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  2. I was wrong, tested more on different servers and it returns different values, so it seems it server side, damn
  3. Are you adding .ToString() when you print
  4. I get zero values currently only on warlocks and priests
  5. Skill.GetValue(SkillLine.Swords) returns 0 on warlock, current skill 302/400
  6. Today
  7. Good, but why 1-handed maces and 1-handed swords returns zero? Still a question 🤔
  8. how to make the bot not get up afk on low hp and go on
  9. ObjectManager.Me.TargetObject.GetBuff("BuffName"); Always returns a invalid aura ObjectManager.Me.TargetObject.HaveBuff(id) Always returns false. With Ids array it is is working but it takes 200ms more to circle through it which kills my fight class performance. Are the auren updated in each objectmanager update cycle or just by calling one of the buff functions? Greez iMod
  10. I'm looking for someone to exchange a GiftCard for Paypal payment. Best regards
  11. How many times do you need to get banned until you finally leave for good, Smokie? We have proof you've been scamming people again. You were given plenty of chances the redeem yourself by Droidz and still chose to steal money from people. Why are you still around with a new account, posting products?
  12. i did majority and she can back me up, so can @Droidzm maybe watch your self for false news?
  13. set to 0. the bot periodically loots nodes in mobs and enters the battle
  14. And posting Katelibby's work here, instead of letting them do it themselves and actually take the credit? This is just another ban evansion. YOU were clearly not the one who did this, considering you can't even write simple conditions in Lua. I honestly, unfortunately, cannot even trust this unless it comes with a trustable source. No clue where you got your robot license from to run this either...
  15. Hello, it is option "MaxUnitsNearObjects" in https://wrobot.eu/byme/doc/html/AllMembers.T-wManager.wManagerSetting.htm
  16. my herb bots are constantly getting banned on apollo 2 twinstar server, i am doing multiple bots on different zones and non at the same time, with 2:1 break:worktime for the bots, but after like 2 days of botting some of my bots get banned, im using private handmade profiles, does anyone know what i am doing wrong ? any tips on how u run ur bots and keep them alive for longer period of time? few keypoints: im using mailer to mail items to a bank account where they get sorted and sold 25 mins on return to town. i have security enabled, like 1 whisper to stop bot, stop bot when telepo
  17. I'd be fine with this if you hadn't taken my product name while you were snooping through my github. Also, aren't you meant to be banned smokie?
  18. there is no protection. any free cheat works there
  19. @Pudge i am using this function to return the Skill Level. public class Skills { public static int GetSkillLine(string SKillName, int SkillLevel = 0) { int GetNumSkillLines = wManager.Wow.Helpers.Lua.LuaDoString<int>("return GetNumSkillLines();"); for (int i = 1; i < GetNumSkillLines; i++) { var SkillList = wManager.Wow.Helpers.Lua.LuaDoString<System.Collections.Generic.List<string>>("return unpack({GetSkillLineInfo(" + i + ")})"); if (SkillList[0] == SKillName) { SkillLevel = int.Parse
  20. Cant seem to get this to work at all, Opend Wrobot>go to Quester>Open file manager>press start>go back to quester and selecet Project X Launcher>Press start>Nothing happens. anyone shed some light?
  21. Because sirus protection is a big problem.
  22. Yesterday
  23. why rotation dont work wow sirus?
  24. This is very strange. Same thing on the druid, tested on different servers with deleting cache: Lua check works correctly, using it
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Dungeon Crawler Hello : Thank you for using a Raven Product, This project is in early Beta, so they will be some bugs. if you find a bug or want to add another feature, Make a GitHub and post a bug / Suggestion Report Here : Dungeon Crawler Github RAVEN WILL NEVER DIE! Installion : 1) Copy Dungeon Crawler.Dll to the product Folder. 2) Copy context of the Data Folder into Wrobot Data Folder 3) Copy context of the Bin Folder into Wrobot Bin Folde
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