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  3. Anyway to fix this?
  4. hercemania


    since few days i have the following problems on 3 of my PCs: Its only with your fightclass....but the bot runs. I changed nothing, maybe the new windows update? thx for help
  5. baelfire1993

    [Class Quest] Vanilla Shaman totem

    woops didnt see , well it seems to glitch out when he needs to go to other continent , do i need to do this manual ?
  6. What to do? Thanks in advance
  7. pedrodiniz

    [MeRox] Free, Horde Questing 1-30+

    Can someone explain me how to start it? I click start and the bots just doesnt move...
  8. I cannot seem to get wrobot to work on panda wow.. anybody else having trouble?!
  9. Matenia

    [Class Quest] Vanilla Shaman totem

    Read my comment, you can fix it yourself. You need level 30 to do the water quest and have astral recall
  10. baelfire1993

    [Class Quest] Vanilla Shaman totem

    call of water seems to bug out
  11. Nisar

    Relogger blank window using remote apps

    wrobot me manque énormément je suis vraiment triste sur bfa
  12. 2 months, but October 24th is my anniversary, so I figured it would be a good time to get this started. It's also a thank you to my loyal customers. I get a lot of good feedback on my fightclasses in PMs (on Discord). HMP's NPC database is only as good now because customer feedback has allowed me to clean up vendors with shitty pathing, moving vendors and neutral ones in enemy camps.
  13. Droidz

    Relogger blank window using remote apps

    Hello, you use what version of the bot? you have log of relogger (in folder logs)? You have try to reinstall WRobot in new folder?
  14. Droidz

    Bot won't start today

    Hello, you still get this rpoblem? you have try to restart your computeR? reinstall WRobot?
  15. Hello, edit this plugin https://wrobot.eu/files/file/414-multi-pull/
  16. Hello, wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Target.InTransport
  17. When it happens check your blacklist? May have blacklisted it in that session
  18. Droidz

    WRobot.exe - System Error

    Hello, Can you share your log file please ( https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1779-how-to-post-your-log-file-with-your-topic/ ).
  19. smellslikedeadfish

    Option to only skin mobs ive killed?

    thanks man
  20. FNV316

    add mount in Quest profile help

    wManager.Wow.Forms.UserControlTabGeneralSettings.ReloadGeneralSettings(); Call this function once after modifying settings. Updates the wRobot UI
  21. Yesterday
  22. Qwertyqwert

    hosile pets

    oh tyvm
  23. zavga

    add mount in Quest profile help

    I tried to add this option, it seems to work, but the line is still empty Thanks
  24. Bambo

    add mount in Quest profile help

    Do you have "Save General Settings modified by the profile" enabled? Otherwise all changes are just for the running session and will be erased after pressing stop. Kind Regards.
  25. Hi all , i new in this forum and Create profile for my private server and i have question about add mound afted learn him to my Quest profile I use code from this topic I add Step Run code wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.GroundMountName = "Warhorse"; (Paladin,spell already have) but lines in settings GroundMountName is empty Server 3.3.5a WOLTK
  26. vegeta87

    Hunter 1-60 by Eeny

    any plan to use Beastial wrath?
  27. FNV316

    Option to only skin mobs ive killed?

    Uncheck "Ninja": Enter advanced Settings -> Looting and Farming options -> Ninja
  28. smellslikedeadfish

    Option to only skin mobs ive killed?

    hi just wondering if theres an option or plugin that would only allow a profile to skin a mob that ive killed and not mobs that other players have killed?
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