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    Hello @Droidz

    while using HMP , (use spirit healer after 5 deaths with in 15 mins,) i've found that the option "use spirit healer" is bugged on warmane. i do not know why but when i use this option it sticks at the spirit healer for over 4 hours.

    21:18:09.991 - [Resurrect] Player dead
    21:18:20.837 - [Resurrect] Player dead
    21:18:31.623 - [Resurrect] Player dead
    21:18:42.451 - [Resurrect] Player dead
    21:18:53.292 - [Resurrect] Player dead
    21:19:04.090 - [Resurrect] Player dead
    21:19:14.903 - [Resurrect] Player dead
    21:19:25.711 - [Resurrect] Player dead


    29 Jul 2019 18H08 - JQVQU.log.html

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    Option resurrect at spirit healer for WotLK wRobot has been broken for ages. Working code for @Droidz:

    var spiritHealer = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitSpiritHealer().FirstOrDefault();
    				if (spiritHealer != null)
    					Logging.Write("Using spirit healer!");
    					GoToTask.ToPosition(spiritHealer.Position, 3.5f, false, context => Conditions.ProductIsStartedNotInPause && Me.IsDeadMe);


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    @Droidz still bugged (only on 3.3.5a) 


    doesn't work because the bot doesn't accept the spiriz rezz popup. My code above is tested and works but I need it to actually be done by you, otherwise I will have to replace the entire resurrection state with my own. Some user is threatening with bad review because spirit rezz doesn't work, so would be great to have this.

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