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  2. It was totally random. wich is worse for us. They banned 1 accout wich never botted.. if they would ban wrobot users. they would ban my other bot account and not this one,..
  3. I have 3 bots still safe on Frostmourne, make sure to use your own profiles (private, not public.) a good fight class (using paid ones from @Matenia) and don’t bot where a lot of people are at,
  4. Today
  5. My best guess is that a GM randomly came upon your char. Bots are dead give away.
  6. I just dont know how they got me, dont think its a report since I only botted for roughly 1 hour max on that account. Think they track achievement and manually check on persons with less than # of quests completed ?
  7. People get banned on that server everyday it's definitely not detected. I have been botting there since day 1. Still 0 accounts banned.
  8. its not detected dude! what did I say in my post ? I had 3 accounts running at the same time and only 1 was banned.
  9. maybe just detected everyone that was using it at that time
  10. im looking for a plugin that says something and stops for a few sec when teleportet. is there a similar plugin somewhere ?
  11. hi thx for your pluging I followed all your instructions but I got this problem helps me pleas
  12. I use Party.GetParty().Count(o => o.GetDistance < 100). For party leader result = 4 if all pary (5 member) is near. For not leader result = 5 if all pary (5 member) is near.
  13. If it was detected, no bot would ever escape and you'd get caught just for using wRotation. Detected means they can detect that the bot attaches to the game and alters the game's state in memory. If people use repetitive behavior or are otherwise "easily" recognized as bots, they get caught in reports. I've botted on Warmane for long enough to know it's not detected. They have employed "traps" in the past to make some things bots do harder. But wRobot usually worked around those.
  14. They banned lot of people from here using different things. Mostly sure they detected it
  15. They don't have any detection. But they will (depending on GM) IP ban you, if you get caught botting (mostly reports and some statistical analysis, I'm sure).
  16. Ive tried getting my bot to smelt what i have been mining, but it doesnt do it. Ive tried everything to fix it. Any ideas?
  17. I got banned in 1 accout. half quest (bot) / bot grind/automation and played 1 rdf . but the weird part is 1 account banned wich never botted (playing on the same IP different computer). main acc still alive (not botted) alt lv 45 grinding bot alive (was online when hammer happened)...
  18. This is pretty weird.. I saw the ban hammer today, many accounts were banned for botting. The weird thing is, I was running 3 accounts at the same time.Two were grinding and was running Automaton one was banned the other two didn't. Huh! What is more weird is that the account running Automaton is fresh toon, I leveled it myself all the way and basically just started today to use the bot 30 min grind then several hours break. I wasn't like grinding for long hours. Toon wasn't stuck either. Who else got hit?
  19. Yesterday
  20. This doesn't seem to work for LK / TBC, yet everyone keeps pointing me here. What can i do to remedy this? (It doesn't appear in settings)
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Automatically combines the following motes whenever you collect 10 of them. Mote of Shadow, Mote of Air, Mote of Fire, Mote of Earth, Mote of Water, Mote of Life, Mote of Harmony, Mote of Mana How to use : Add the Combine Motes.cs file to the Wrobot Plugins folder. After this, start up bot, go to the tab called "Plugins" and turn "Combine Motes.cs" by on.
  22. Great profile so far! I do have a question though. Is there any way one could make it so that i'm always in stealth mode? So i can stay hidden from most and only appear when attacking, then going back into stealth mode after looting/skinning ?
  23. You are right he's working thank you very much :)
  24. You are obviously using google translate. Copy paste his code without google translate.
  25. I didn't know how to write the code, and I got this error 😢
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