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  2. Fisherbot ban

    Dont use the bot or have the bot on your harddrive i mean, or your main is gotta be bannend aswell. People already reported on Ownedcore they just got bannend because they just had a old outdated tool/hack/bot on the Harddrive even if they not used it.
  3. Fisherbot ban

    Nice Idea and it works? With usb? I should try this :)
  4. Fisherbot ban

    You guys dont understand it, right? The bot is detected, even if you just Fishbot you are fuked because you injected into WoW. If you want to be safe remove wRobot from your HDD/SSD and put it on a USB Stick, because Blizzard/Warden scans now out of process and not like previous warden versions just injected processes into WoW.exe. Even if you dont understand codeing an intressting article over warden, it might be a bit old, warden is nowadays way more agressiv since end 2017,
  5. Today
  6. Fisherbot ban

    Yes. My rogue Bots are banned and they are most time invisible
  7. FollowPath stuck

    Zul`pharak2.xml i tried to following the video) thx anyway for helping <3
  8. Ban wave - 19 February 2018

    My ban was also until August. :( that's a long freaking time. already bought a new account and boosted a 100 to play with my friends haha.. wondering if I can start right back up again or will I wake up to the same message?
  9. Ban wave - 19 February 2018

    I got Banned till August 19th 2018. Just to let you know. I think I got banned from the OS or Windows sending info to Blizzard. I only run the Rotation Bot, that why I think it was Windows.
  10. Error wrobot

    I have the same problem, is it solved?
  11. Fisherbot ban

    Hello, I'm aware of the high current risks, but do i risk anything by fisherboting only at night watching it and making sure no player is around? Do they have any way to spot a simple botfish? Thanks
  12. Tx de Detecções

    Fui pego em 2 de tres acc..mas usava sem pena (mais de 15h por dia). Tava nessa batida a meses. A q nao levou suspensao foi a q nao loguei por uns 3 dias
  13. Hunter 1-60 BETA

    How do i make it purchase ammo?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Tx de Detecções

    Essa banwave meio que responde esta pergunta. Estou sem logar a 1 semana, não fui pego... pelo menos ate agora.. Algum de vocês foi pego?
  16. bot still down?

    its working now, thank u droidZ good shit on getting it up and running so fast! 10/10
  17. FollowPath stuck

    show what you got in exit cuz if your bot did a round, you gotto do something with it i would change exit to followpath and set position in the exit portal to run out, thats how i got it
  18. FollowPath stuck

    Why after this Followpath stage, next stage get stuck. mb i need to write some conditions for it? or what do i do wrong ( in instance my bot must do route and go to exit)
  19. Anyone using this on Warmane without ban?
  20. [PAID] Suramar - Good Suramaritan

    ban that npc in blacklist settings. need to levelup some chars. i got banned on all accounts
  21. [PAID] Suramar - Good Suramaritan

    ON a pick up quest leyline feed leystation moonfall. Keeps going to obsidian outloook in highmounttain then fighting the elite troll guys
  22. Bot detected? Rest in peace

    hm dann hat der bot was anderes angestellt, ich hab mit dem acc nichts anderes gemacht :)
  23. Buff myself mage

    No, I don't play vanilla. Take a look into the vanilla download section and you will find some ppl who selling fight classes.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Tested by my 2 paladins who successfully pumped to level 52. Test friends and if there are problems waiting for reviews
  25. Tarren Mill 34 - 41 Lvl

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Tested by my 2 paladins who successfully pumped to level 41. Test friends and if there are problems waiting for reviews
  26. Buff myself mage

    Do u have some good fight profiles on frost mage vanilla ? I can buy It!
  27. Buff myself mage

    How about Spell settings -> Cast spell on -> Player? Name should be "Arcane Intellect"
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