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  2. Keep buff active?

    Don't mean sound dumb but how do you add a spell not in the toons spell book? I haven't started messing with fight classes yet. Just started using this bot.
  3. Is the trial no longer exists?

    Trial version, as far i know, is just for private server available.
  4. Hello,while i first got into your site it said you can try a trial version for 15 minutes but i cant use it when i downloaded it any help?
  5. Today
  6. Made a discord server for the leveling profile, as the last one got over crowed with people talking about all kind of non releated stuff Please hit me up there, if you want the newest version (Horde is done 1-40, and finishing allinace up as we speak)
  7. Hey Community, i got recently banned on a farm account, not a huge lose, i looked into the logs and i saw my charactere got teleported to Kalimdore from Sholarbazin, i have checked the option "Stop Bot if Player Teleported" but the Relogger ignores that and after wRobot closes WoW.exe he keeps relogging into that. My Sugesstion, If the Player got teleported the Relogger should stop the whole relogger Task, otherwise the "Stop if Player Teleport" is useless with the Relogger. Or i am missing something? looking foward for feedback, Dreamful
  8. [Free & Paid] Fightclass Pack

    @cocacola i have send a frost mage update to you but your bad preview is not ok =(
  9. SpiritHealer Wow 1.12

    If you can wait next update
  10. Wrbot quête

    J'ai étais a la zone manuellement, et le bot ne fait toujours que tué des mobs et ne prend aucune quête :/..
  11. Keep buff active?

    Hello, you have a lot of way for that. The best way is to add it to your fightclass or use "Macro" tab (in advanced general settings)
  12. Mob has moved more than 45 yards

    It is not "NpcMailboxSearchRadius" it is "wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.SearchRadius = 20;"
  13. Hello, with product "Schedule" (or quester)
  14. Problems with mult-dots

    ok gooodd
  15. Hello, as mentioned several times in the past, the bot won't always pick the taxi, even if the nodes are already discovered. Unfortunately, I dont think it has ever been fully solved. In general, it moves to a near flight master, cant make a path and due to this, blacklist the whole node for 30 minutes / disable that location in the taxi db. After that, it continues to the next flight master, repeating the same steps again. Or, if there are no further flight masters nearby, making it's way by foot. It does not occur if only a few flight paths are added, for example low level human (Stormwind, Westfall, Redridge, Duskwood), but after Ironforge and Thelsamar have been added as well. I attached three different log files, the first one with plugins and taxi db enabled, second one all plugins disabled, but taxi db active and last one all plugins disabled, taxi db deleted. After deleting and the bot has spoken to the flight master for the first time, several locations get added with a (wrong) z value of 0. How to fix this? Does the bot have to recreate the taxi db for each character individually from the beginning? Do I have to add flight masters manually to a profile, to make that working without problems? With Plugins + Taxi Database.html With Taxi Database.html Taxi Database deleted.html
  16. Selling item

    Hello, Can you share your log file please ( ).
  17. Wrbot quête

    Essayez d'avancer (de passer la zone ou WRobot coince) manuellement puis essayez de relancer WRobot, il trouvera peut êtres le chemin
  18. Hearth and then logout
  19. WRobot dont run

    Hello, Do you have try to reinstall WRobot?
  20. WRobot dont run

    please help me im try 7 hours fix this. im install all the sofware in the instalation guide. specs pc windows 7 64 bits
  21. Problems with mult-dots

    Thanks for the response. I just had the same issue on Vanilla recently. Even though I managed to target -> cast -> target last target within a split second, it would sometimes really mess up targeting and just go back and forth too many times. The way I solved it now is to add a boolean to an OnFightLoop handler that (just for the time I need to target -> target -> target) blocks the OnFightLoop wRobot runs.
  22. [FREE] Auto select Food/Drink

    Yes, you can't add multiple foods for every level. The problem with that is that: - bot has to check on one particular food, it doesn't know what's available in vendors around - if that particular food isn't available in your bags, it forces "ToTown" which means "wRobot, go vendoring" - as explained in the description, you need to have a vendor with the available food, in fact all vendors with the available food should be your only vendors (except for repair) in your profile You can force to only use NPCs from profile (as long as you deactivate "automatically add to profile"): <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.AcceptOnlyProfileNpc = true;" />
  23. [Vanilla] Bot will only cast in melee range

    cheers bro, will test this now
  24. Hey I am wondering if there is a way to hearth and then logout. Basically want to run the bot for x amount of hours then hearth and log out so say I can start the bot goto work and after 4 hours it will hearth and logout. That way I have rested xp next time I log in.
  25. Hearth and then logout

    Hey I am wondering if there is a way to hearth and then logout. Basically want to run the bot for x amount of hours then hearth and log out so say I can start the bot goto work and after 4 hours it will hearth and logout. That way I have rested xp next time I log in.
  26. Keep buff active?

    Is there a way to keep the active while questing? Gives 11% bonus experience and rep? I looked for a plugin but didn't find anything maybe a way to add spell to fightclass?
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