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  2. Thank you for the quick response I have it working now 🙂
  3. 23 apr 2019 18H05.log.html Redownloaded the bot, worked for 2 seconds before it tried to follow someone again and stoped
  4. Method check if needtorun return true (it is the method than I shared code)
  5. Hello, you need to move fightclass in wrobot folder "FightClass" and select it is wrobot window tab "General settings"
  6. Ah okay, thanks. One more thing though does the RunState(beforeState); check the beforeStates NeedToRun or does it just run it anyway?
  7. Hi, Im having trouble with downloading a fight class i purchased. Everytime i try to open the download it gives the error "This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action". Im pretty new to wrobot so probably a brain fart on my end
  8. Hello, like that (in simplified): bool RunState(State currentState) { if (currentState.NeedToRun) { foreach (var beforeState in currentState.BeforeStates) { RunState(beforeState); } currentState.Run(); foreach (var nextState in state.NextStates) { RunState(nextState); } return true; } return false; }
  9. So, iva made my own WSG profile, turned off all free modes, Path is not jumpinbg down anywhere. latancy set to 1-9999. and it stil buggs out, when it tries to follow people. Print screen of settings and profile linked. I need to town of following people that what makes it bug, how do i do that? [H]WSG.xml
  10. When the bot picks a target and starts pathing toward it, if it has to go around obstacles (buildings, structures, etc.) it is ignoring the mobs it's pulling along the way. I turned off "Ignore fights when traveling", and that did not fix it. I reduced interaction distance to 25 (down from 45), not sure yet if that will do it yet, but that shouldn't be the required fix. The mobs in question were on the attack list on the grinder profile.
  11. Today
  12. Everything is off, and my own profile is made and named exactly as the old (the old is deleted) still tries to follow people and bugs out and stands still
  13. Why not? is there a feature in development? It doesn't make any sense to heal via spell between combat, and then use up water with 80% mana. The problem isn't that water is so valuable, but: (A) It looks bad to be drinknig after every fight, especially with so much mana already (B) Running out of water means you can't drink when you're supposed to, and then you have to make too many trips back to town.
  14. 23 apr 2019 15H25.log.html New log still nothing
  15. Mainly targeted @Droidz but if anyone else has input, you're welcome to contribute. The state interface has BeforeStates and NextStates. My question is when do they run and does their "Need To Run" condition get checked? If you add the state into the list of before or after states are they in the main engine list of states or are they only considered if the state you added the before/afterstates to, is triggered?
  16. Free mode is off at everysingle BG i recorded my own WSG and then renamed it still doestn work
  17. If it's following anyone, you didn't take off free mode for your BG. I'd suggest taking that off and creating your own profile that the bot can follow (it's just a path), you can find ScripterQQ's example profiles and my discussion with him on how to create them on the forums.
  18. 23 apr 2019 15H04.log.html same again cant get it to work
  19. How can i add step for that,please tell me Specific code,Thank you very much!
  20. Hello, I take note of this problem I try to solve it in the next updates, I come back here when it's done.
  21. Hello, you cannot change that (or put lower to value)
  22. Is this in a non normal area (like dev island or something) because it may be the pathfinder. Try turning pathfinder off in the general settings.
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