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  2. The Esc thing has nothing to do with HMP and the noise is the first aid window. Disable first aid or your sound. Idk why you're trying to play the game while you're botting.
  3. @Matenia It's being caused by the HMP I can disable that plugin and the noise goes away.
  4. Oh also my escape key will randomly stop working as well.
  5. So this just started happening and I have no idea what is causing it. Literally nothing in the logs show a menu trying to open or close. But when I start the bot it automatically will close whatever menu I have open. Then I can hear the noise as if a menu is being closed just a constant thunk thunk thunk noise.
  6. Check under my purchases in the very top then select the bot you purchased. Your key should pop up.
  7. yo i buthe the bot but dont got the code for it any help pliss
  8. How is this profile working currently?
  9. Good, im glad you found this out !
  10. Yesterday
  11. So it seems the hunter doesn't back pedal until you get your pet at level 10. But after that works well enough.
  12. I have tried two profiles that have back pedal support default settings and neither of them are back pedaling.. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  13. Auth server was down, script is working great now. My apologize for freaking out so soon it just had me concerned. Thanks @Bambo
  14. This has said to been resolved. Testing the script now will post back with update.
  15. thanks, i just tried using it, but it doesn't work if i dont target my focus. What i want to do is that my character use spell "charge" on target=focus when my focus is casting, without targetting focus. Thanks for helping me
  16. Here i am again. The bot did a good questing 🙂 im now level 72 with some grinding/questinfg profiles. Till level 60 i only used your profile with some questing by my own. 😄 Thank you smokie, talamin and all the others.
    This profile works very good for Horde Questing in the Borean Tundra. It is as always that there are some minor issues and you cant go fully afk but Jensen pointed out some of the issues. All in all i can fully recommend this profile for Horde Questing in the Borean Tundra! Thanks Jensen for this profile and i hope that there will be more good profiles in the future
  17. Top profile! Works like a charm for questing in tundra. Here and there are some minor issues with stucks/quests but all in all a great profile. Bot did for now 90 Q in tundra 🙂 Thanks Jensen
  18. Hi all , I add my key but i have the message : Please select game Process and connect the game. Somebody can help me ? Best Claire
  19. The fc is designed in the first line to be used solo, but I will adapt some checks for the ownership of dots and debuffs, then this should be solved.
  20. So I recently purchased Bambo 1-80 Horde grinder and it worked great for a few hours now it has stopped working and is throwing me error codes saying that my ID is being used on another IP. I do not have bitcoin so I used paypal for this transaction. I would like Bambo to reply within 24 hours or I will escalate further. I used friends and family to make this purchase so I hope it was not a mistake.
  21. This was working great for a few hours now I am being told that my transaction ID is already being used.. I don't know what's going on but if you can get back to me on discord or here Bambo. ASAP please..
  22. I'm not sure if this is the place to bug report but I'm noticing that the DK fight class seems to treat OTHER DK diseases as its own and won't bother to apply debuffs if another DK already has theirs up.
  23. yeah reinstalled, re set up my setting etc. works fine again. but now the bot wont mail when bags are full
  24. Last week
  25. Hey slk, thanks for this profile. I used your ZulDrak profile and it worked great, even with herbing/mining it gets alot of XP. My question is, is there a chance to config the profile for horde? I dont have any knowledge about creating or configure profiles, so i ask if you could give me a little help or change the vendors/repair/mail to Horde. Thanks in advance!
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