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  3. I've bought a few profiles and fight classes and understand how those work, but how does the rotation bot work? Like do you click on Rotation then load a fightclass and just uncheck everything that doesnt relate to only doing a rotation? I ask because I would like to use a rotation bot to tank/heal/dps dungeons, raids, and bgs. I also cant see even the good paid fight classes being optimal rotations for raiding/pvp. Where would i find actual good profiles for that? I've looked under the rotation tab here on the forums and came up empty, maybe because im just a new user at this bot but any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Yesterday
  5. raka


    It wont stop the bot when trying to apply poison. It stops for a second then the bot runs and cancells the poison and repeats this step. (vanilla 1.12)
  6. is there any posibility that you guys could fix that?
  7. infamous11

    Push key outside wow window

    I tried in the quest editor as a fullcsharpcode quest, but I dont know how to use the system.windows.forms dll directly in it. I just installed a couple of days ago VS2019 with all the required workloads, so the compiling enviroments are not missing, but Im not sure how to do a quest profile cs file while using it as a step because its giving me the same compile error: The type or namespace name 'Forms' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) If you can help me with that, Im sure it will work.
    TLDR - Buy it, Great Support, Quester that works very well! 😎 So, whilst there are some inconsistencies with a lot of the 'quester' profiles on this forum - Bambo's far outweighs the others in terms of scripting and efficiency, it's amazing fun to sit back and watch it work and slog those 1-20 levels for you. 'If' on the rare occasion you need to step in or have any issues (usually wrbot settings) Bambo offers brilliant support via Discord - That in itself show's he's a dedicated scripter for the wow botting community and often knows the issue and provides a quick setting solution for your fix! The profiles auto update - which in itself is often such a relief, as constantly wondering if you are on the latest version is a bit of a pain. I have purchased both this and the Grinder profiles of Bambo's and couldn't be happier with them. I would recommend them to anyone who's starting out in botting as they require little intervention and with the suggested plug-ins - work like charm. The only downside .....You'll soon have a swarm of char's at 20 and have no idea which to play first.
  8. todde

    problem on elysium

    never mind made my own profile gott banned less then an hour after boting on elysium
  9. Mykoplazma

    Push key outside wow window

    SendKeys.Send("{ENTER}"); not SendKeys(("{ENTER}"); for starters.You are not using microsoft c# compiling env? Or some other kind of c# thing with intelisense?
  10. 79135

    How to do it in FC editor?

    bool need = true; wManager.Events.FightEvents.OnFightLoop += (unit, cancelable) => { if (ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Any(o => o.IsTargetingPartyMember) && need) { WoWUnit unitWhichAttackMyPartyMember = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Where(o => o.IsTargetingPartyMember).FirstOrDefault(); if (unitWhichAttackMyPartyMember != null) { cancelable.Cancel = true; Interact.InteractGameObject(unitWhichAttackMyPartyMember.GetBaseAddress); Fight.StartFight(unitWhichAttackMyPartyMember.GetBaseAddress); } else need = false; } }; Write pls code how to force tank attack unit which Attack My Party Member. The code dont work
  11. bluelanky

    Incredibly slow update

    I'm having this problem too from USA.
  12. DrDingle

    Incredibly slow update

    Hi! I just bought the bot today and trying to use updater... problem is it is updating one file every 5min or more... is there anything I can do to speed up the update process? or is it just the issue of having it from EU?
  13. elementx

    Квест профили

    1-70 Quest + Grind [TRULY AFK] 1.0.3
  14. dweebster


    Ive tried messing around with the free lockpicking profile. The best ive gotten with the one in westfall tower is it starts to pick the lock and then it says already open. Every once and awhile it will pick the chest fully
  15. I noticed the problem only with Freewind Elevator, I think Thousand Needles elevator still works (mesa elevator)
  16. Hey! This function doesnt work for me anymore, I had to reinstall wrobot client and before i did that it worked properly, anyone know what the problem could be? It goes afk sometimes and sometimes not, and it doesnt seem to do it during combat anymore :S all the errors and problems popped when my char moved to outland, before it worked.......
  17. Normally fixe was release, I'll check
  18. Can someone answer me question 3? Please. ^^
  19. infamous11

    Push key outside wow window

    Using this public sealed class : QuestClass { public void test(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { SendKeys("{ENTER}"); } } gives me this error [E] 12:33:26.870 - Compilator Error : c:\Users\Kiccsi\AppData\Local\Temp\jxfljbqs\jxfljbqs.0.cs(23,22) : error CS1001: Identifier expected Im currently trying to do it with autoit but its taking a lot of time because Im a newbie.
  20. This is still happening with Smooth Path option. Don't forget to fix it in the next big update, please
  21. That's not the error that happens in the first place. Nobody can help you, unless you actually show us the REAL error thrown when wRobot crashes. If something crashes wRobot, it's probably a fightclass/plugin/combination of those/etc, or you didn't install wRobot correctly.
  22. Mykoplazma

    Push key outside wow window

    If you need to send a key to game you can use many methods like Sendkeys (C# api ) , runing autohotkey or autoit exe or autoit dll and many other.
    Whew! Loaded this up for my lvl30, and it goes hard. Nonstop Mind Flay and oom after every two pulls. Love the wand script, glad to finally find one that works decently. At my level with my mediocre gear, I was having problems and made some QoL adjustments. Problems: > Constant Mind Flay kept getting interrupted/recast when shield on c/d, soo > Oom all the time > Oom = Wand + Mindflay when mana regens, soo > Dying to 3-pulls, and low mana 2-pulls Adjustments: > Mind Flay cutoffs at 30% mana and 60% target health > Mind Blast cutoffs at 25% mana and 25% target health > PWP cutoff at 20% target health > WandShoot mana condition replaced with 60% target health condition > Added Renew (70% health) > Added Psychic Scream (3 units nearby) Less oom, less dying, slightly less dps, but a bump in my overall xp/hr from getting 3 pulls per drink rather than 2. Low-mana fights end in PWP + wand + heals instead of wand + mindflay + dying. The op might be better once more talents are unlocked, but for now this is working better for me. I'll attach what I settled on, in case anyone has similar issue. Avvi's Priest [Shadow] [Leveling 1-70] (Lowbie variant).xml
  23. todde

    problem on elysium

    Trying to creat a grind profile, and the bot cant seem to find the cordinates .. and all the profiles on site has a price tag on them.
  24. Last week
  25. axelkrantz

    game currently used by bot

    @Droidz I got the exact same problem and tried to put the wrobot folder in the desktop and and in the first/main folder of the disc, anyway still not work....sigh. tried reinstall, restart comp, restart game, etc etc etc.......................................getting really pissed. just bought x3 on sunwell and then this happens NICE.........
  26. Hello! When I start the wrobot client everything works fine until i start the bot, then i get some error message that shuts down the client and when i restart client it says my char is "in use" and it shuts down/error again. I tried reinstall, restart game, restart comp etc, i still get the error...Whats the problem? Kinda annoying aswell, just bought x3 on sunwell.... Here is a picture of the "error" before the client shits down; https://gyazo.com/ecf44b9f79bd0c3d2f6f5b65ba0056b8
  27. Jensen-

    Push key outside wow window

    dont pme about the code that i hided cuz it didnt work, you got it in the first post in this topic
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