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[Holy - Paladin] The Holy Grail 17.06.22b

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About This File

Project is not maintained

Source:  Holy Grail.tar.gz



Why the file exist?

As a user request & own interest, i decided to create a slim holy paladin fightclass.

For whom is the fight class?

The fightclass is developed for 3.3.5a / 2.4.3 english clients

Currently the fightclass is more pve based. For pvp it haven't got enough tools to interact.

It looks a bit too slim, will be there more features in the future?

Of course. If i have more time i will develop it further.

In the end of the day what can do it for me?

It makes your life easier as healer.


The features:

-show who will be healed

-can stop movement if a heal is needed

-custom system that allows to prioritize spells by health & instant casts

-GUI for optimal fightclass adjustment

-can cast spells without target or the need of a targeting behavior


Good to know:

-To install just copy it to: ...\WRobot\Fightclass\

-Beta release => it can have bugs. So please report it in the comments or as private message. Every feedback, suggestion, code improvement(haven't look there so accurate) or wanted feature can be also sent.


A few screenshots:


What's New in Version 17.06.22b   See changelog


-fixed cast on dead players

User Feedback

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hey so i tested this a bit on 2.4.3 server...

works with me in a group with my alt warrior....and heals him ....side note heals him if hes not in the group too...

but when i group with other ppl it dont seem to work...will only will heal me ---i ran the dung ZF if that matters

log says this when in group with him

[F] 07:35:37 - [Spell] Cast (on focus) Flash of Light (Flash of Light)

does not say this when im in a group with others

ill try agin on higher lvl dungs in a bit ...im just not sure how good i can heal without the bot...tho ima pally its 2 heals lol


so after some more testing...it works...in higher lvl dungs...but has some issues

had 2 warlocks in the group and instead of healing the 1 that needed healing id spam heal the 1 with full health

and had a hunter in group that it wuldnt heal ....also seemed to have some LOS issues even tho im right next to the tank

other than that this does exactly what ive been wanting and even with the issues i love it lol

cant thank u enuff

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so i tested it...ran a few dungs...it works!!! yay

still some issues but nothing like before...

if some 1 dies it keeps trying to heal them ...like casting CDs on them ...LoH and Divine Favor...and dont wanta heal other ppl when some 1 dies 

but i think thats it....great job man u rock


just as a side note some stuff id love you to add [ at whatever pace you wanta do... now or never ]

a pause button 

or a hold down button like shift to activate the rotation ----i prefer this

a stopcasting if target at 99% health or something like that...

and maybe a target heal preference ---if i have a target then heal them over others first....

and maybe a cleanse seting....like hold down alt or shift or ctrl to cast cleanse----this 1 may be to hard but never hurts to ask

also maybe a hold down shift and anther button like *shift x* to cast only 1 spell or the other 

so if i hold shift x then only holy light cast -----if i hold shift z flash of light only casts

if you can add any of these or none i still am gratfull u helped me...

told my wife about you lol...total strangers been awesome on the ol enterwebs...

anyways cant thank u enuff for all ur hard work



also if these things can be added and are time intensive id be willing to donate for your time 



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Thanks for your suggestions. I had also some of these ideas in my mind and but i was just too lazy to implement it haha

The heal on dead cast would be instant fixed. The features will be added in lets say 3weeks(other stuff to finish)

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one other thing maybe you culd add...

been healing all day...and these taping warlocks are draining my mana

so maybe a target this player and heal only at low%  or just a plain donot heal this class/person



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I forgot to mention you can pause the rotation by pressing alt +x but i think i could also add this for different keys without pause the fightclass. For the other features you have mentioned i think a manual mode would also fit very well along with some automated things.

I can imagine a macro for example to heal / cleanse optimal target or to force some cast. But at first i want to finish some other projects. For now i hope the settings are enough to adjust it to your likings.

In about three weeks you can except that i will look into it again ;)

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yes i love it as is....

you add stuff whenever you can...

alt+x i didnt know about ...thanx

ill be looking forward to w/e you can add in 3 weeks or so

and agin cant thank you enuff

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I can't get this to work, it literally does nothing for me 😞

Am i supposed to do something other than just running wrotation?
E: Nevermind, fixed with a fresh installation of wrobot

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