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WRobot 2.0 released


I just released WRobot 2.0. It is mainly UI update, but I have added some features like LuaBot language (to make your WRobot plugins/scripts with lua, you can launch the dev tool to see code sample), better vb.net support... (I'll write changelog in next days).

If you get problem to launch it, check if you use recent Framework version (min 4.5), Windows XP support has ended.

In the next week, I'll primarily work during next weeks/months to improve artificial intelligence/movement/reaction of the bot to try to look more natural (for that I will also have to improve my personal knowledge).

A lot of users abuse of the "unlimited sessions by IP", I think than I'll change rules for the new subscriptions (like 1 session for 20€ per year, 5 for 30€/y...), and probably limit number of session of the old subscriptions (like max 25 sessions, some user running currently more than 100 sessions at the same time...).

As said here WRobot will be a bot only for private servers, I need to edit/reorganize sites/forums/downloads for that (I'll do it in next weeks).


EDIT 25 April 2018: If you get black WRobot window read this, if WRobot closes automatically when you use the same key on multiple IP address at the same time it is normal, an old bug allowed to do it (with unlimited and private subscriptions) but it was fix in this update.

EDIT 26 April 2018: I edited homepage to formalize than WRobot is a private servers bot. I also added new type of subscription, based maximum of running sessions at the same time (no IP limit, it is better if you want to use several IPs), but you cannot run at the same time more than X sessions at the same time), and I converted old "unlimited" and "for private servers" subscriptions to the new type of subscription with the maximum of 10 sessions at the same time. You can see new subcriptions and the price in the store.


I repeat, update of WRobot for official servers was planned before than I decide to stop this version, I released it but this but that does not change my decision, I will definitely close WRobot for official server at the latest at the "Battle for Azeroth" pre-patch (Wow version 8.x.x) .


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26 minutes ago, bio33 said:

maybe you able to add per month subsription becouse its much money for paying at once?

i am asking this becouse i am bought rebot bot lifetime subscription around 3 years ago and its was closed after 2 months

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1 minute ago, bio33 said:

i am asking this becouse i am bought rebot bot lifetime subscription around 3 years ago and its was closed after 2 months

I haven't planned to close, it is for this reason than I make changes (to try to compensate WRobot for official servers).

I have tried to find a solution that affects less users as possible, but any change inevitably disadvantages many users. If you are affected by the changes, do not hesitate to send me private message we will find an agreement

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13 minutes ago, Mike-Mail said:

Druidz I’ve used about 11 at one time and when I get all my computer set up right ima start running about 50 or 100 at a time to max  my gold intake on most servers to make some real money.

I replied by private message

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