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[PAID] Vanilla Questing profiles 1.0.8

   (7 reviews)

About This File



World of Warcraft (Vanilla) leveling profiles:


- new version uploaded (download on sellfy), making it much more afk friendly!

- Unfortunately other people have started to sell my profiles - (so updates won't be added before some kind of security)

- The profiles are still in Alpha 

- Created for Vanilla version 1.12.1 ! (Use it on TBC / WOTLK at your own risk - specific profiles for these expansions will be released later this year)

- I have focused on doing as many quests as possible (following Jonas Vanilla guide) * Read the spoiler


This is really hard for the bot to do ! - therefore within long ill create an extra profile, where grind is added to keep you 2 levels above the zone + water, grouped mobs & Elite mob quests will be removed - for people that don't want to help out the bot on the go.

Expected release date 1 July 2017 for the more "afk frindly profile"

- The profiles only support new Chars (chances are it will need a lot of pre-quests, and therefore run really bad, if you don't use it from level 1.)




Press the "reveal hidden content"


                                        The full horde and alliance profile:

                                              Horde & Alliance 1-60

                                        Horde & Alliance 1-60


                                                            50 Euro



         The Horde profiles:                                             The Alliance profiles:

           Horde 1-40                                                               Alliance 1-40

1ziu5j.png                            mslirm.jpg                             

                   10 Euro                                                                 10 Euro


           Horde 40-60                                                               Alliance 40-60

1ziu5j.png                             mslirm.jpg                                

                 20 Euro                                                                     20 Euro  


  "The Full Horde pack" 1-60                                  "The Full Alliance pack" 1-60"

1ziu5j.png                              mslirm.jpg                                

                    30 Euro                                                                  30 Euro


Setup guide - Read me before you start the profiles !:

Press the "reveal hidden content"


First of all I want to thank you for using me profiles !, So far they are still in alpha - meaning it will need some help on the way, but all the questes are tested and should work, please report any stuck/error/bugs in the profile, on the discord server.

Inside World of warcraft:

DISABLE ALL ADDONS - You don't need it for botting, and it might mean trouble for the profiles !

You will need some plugins to Wrobot to make the profile run "smoother" - add them in the plugin folder in wrobot

Avoid it:

Beta scroll user:

Potion User:

Vanilla train:

* TBC version can be found here

There is also a paid plugin that will Equip "best possible gear" that i highly recommend to use aswell

* TBC version can be found here:


Helpfull tips:

Stopping the bot from doing something (Pick-up / pulse or Turn-in):

Go to Product Settings -> click on Profile settings(Enable/disable quests/steps) -> pick the part you don't want the bot to do, like pick-up a quest and just unmark it.

Manually mark a quest complete (Only used if you turned it in manually, without the bot running):

Go to Product Settings -> click on Profile settings -> edit list of finished quest -> add your quest id (and make sure there are no spaces or anything, and close the window again, and start the bot again)

Setup food/drinks:

Go to General Settings -> Enter advanced settings... -> Food/Drink -> and inset you desired food/drinks for you toon !


The future plan for the profiles:

Upcoming (so stay tuned):

Clean up + adding stuff like flightpaths, HS, Boat/zeppelins and so on

Remember this is a huge project, and it takes time to complete each mark, so be patient.



I have stopped making refunds from people buying a file for the wrong version of the game !
Almost on a daily basis someone bought it and though it was for retail/other versions of the game, so read the description before you buy please.
And as i can't remove your axx from the selly, all sales are now final!


Happy old school WoW end game experience!!



Direct link:


Find my other work here:



What's New in Version 1.0.8   See changelog


Been cleaning up the profiles.

1-30 should run pretty smooth now

(it still have a few navigation problems, but they are slowly sorted out)

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· Report

  • 3
   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Good project, but as previously mentioned, needs work.

My advice would be to focus on one faction at a time and only make updates to the other when 100% done and tested.

Consider gradual updates for ten levels at a time for example and only after having multiple test characters going through the real leveling process (time consuming, even when automated with re-logger but a must to ensure quality).

Indeed a lot of potential and hopefully the author will be able to turn things around relatively quickly.

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· Report

  • 1
   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

Tried this and found it incredibly buggy. Constantly babysitting needed just to get to level 14 alliance side. I can't believe I paid $12.00 for basically the 1-10 demo. Apparently there is a patch already done, but the creator won't release it because he is frustrated at people stealing his work /facepalm.

If he does release this patch, and it fixes things, I will update my score. As it stands, this is a 1 star product.

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· Report

  • 2
   4 of 6 members found this review helpful 4 / 6 members

so i have tried this profiles now for 1 week out on both sides and its actually more then an early alpha. The profiles work til level 10 and after that its actually trial and error.

every 10-20 minutes you have to babysit it because it dies in a loop circle , looks to botish or have not the right gear for this quest and is underleveld so you have to make most of the quests on your own ( if you skip them most of the following quests dont work ) .

over 25+ it gets a bit better but not really recommended.

This profiles have potential but not in this current state ! This Profiles was designed to work with a level 60 or a gm modded char .  NOT for casual chars!

This Profile includes actually Quests that are unmakeable with the current state of the bot ( or if you are a level 60)

Calling this a beta is a shame . A beta should level up my char with some problems not with 90% problems.

This project needs still alot of work !

I will change my rating when the profiles get better. But for now only 2/5

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· Report

  • 4
   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

At first I had accidentally bought the horde 1-40 pack rather than alliance (yep I'm a bit dopey..) and considered leaving it there and not spending another 10euro but decided to take the plunge and got the alliance 1-40 as well.

So far so good! It does require a little monitoring and moving from continent to continent and it had some trouble with a quest that requires you to place a trap on a low health mob but otherwise it runs very well and is leveling up quite quickly. I am pleased with my purchase and can recommend the file. If I do end up using the horde files I'll come back add some more feedback.

Thanks for your hard work @Arcangelo.

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· Report

  • 5
   3 of 7 members found this review helpful 3 / 7 members

Bought the profiles and they are so worth it! 

Used this on my level 20 Mage and it worked like a dream. 11/10 :DD


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· Report

  • 1

Super buggy constantly babysitting it runs back and forth when trying to kill mobs and gets stuck and end up doing them manually really sucks very un-happy with my purchase 

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· Report

  • 1

barely complete, half of the races dont work, did u only script orgrimmar and goldshire starts???

constantly have to babysit my troll and human beyond 10

because they keeping pathing into areas with old quests where they are several mobs.

im using the avoidit plugin and its not helping, the bot continues mindlessly dying in a loop cycle of walking to the death spot and ressing ontop of the group of mobs. I have working fight classes that use their spell rotations properly

not even close to worth the 50 euros i spent lol

can i get a refund?

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