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[PAID] 1-60 Quest and Grind -RYZE- [Grind][Quest][Horde and Alliance] 1.0.0 - First Release!

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About This File

Hunter, On Elysium wow ; )

Made for - World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade / Vanilla (2.4.3/1.12.1

I Expect to release 60-70 soon. I am currently experiencing poor wifi reliablility as a result of a fault on my broadband so I cannot currently test the new release so it will be delayed by one or 2 days. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Purchase on Selly: (€10)
I have changed from Sellfy to Selly due to a better TOS!


What's the profile about?

This profile pack will level you from level 1-70 or 60 (Depends on your expansion) with little time, and efficiently.
The bot utilizes the Quester botbase, so run it from the Quester product/botbase.
Bot will pick up quests that coincide with the grind it's performing. i.e, if you are grinding on wolves in Northshire Valley, you'll be doing a Quest that completes as a result, so you will get loads of XP, and level really, really fast.
This profile pack currently supports both factions, and ALL races. And will level you from level 1-60 easily, and level 60-70 is currently a work in progress.
There is support for both Burning Crusade factions, with a profile that will level you from level 1-20, to which you can then run the main profile.

How much is it?

You'll get free updates, free support, free guides from me, and so forth.
The price is currently 10 Euro. There will most likely not be an increase in price.
I recommend you save your purchase as that means you can download future updates.
If you don't save it, don't worry, just PM me! :) 
This is the cheapest profile on WRobot right now. (Price->Level ratio)

How do I install it?
Place the contents of 'Quester' into the WRobot corresponding filename.
Place the contents of 'Plugins' into the Wrobot corresponding filename.
Run the profiles accordingly. Sit back and relax :)
Keep bot with the following settings:
Buy food: ON
Sell/Repair: ON

Without these settings the bot won't run correctly!!

ENJOY! - Please don't share my paid files or copy them!

What's New in Version 1.0.0 - First Release!   See changelog


- Added new quests to lower level zone
- Fixed a few pathing issues
- Changed bot movement in Barrens to avoid large group of humanoids
- Other minor fixes

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· Edited by Batman · Report

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Everything has been awesome so far. I recommend this profile pack. I'm confident the author will address and fix any bugs you may report. @Ryze is both responsive and respectful.


In Westfall, you may need to blacklist these LVL 19 mobs too. 

F13000034011F3CD	Dust Devil
F13000034000BDAC	Dust Devil

I had a snag at level 16 in Westfall but created this grinder profile to skip 16 and 17. It looks like this:


Westfall 16 and up.xml



Had to create another custom grind profile from level 23 and 24 because there was someone else in Duskwood running the exact same route as me, clearly he was using this WRobot profile. Here is what the path looks like: 


22+ Duskwood Hushed Bank Addles Stead.xml

Also, when I cracked level 25, I ran into another mob that wasn't blacklisted.

F13000038E0010E1   Defias Enchanter


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I think it's great, I don't know why others have been having problems and tbh that other review doesn't even make sense,

i started a new char on warmAne Outland, a human warrior and it's now level 36 in literally the same day lol! : ) 

love it!!

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· Report

  • 1

Short version: This is NOT a questing profile. It. Is. Not. And it's an even worse grinding profile. I can’t recommend buying it under any circumstances.


Long version: I have tested it until level 30. But let's start at the beginning: I created a Dwarven Paladin on Elysium and used the profile for the Dwarven starting area. It it okay. Did two of the quests there and followed by grinding to 6. I thought there has been put in less effort here due to Dwarf/Gnome not being that popular (as Human). So I expected nothing too fancy.

For 6+, Elwynn Forrest is the way to go. And that was the moment I slowly realized, that I got scammed. Remember that first mine they send you to? There are at least three quests you can do there. Two that require you to kill kobolds and loot some candles and gold dust, one that demands you to explore the mine. Nothing special, the NPCs that start these quests are in line of sight to each other. Well. The profile picks up ONE of them. The one quest with the candles. Running straight through another of these three npcs on its way to the mine. I mean, seriously? Is that how you define "Bot will pick up quests that coincide with the grind it's performing"? But that's not even the worst part. Until level 10 (you are level 6 when you go there) you won't do anything else than running trough that very same mine over and over again, killing everything that lives in there. For four levels straight. In an area with a high concentration of quests, where most new characters come along sooner or later. But it gets even better when you think about bot behaviour in indoor areas with a high concentration of enemies. Good luck in dealing with 3-4 kobolds at once! I played a Paladin, so it was more or less possible. But most other classes won't be able to survive there long!

Just some bad start? Nope! It won't get better at level 10. After that it travels to kill gnolls! Yes, that area where Hogger and his friends love to gang rape young characters. Remember what you try to avoid when using a bot? Areas that contain camps of hostile enemies, so that the bot will easily pull 3+ mobs at once just by moving. And by the way: these guys run away and add even more pals to the party. Have fun with the spirit healer. Additionally: Many other players around and the bot won't even pick up the quest to collect the armbinds of these gnolls. So you could just let the bot grind anywhere else. It's not even an efficient way. Wolfs and boars grant more exp and they won't stay in camps with more than two at once in general. It really struggles my mind how you could choose such bad spots for a grinding profile. All conditions to use a bot there are bad! Have you ever run some kind of test to see what the heck you are selling? Have you ever used your profile yourself? How is it possible to be okay with selling THIS?

After reaching level 13 it changes to Westfall. And an even bigger surprise: It picks up three quests in total. Yes, one is only a simple go to XYZ speak with ZYX, but I am happy with even minor improvements. Nothing more to say about Westfall tho. It contains three grinding profiles, doing these three quests in total. Nothing special, some basic grinding / botting spots. But to be honest, you can’t really fuck up Westfall either. Besides trying to bot on murlocs or these large gnoll camps in the south-west and south.

Next step is Duskwood after reaching level 20. Killing spiders and wolfs. Again: Nothing special. You stay there for five levels, but after that the same mistakes were made again. Defias. Yes, it goes to one of the farms killing Defias. They stand together in groups up to 2-5 mobs. And there are many elite mages around as well. As I already mentioned above: Have fun with the spirit healer, you will see each other a lot! Tell her some stories from her sister in Goldshire.

Yes, I have not seen the whole profile or the horde part yet and probably won't in the future. I highly doubt it gets better. The first impression is the most important part. If you don't put in effort there, you won't in the middle or end. Probably even less. I already get an error message in the log for the badlands part. Wow!


So in conclusion, this "questing" profile has done six quests in total from level 1 to level 30. Five, if you only count these that involve grinding. And two of them are done within the first ten minutes. It skips quests you could easily (and more efficient) do together and I can’t find a reason for this other than sloppiness. In total (1-30), it uses eight different grinding profiles. And half of them I would consider bad or horrible for using with a bot.

This profile pack is garbage. It's not worth the money under any circumstances. You could easily make much better grinding profiles within minutes yourself. Just set up your own local Vanilla server to have full GM privileges (teleport, movement speed, non-hostile enemies, no other players). Even the FREE 1-13 quest pack here in the same forum has by far a much higher quality and more effort put in. 

The only way to not be a shameless scam is the so promised “future updates”. It is still a fucking joke to release a profile pack in that fragile state and even demand money for it. Advertising this as a "QUESTING pack" is ridiculous by itself. I highly doubt these other reviews are legit.

I want my money back and I demand an explanation!


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