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    RAF WOTLK 3.3.5a dont fallow

    • Version: All Product: Party Type: Bug Status: Cannot Reproduce


    i would like to level my char by dungeon (dungeonbrowser).


    If i go into ankahet/violet/azjol and other dungeons with my chars, the follower char (Party/RAF) start and kill the first group and then he stand around and do nothing else.

    If i stop the bot and start it again he kill one group and then he is standing around again and so on.


    I think when i start the bot he finds the tank (100% life) and looks which group he attacks - the fight begins and my char attacks the same group and then he dont look if the tank is living, he looks if monster are dead and he become "false/0" back and stand around and do nothing. he don´t switch to the tank and check if he is living, he check if the mops/enemys are alive/dead thats not correct and my raf char stands arround and do nothing.


    Perhaps it is at the loop which checked the dead mop and not the follower?!

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