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  3. /run SetCurrentGuildBankTab(SlotNumber) for Bag = 0,4 do for Slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(Bag) do local itemLink = GetContainerItemLink(Bag, Slot); if itemLink then if string.find(itemLink, "ItemName") then UseContainerItem(Bag, Slot); break; end end end end
  4. Bonjour la communauté Savez vous si il existe dans les options une condition qui fait que : si impossible de récolter pendant x seconde passer à la prochaine récolte ? Droidz si tu passe par la 🤗 Merci a vous
  5. Bonjour la communauté Quelqu'un parmi vous aurais un figth class pour voleur hors la loi pour BFA ou même légion ? Je n'en trouve pas qui fonctionne et celui que j'ai créé a vraiment beaucoup de lacunes . Merci pour vos futurs réponse
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  7. You should learn to convert it to a macro, it’s not that hard.
  8. Hello, Paypal suspended my account again. PayPal will no longer be available on this site.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Feralas Ore
  10. Version 1.0.0


    flying ungoro miing
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A flying profile I grabbed from an existing WOTLK path. I do not take any credit. 🙂
  12. will paypal be back or just creditcard?
  13. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Hello, This is a sample code for crafting, This should have everything you need. use as you wish, it is in C# / Some lua. enjoy Example : //This is a bool check if you know this Recipe. Craft.HasRecipeByName(string ProfessionName, string RecipeName); //This will Craft a amount you want or the the amount you are able to make. Leave Quantity at 0 if you want to make all you can make. Craft.CraftItemByName(string profession, string itemName, int Quantity = 0);
  14. Last week
  15. Botting on Warmane for several days, about 8-10 hours a day on 2 characters at the same time. Im using auto-leave plugin for Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients. Everything runs just fine.
  16. Version 1.1


    Hello everyone! I'm introducing you a very powerful profile I was constantly optimizing for couple of weeks time. This Shadow Priest profile is primarily designed for Battleground botting. Obviously, it is not destroying everything in its way, but it provides a solid, mid-tier PvP combat. Some of the battlegrounds (such as Warsong valley) were finished in top 3 even tho I haven't been geared much. Current features (by priority): Flash Heal - if out of combat & lower than 80% of HP. Heals himself up after a fight. Psychic Scream - range check, cooldown check. Dispersion - will be used if health is lower than 40% OR mana is lower than 20%, cooldown check. Shadowform - usual stance, primary buff. Psychic Horror - distance check, target casting state check, skill cooldown check & "Silence" cooldown check (to avoid double PH+Silence situations). Silence - distance check, target casting state check, skill cooldown check. Power Word: Shield - usable in combat state only, ability cooldown check, "Power Word: Shield" buff check, "Weakened Soul" check. Shadowfiend - used as basic attacking spell, target distance check, cooldown check. Shadow Word: Pain - target distance check, target buff casted by me check, target health percent check (=>10%, to avoid dotting players who are low anyway). Devouring Plague - target distance check, target buff casted by me check. Used even if enemy is low (handy for stealing kills). Vampiric Touch - adjusted target distance check (required range is a bit closer in order to avoid situations of re-casting same spell due to range error), target buff casted by me check, target health percent check (=>10%, to avoid dotting players who are low anyway). Mind Blast - target distance check (similar to Vampiric Touch to secure the cast), ability cooldown check. Shadow Word: Death - target distance check, ability cooldown check. Nothing special about it right now. Mind Flay - adjusted target distance check, used to slower down enemies who are close to max range. Power Word: Fortitude - "Power Word: Fortitude" buff check, "Prayer of Fortitude" buff check (to avoid bugging out in attempt to buff himself after getting mass buff). Divine Spirit - "Divine Spirit" buff check, "Prayer of Spirit" buff check (to avoid bugging out in attempt to buff himself after getting mass buff). Fear Ward - buff check, ability cooldown check. Inner Fire - buff check. Vampiric Embrace - buff check. Shadow Protection - "Shadow Protection" buff check, "Prayer of Shadow Protection" buff check. I would recommend setting your Shadowfiend to aggressive stance in order to get maximum efficiency. Planned features: Target defensive checks & counter-actions, such as Divine Shield, Anti-Magic Shield, Spell Reflection, Hand of Freedom and more. Sustainability improvements. Hymns implementation. Psychic Horror use for Shadowdance, Bladestorm and others. Minor tweaks.
  17. @Droidz I purchased a key and am trying to use it on a 26972 client but it also says its for another program can you fix this? Nvm i figured it out.
  18. ok thanks for responce, cant remember what i purchased lol nm figured a couple out. ty anyways
  19. Hello, check your website private message and your mailbox, but paid profiles are not managed by this website
  20. Hi, how I reply by private message if you can share share logs files of last sessions (in "Logs" folder) (and screenshot of error if you have)
  21. i gave you a lua function and a csharp function to do this.
  22. For example, the name of an item in the backpack is "delicious cake". How to use the macro command to search for "cake" and put the item in the bank?Thx.
  23. the input box is not StaticPopup1Button1 what's it ?
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