnassus, RutTheran, Auberdine, Stormwind, Goldshire until Northshire Valley is reached. We are taking ships for this long travel. It's a long way - be patient and do not intervene... we will reach Marshal McBride in time
  6. Die Welt ist wie ein Traum - nur, dass wir sie ändern können, wenn wir es WIRKLICH wollen