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  3. Yeah, it's could be. Same problem with mana gem. @Talamin thx for changes!
  4. Приветище! Подскажите пожалуйста, как настроить бота, что бы он собирал кожу только с тех, кого убил сам? А то он снимает шкуру с мобов, которых убил другой игрок, и выглядит это палевно.
  5. I'm not saying it won't work at all, what I mean is that strings are used in the fightclass to probably check how many of the food name you have in your bags.
  6. It's work great on RUS client, problem only with creating food.
  7. I believe the fightclass only supports the english client.
  8. Last week
  9. Hey! This FC on Russian client have issue - it's none stop spam creating food. Can you add food function for frost mage fight class, that would disable creating food?
  10. Es posible agregar puntos de interes en algunos de las opciones del wrobot? Ejemplo: estoy recolecntando minerales y quiero ir al instructor de herrería aprender mas recetas, y con solo darle un click darle la orde de que dirija al punto seleccionado. garcias de antemano, soy nuevo con esto del wrobot
  11. Ignore this 🙂 had an issue but only seems to happen on 1 char.. so must be on my end.
  12. I have/had this issue aswell.. seems I am not alone, going to test it now 🙂
  13. if you can try with new update to check if crash problem are resolved
  14. Does not help ,crashes 2-3 mins every , without bot 0 crash client , updated all drivers just in case yesterday , but obviously problem in wrobot, for most people wrobot crashes after last update wrobot
  15. No they werent checking it manually, they had a detection system. It seems ok by 2 days for now.
  16. Well u can't bot bcs of WoW crashes atm & I think the admins are very busy with the release of Naxx. Botted all that night, not hiding much. U can definitly bot through Classic with a good Chance of not getting banned.
  17. I got same problem. Crashing since the new Patch. Different Setups. Just started Wrotation and instant Crash
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