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  2. Droidz

    version d'essais

    Bonjour, la version trial fonctionne uniquement avec WRobot pour serveurs privés. Vous jouez sur serveurs privés?
  3. Droidz

    Skinning mobs killed only by bot

    Hello, in advanced general settings disable option "ninja"
  4. Droidz

    bot private version

    Hello, try again problem resolved
  5. Today
  6. shlord

    Druid Leveling Fight Class 1-80 (Feral)

    im not very experience on fight class, but i think fight class doesnt control targets, maybe is something outside, quest profile, grinder, etc..
  7. Banthex

    bot private version

    I have the same problem. Bought the private server license and downloaded private server client for Wow 7.1.5 (23420) Final > license key is not working.
  8. svenstar13

    1-12 Mulgore (Tauren) -

    Worked like a charm!
  9. svenstar13

    [FREE] Tauren Druid Feral 70 TBC 2.4.3

    You ever encountered this problem? I have the exact same issue in cat form too, as it seems the bots mana/rage/energy count arent seperated properly and when low on those the drinking condition gets fired up, very unhandy. But either way thanks for the FC :)!
  10. cashbag

    Trainer Wotlk {Plugin}

    hbut how to setup this plugin? i see its a .cs extension failes. not dll
  11. lustucru

    version d'essais

    bonjour je voudrez essayer le bot mais qu'en je mais TRIAL j'ai une erreur trial version is disabted for this product ( you need to use active subsscription ) j'ai déjà un compte mais je vois pas ou je dois le renter et j'ai suivie le tuto a la lettre…. t'en que le bot marche pas je prend pas d'abonnement….
  12. Hello, can bot skinning mobs killed only by bot? (dont skinning mobs killed by other players)
  13. Best bet is to blacklist the water.
  14. Hi, im actually playing on a cata server and it seems something is glytched from them, when you land with a flying mount in a water surface, it seems the mount cant go through, either dismount itself, so that makes the bot keeping to try getting in the water while mounted, its pretty anoying, ive checked for addons so it could auto-dismount while getting in water but nothing shows, i was wondering if someone had a something to fix this, If who ever have had the same issue and found out a way to fix this id like to know. There is surely a puggin to do for this , i just dont know how to make it. Thanks reading me.
  15. lonellywolf

    [FREE] Tauren Druid Feral 70 TBC 2.4.3

    Drinking/eating is separate from fighting class. So this has nothing to do with this profile.
  16. So , does he go train himself to archeology trainer when needed ?
  17. Yesterday
  18. Elephunk


    So far so good. A few hiccups that are to be expected with any questing profile. Thanks!
  19. areracepy

    wrobot wont start

    fixed now thank you 🙂
  20. sleeez

    Auto Buy or Auto catch items from bank

    Edit: Grad gesehen das du auch das De kommst. Mein Problem ist folgendes, ich brauche Fleisch, Wasser und Munition, sprich es kommt alles von 3 verschiedenen Vendorn. Meinst das kann man irgendwie hinbekommen? Wie gesagt könnte auch nen Vorrat kaufen und in der Bank lagern, bräuchte dann quasi nur ein Profil welches dort hingeht und Item x, xx mal rausnimmt. Werds mal mit deinem Plugin versuchen, aber glaub das wird kompliziert^^ lg
  21. svenstar13

    [FREE] Tauren Druid Feral 70 TBC 2.4.3

    gets stuck while drinking in bear form, seems to be a wrobot issue though since i tried another FC and the issues was there too.
  22. Hello, sorry you cannot with default features
  23. Last week
  24. hello_girly

    spiel friert kurz ein

    hallo ich habe ein Problem und zwar friert mein Spiel kurz ein nach einiger zeit es ist nur kurz ca 4 sekunden aber es stört beim spielen, ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. Was mir aufgefallen ist nach dem einfrieren läd er alle addons neu sieht zumindest so aus da links im chat nochmal alles geschrieben steht. habe auch schon alle Addons deaktiviert leider ohne erfolg. hier mal mein log ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen 25 Mai 2018 22H25.log.html
  25. Is it possible to delay the attack in the PARTY option? I ask, because it reacts a little too quickly and sometimes TANK wants to pull the group mobs away from other mobs for safety group. but WRobot attacks immediately 🙂
  26. Is there anyone who has a 1-300 mining profile? Whenever I try to run the default gathering profiles, they don't work. My character will always without fail, go to one spot on the map, while the bot says it's pathfinding. It'll stay that way for 45 minutes, so I was wondering if anyone has a gatherer or even grinding/questing profile for 1-300 mining for vanilla.
  27. Matenia

    Auto Buy or Auto catch items from bank

    Should solve your problem. You have to set it for each character manually or if you want something completely automated, you could use my HumanMasterPlugin. Keep in mind though, that for Northrend, the food list is currently only containing meat int the paid plugin and you'd have to wait for an update if you wanted any more.
  28. Droidz

    Does private servers have warded?

    Current WRobot is currently not detected on private server (you can use trial version of WRobot to test), it is not cause of ban.
  29. Droidz

    Game version incorrect

    Hello, update WRobot again
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