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  4. мне с моего региона тяжело покупать я покупаю через друга !
  5. Я с другом купил бота на двоих для пробы )
  6. are you sure? you would have the rank ( you do not.)
  7. что для этого нужно сделать ?
  8. For wotlk, for questing, you can use my project X which is 1 - 60 quester then use project throne 60 - 80 grinder
  9. Куплю кв фарм профиль на пала-орда 1-80 на WOW 3.3.5a
  10. its free now, just download it from the download button
  11. at the moment it´s a given Value, the settings and the suggestions will come when the rest is stable 🙂 so i´ll note it down for later uses.
  12. Okay so I have come to this conclusion. Pandawow is not possible to run with Wrobot since the only way to play BG's and arenas are with the launcher and the launcher automatically installs files for your game.
  13. I tried doing it but i cannot seem to launch the game i get this error message.
  14. Can you even play on pandawow without the modified client? I thought they had ways so that you couldn't.
  15. Thanks. Can you add the option to set the threshold of rage for using cleave/heroic strike?
  16. Looks like something is of with the setting. Have to take a closer look, until it´s fixed you should stay with the standard build. Edit: Restart your Bot, a new Version is deployed in the next minutes with a Fix. Thx for the Report!
  17. It should save it according to the settings you have made. So, if you need more support, upload a log and i can take a look.
  18. Thanks. I can't turn off auto assign talents. How do I do that?
  19. Well, you really don´t need to. The FC is made to use the build in Talent Strings and make the most use of it. If you really want to add your own go here: http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.xml?d=wotlk Build your own build and take the string out of the link. You can see here how this is done: But be aware, when you add your own Talents, it could be that the FC is not working like you think it should.
  20. You can either enter an own string when you decide to use your own talent build or you activate the Autotalent setting and choose a spec, the FC will then place the Talentcodes by itself.
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