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[PAID] iWarlock - Vanilla and TBC Warlock 1-Max Level Affliction Fightclass 2.0.0

   (6 reviews)

About This File

iWarlock - Vanilla and TBC Warlock 1-Max Level Affliction Fightclass


  • Complete Warlock affliction rotation
  • Skills not required on the Action Bar!
  • Handles mutiple targets
  • Uses fear if attacked
  • Can Cast Shadowbolt on Nightfall
  • Uses Life Tap to keep Mana high
  • RECOMMENDED: Improved Drain Soul talent to keep Mana high
  • Deletes Soul Shards above what you set in the settings
  • Use Sacrifice on low health or low pet health
  • Uses Voidwalker when available
  • Use Soulstone to resurrect(buggy)
  • Use Healthstone on low health
  • Use Drain Life under the hp % you set in the settings


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English client needed

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


New iWarlock Update!

- Drain soul bug fixed
- Bug fixes

As always get the latest version from Sellfy or your Sellfy purchase email!


User Feedback

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Working well! Got to level 50 so far

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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

-Range is bugged. if you set 30range he will not drain life cause "out of range" , If you set 20 range. he will not cast sometimes at all, will spam out of range
-Not summoning imp on lvl 12 sometimes
-Not summoning Voidwalker if you have no mana, will pull more mobs and probably will die
-Stop dots on mob% isnt working. still casting corruption on 20% hp targets when i set it to 40%+
-Cant handle multiple targets, after dots he will not use wands often
-Bad priority for buffs, you dont need Demon armor if you have no pet
-No health funnel at all
-Drain life logics are bad. lock can cast it for 15sec and still mob will not die cause of no dots
-Can not summon voidwalker for like 1minute. fighting other mobs just for fun
-Bad logics for drain life. 
-Pulls grey mobs when they are already in combat with another player
-And few minor buggs, dont remember all of them.

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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

Since Jasabi is no longer available om this website or his discord , i have no choice but to give this 1 star


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   1 of 3 members found this review helpful 1 / 3 members

Got multiple 70 warlocks using this fc with no bans works well puts up all the dots / immolate wands drains sbolts on nightfall pretty much all u can ask for in a Fight class just make sure you get your imp / voidwalker or you will have problems running this profile.  I boosted a warlock 1-60 with aoe mage and never got the imp just voidwalker and it caused the fc to be wonky so make sure u get those demon pets.

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this fc dont use life tap in battle and fighting with every mob which attacks you even on mount

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- Fear mechanic seems bit broken (Edit: Fears beasts and dragonkins even if we fight 1v1 and have voidwalker, never uses any fears on OGRES, is this depending on what race were fighting? Fear should only be thrown if targets more than 1+ imo or if were low hp and having aggro.

- Creates both Lesser/Minor and Greater Healthstones?

- Sometimes engages combat without checking if pet is alive

- Not even trying to use Health Funnel?

- Sacrifices pet even outside combat

- No action at all trying to use SS (youve said its buggy so I dont expect anything)

- Spams LUA error [string "NGUzFnNIAcA.lua"]:1:Invalid spell slot in GetSpellName


Maybe todays update caused some errors, once you get back Jasabi and do some bugfixes this will definitely be a 5 star product (again?) it has great potentional. Im waiting.

I would really appreciate implementation of using Death Coil, it can be a great lifesaver

Would be nice if we could see in Log what its trying to do while being Live so we can help out with support.

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