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  2. Also getting banned on Chromiecraft, and Warmane servers - Wrobot is detectable somehow, people has to stop denying this.
  3. Great, taking it on discord leaving the "solution" or result of this unknown to the entire forum...
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  5. Hello, someone knows or can create a fightclass for healing? specifically for 3.3.5 versions. I'm looking for Shaman healing, but I can also use paladin, priest, druid healing, I have tried a fightclass for shaman healing called AIO but it doesn't work for me at all, I have tried to create one myself but it just doesn't work, it doesn't use the skills on allies, it always casts them on myself, Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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  7. Blacklist mobs id or set a list of entry id for the mobs that you want to target.
  8. Hello @Droidz i was able to find a way for you to find the problem for overstack overflow lua error that causing me problems months ago, the problems comes from EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaStringWithArgs, how to get the error run this code as a plugin with Wrotation and start fight with two mobs (i used no fightclass) and click both mobs real fast and it will show message stack overflow lua problem. public class StackOverFlowError { public static void Start() { EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaStringWithArgs += _TargetChanged; } public static void Stop() { EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaStringWithArgs -= _TargetChanged; } private static void _TargetChanged(String LuaEvent, List<String> Args) { if (LuaEvent == "PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED") { if (Me.TargetObject != null && Me.TargetObject.IsValid && Me.InCombat) { if (Fight.CurrentTarget.Guid != Me.TargetObject.Guid) { Logging.Write("Fight Changed"); } } } } private static WoWLocalPlayer Me = ObjectManager.Me; }
  9. my guess is that for 15 million lines it will take some time to write to the .xml file.
  10. Thanks for the quick response. The database contains various data about NPCs, objects, players in the lists of the classes with data, it is quite large (almost 15 million lines in each xml document for different game servers), and it is unlikely that I will be able to convert it to another type. So why can't it be saved to disk if the file is larger than 210 megabytes? Possible reasons?
  11. Some random Code for handling offtargets, needs some more logic but i thought id share for others to be able to use. public class OffTargethandler { public static void Start() { FightEvents.OnFightLoop += _TargetsWatcher; EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaStringWithArgs += _TargetChanged; } public static void Stop() { FightEvents.OnFightLoop -= _TargetsWatcher; EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaStringWithArgs -= _TargetChanged; } private static void _TargetsWatcher(WoWUnit unit, CancelEventArgs cancelable) { List<WoWUnit> unitAttackPlayer = ObjectManager.GetUnitAttackPlayer(); if (unitAttackPlayer.Count <= 0) return; var Units = unitAttackPlayer.Where(u => u != null && u.IsValid && (u.IsTargetingMe || u.IsTargetingMyPet)).ToList(); if (Units.Count > 1) { var mob = Units.FirstOrDefault(); if (mob.IsTargetingMe) { if (Me.TargetObject.Guid != mob.Guid) { FocusHandler(mob, 7); } } else if (ObjectManager.Pet.TargetObject.Guid != mob.Guid && PetCheck) { if (!mob.IsMyPetTarget) { FocusHandler(mob, 8); } } } } private static void _TargetChanged(String LuaEvent, List<String> Args) { if(LuaEvent == "PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED") { if (Me.TargetObject != null && Me.TargetObject.IsValid && Me.InCombat) { if (Fight.CurrentTarget.Guid != Me.TargetObject.Guid) { Logging.Write("Target Changed"); } } } } private static void FocusHandler(WoWUnit unit, int MarkType) { if (Me.FocusGuid != unit.Guid) { Me.FocusGuid = unit.Guid; //Logging.Write($"Updated Focus Guid to {unit.Guid}"); Lua.LuaDoString("SetRaidTarget(\"focus\", " + MarkType + ");"); } } private static WoWLocalPlayer Me = ObjectManager.Me; private static Boolean PetCheck = ObjectManager.Pet.IsValid && ObjectManager.Pet.IsAlive && !ObjectManager.Pet.IsDead; }
  12. You can try json, or if the structure is simple you can use txt file. For the complex and big data, I think use sqlite should be better as json/xml/txt.
  13. Hello, What do you put in your settings to get this file size?
  14. Hello. I'm using robotManager.Helpful.Setting to save my big database in xml. The problem is that if the xml file size exceeds above 210 megabytes, then the data is not saved to the file on disk. Can this be fixed, or is there an alternative save method?
    Hello Bambo,i aded you on discord,got a problem with this grind profile.It asked for my serial,i added it.Sadly i'm getting an error after a few mins the bot is running.PLEASE HELP!I restarted wrobot,same problems comes up....
  15. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Original Source From Maternia This is just a improvement ( it support both mining and herb ). Source Code : https://github.com/IonicReverse/NodeBlackListEx
  16. Version 1.0.0

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    Source Code : https://github.com/IonicReverse/UseTrinket By default it automatic use trinket 1 and if you want to use trinket 2 as well u need to change that in the settings.
  17. In combat, some mob don't need to attack,How to deal with not attack a mob appoint in combat,
  18. Last week
  19. If you’d like, I can provide the lua.
  20. @Droidz Can you fix the mesh in mudpocket? i cant use offmesh also. [D] 20:09:11.247 - Heading to Dustwallow Marsh, Mudsprocket Step #2 [N] 20:09:11.247 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -4574.188 ; -3181.323 ; 34.60278 ; "None" to -4627.363 ; -3172.761 ; 42.19128 ; "None" (Kalimdor) [N] 20:09:13.187 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 30 (105.4021y, 1939ms, smoothed) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True (more info with server log option)) [N] 20:09:13.497 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -4574.92 ; -3180.378 ; 34.49279 ; "None" to -4626.44 ; -3172.87 ; 41.2522 ; "None" (Kalimdor) [N] 20:09:15.486 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 24 (99.39533y, 1989ms, smoothed) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True (more info with server log option)) [N] 20:09:23.969 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck [N] 20:09:23.969 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on
  21. Yes i tryed, but Google directs me in different things 😞 @Ordush
  22. It looks to me like you set something up wrong in proxycap. I don't currently use proxycap and therefor I do not have any license for it. So I can't test out. Have you tried google with that error it spits out?
  23. Hi all !! im searching a solution for "Connection not allowed by ruleset (2)" issue whit proxycap software ... (ip buyed from https://www.proxiesforyou.com/) first time i try to login warcraft It was stuck on authentication, then i find the solution = swich from http proxy to socks5 and i think problem was fixed. then i login agin and the proxycap error log say "Connection not allowed by ruleset (2)".. i used this guide 👇 pls heeeelp !! 😄
  24. Good stuff but I’d recommend using lua to get a table of ground mounts and flying mounts then use a randomized choice out of the lists.
  25. Just Theory Crafting but you may want to see if the lua function UnitCanAttack returns a value on the target, if it shows the target can not attack, you could use OnInteract or on FightsStart event to run a blacklist mob.
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