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  2. Just to help others, here is to go to a trainer and learn spell or spells. Custom Code > Quester : public static class Trainer_Learn { public static List<Tuple<string, uint>> SpellsList = new List<Tuple<string, uint>> { new Tuple<string, uint>("Charge", 5), new Tuple<string, uint>("Rend", 5), new Tuple<string, uint>("Thunder Clap", 5), new Tuple<string, uint>("Parry", 5), new Tuple<string, uint>("Battle Shout", 5), }; public static void Learni
  3. Today
  4. You have to modify ur fightclass. public void Initialize() { FightEvents.OnFightLoop += TargetSwitcher; } public void Dispose() { FightEvents.OnFightLoop -= TargetSwitcher; } private void TargetSwitcher(WoWUnit woWPlayer, System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs cancelable) { WoWPlayer player = ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWPlayer(ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWPlayer().Where(o => o.IsAttackable).ToList()); if (player == null || !player.IsValid || !player.IsAlive || player.Faction == ObjectManager.Me.Faction || player.IsFlying || player.IsMyTarget || woWPlayer.Guid ==
  5. Yesterday
  6. The name 'obj' does not exist in the current context, please can I ask for the reference for 'obj'? Cant find where the CurrentWowProcess located in the libraries.
  7. O will try, thanks. : ) Isuallyh the fightclass has no issues, only in the bg
  8. I switched to repeatable quest after droidz's answer, still doesnt work
  9. Might be bc you don’t have it select as repeatable
  10. New day, new daily, same result, bot just stands. 22 Oct 2020 11H51.log.html Daily Cooking Orgrimmar.xml EDIT: so i run it on another computer, different char and it works good. any idea why?
  11. Hello, you have option in advanced general settings to ignore pet
  12. Hi, robotManager.Helpful.Display.ShowWindow(obj.CurrentWowProcess.MainWindowHandle); public static void ShowWindow(IntPtr mainWindowHandle) { Native.ShowWindow(mainWindowHandle, Native.SwRestore); Native.SetForegroundWindow(mainWindowHandle); }
  13. try to active option quest option RepeatableQuest
  14. ughm, sorry. Daily Cooking Orgrimmar.xml
  15. Battlegrounder uses the GrindingBG and FightBG class. Decompile to see what they do. Replace GriningBG with your own state if you must. And adjust your fightclass range, then it won't try to melee people as a caster...
  16. Well my fightclass behaves different in bg then in party mode. In the bg, it tries to melee always enemies, althought it has only heal spells defined ^^ Thats why I assume there is a different
  17. I need this to capture desktop for logging events and incidents from the window I need.
  18. Last week
  19. Not at the moment, but this might be a plugin feature in the near future.......
  20. Can you post the profile? I’ll take a look at it
  21. Just out of Curiosity, why do you need this for botting?
  22. Hello, I need some help with this. I'm using this code: wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.SetForegroundWindowInt32((int)wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle); but it works randomly, does not always work, and I do not understand why. @Droidz what kind of code are you using in this button?
  23. So today during grind player attacked me, bot instead of picking a player, was still attacking and chasing fleeing mob. Is there a way to make wrobot switch attacking player ?
  24. So if a hunter's/dk's pet attack me, bot is attacking that pet until me or it dies/ even if i click on hunter/dk wrobot change to pet itself, how to disable it?
  25. Its a daily cooking gatherer quest from orgrimmar, no idea why bot just stand and do nothing, tried with "objective count" and with "auto detect objective count" 21 Oct 2020 23H28.log.html
  26. Droidz

    Path finder seems broken

    it is strange, try to use cloudflare or google dns
  27. Kassad

    Path finder seems broken

    @Droidz I have seen this problem 4 month ago in new patch bot, but if use old version Wrobot - all ok, but now cant use old version and have istant Path finder trouble. At that time I checked on two Internet providers, the first had an error with Path finder, the second worked fine. Now both give an Path finder error 21 окт 2020 21H17 - vNVTAmH.log.html
  28. Droidz

    Path finder seems broken

    The last update normally corrects the problem, it changes server if the selected server is malfunctioning (and I tried to solve the problem on the server side).
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