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Vanilla leveling profiles (Out now 1-60 Horde & 1-55 Alliance) 1.0.7

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About This File



Please fill out this:

So I know what people want :) !


The old sellfy links are down - send me a PM with your mail, if you want updates !.


World of Warcraft (Vanilla) leveling profiles:

- Created for Vanilla version 1.12.1 (but can be used for TBC/Wotlk)

- I have focused on doing as many quests as possible (following Jonas Vanilla guide), leaving minimal grinds for fastest possible leveling.

- The profiles only support new Chars (chances are it will need a lot of pre-quests, and therefore run really bad, if you don't use it from lvl 1.)

- The profiles are still in Alpha - and they will be updated when the 1-60 is complete.

- A TBC and a WOTLK version will be released with outlands and Nothern at some point.

* The profile can run on TBC and WOTLK private servers, but not as smooth as Vanilla.



The profiles:

The first 30 levels is now in Beta meaning:

- Flightpath added, vendor/repair added, zeppeling and boat added, trainers added,  use of hearthstone, and added "quests needs to be complete to pick the next quest up" + added max levels for all quests (meaning it can run on 1-5 xp rate servers now) - And last but not least, added auto wrobot setting change when you run the profile + merged 1-30 to one big file.

The full horde and alliance profile:  - 50 Euro

Note: Horde 1-60, But alliance is only 1-56, but will be updated for free as they are finished

The Horde profiles:

Horde 1-40     - 10 Euro

Horde 40-60      - 20 Euro

"The Full Horde pack" 1-60 - 30 Euro

The Alliance profiles:

Alliance 1-40       - 10 Euro

Alliance 40-60     - 20 Euro

"The Full Alliance pack" 1-60"   - 30 Euro


Helpfull tips:

Stopping the bot from doing something (Pick-up / pulse or Turn-in):

Go to Product Settings -> click on Profile settings(Enable/disable quests/steps) -> pick the part you don't want the bot to do, like pick-up a quest and just unmark it.

Setup food/drinks:

Go to General Settings -> Enter advanced settings... -> Food/Drink -> and inset you desired food/drinks for you toon !

Setup selling:

Go to General Settings -> Enter advanced settings... -> Vendor (Selling or Buying) -> setup the filters to your needs !

As the bot as default is set to close after a teleport. this should be changed:

Go to General Settings -> Close bot if teleported = OFF

Get a good fightclass!

Remember to relog when new skills are trained, or some fightclasses might now work


Plugin "must have":

Getting an Auto-Equipper:

This plugin will help your toon to change to better gear as it is looted, and this is pretty much a must for the bot to run effective.



The future plan for the profiles:

Upcoming (so stay tuned):

50-60 alliance

Clean up + adding stuff like flightpaths, HS, Boat/zeppelins and so on

Remember this is a huge project, and it takes time to complete each mark, so be patient.

I have stopped making refunds from people buying a file for the wrong version of the game !
Almost on a daily basis someone bought it and though it was for retail/other versions of the game, so read the description before you buy please.
And as i can't remove your axx from the selly, all sales are now final!


Happy old school WoW end game experience!!


Find my other work here:



What's New in Version 1.0.7   See changelog


Current version 1.0.7 (Updated 26 May 2017)

New Version of the horde 1-30 is uploaded.

- Added trainers

- Added Vendor/repair

- Added Flightpaths

- Added use of Hearthstone

- Added some blacklisting

- Added "required quest to pick this quest up" (Meaning it should work on all xp rates 1-5 tested)

- Merged it all into 1 file


- Download the newest version on sellfy - and if you bought it with the old link, then send me a PM with your mail


- Earlier version logs can be provided in a PM if anyone is interested...

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  • 5
   2 of 4 members found this review helpful 2 / 4 members

Bought the profiles and they are so worth it! 

Used this on my level 20 Mage and it worked like a dream. 11/10 :DD


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  • 5
   2 of 4 members found this review helpful 2 / 4 members

The profiles are 100% worth it! :)

I bought horde 1-60 and it works like a charm.

Currently im level 23 and have had to stop and start the bot 4 times. The bot does an amazing job and will always pick quests that are not too difficult for your level so you won't get suck.

10/10 :)

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  • 4

At first I had accidentally bought the horde 1-40 pack rather than alliance (yep I'm a bit dopey..) and considered leaving it there and not spending another 10euro but decided to take the plunge and got the alliance 1-40 as well.

So far so good! It does require a little monitoring and moving from continent to continent and it had some trouble with a quest that requires you to place a trap on a low health mob but otherwise it runs very well and is leveling up quite quickly. I am pleased with my purchase and can recommend the file. If I do end up using the horde files I'll come back add some more feedback.

Thanks for your hard work @Arcangelo.

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