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About This File

PvE Combat Rogue

by: fall0ut

This fight class is usable by any level. You do not have to remove spells you have not yet learned from the rotation.

The openers and rotation assume you are solo grinding. Typically the enemies you fight will not live that long. This fight class will not provide adequate dps for long fights in raids and normal dungeons.

Opening order

  1. Stealth
  2. Ambush (if behind target).
  3. Cheap Shot (if not behind target).

Primary rotation

  1. Keep up Slice and Dice (with at least 2 combo points).
  2. Revealing Strike (maintain debuff on target).
  3. Sinister Strike
  4. Eviscerate (with at least 3 combo points).
  • Replaces Eviscerate with Recuperate if health is below 50%.

After combat, all spare combat points will be spent on Recuperate if your health is below 100%.


Kick when enemy is casting.

Adrenaline Rush cast whenever possible.

Killing Spree cast whenever possible.

Evasion is used when your health drops below 70%.


Depending on your talent spec you can specify additional spells to be used.

Shadowstep if true, will Shadowstep if in Stealth before pull tries to Ambush or Cheap Shot.

Marked for Death if true, will be used before the pull.

Blade Flurry if true, will activate when at least 3 enemies are attacking you within 5 yards, will deactivate when fighting 1 enemy.

Deadly Throw if true, will be used if your enemy attempts to flee and you have combo points.

Shuriken Toss if true, will be used if your enemy attempts to flee.

Combat Readiness is used if you have at least 3 attackers within 10 yards.


Poisons are set in the settings section of the fight class. Just turn the poison you want to use to be true. If you set more than one Lethal and Non-Lethal poison, you're going to have a bad time. Only one of each type.

What's New in Version v2


  • Shadowstep is now an option in Settings

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Suggestions and stuff I edited after using your profile.

  • Stealth was just being spammed not working when you have enemy target or close.
  • Edit, leeching poision as buff for self heals cause had none was dieing to mobs like crazy with good gear.
  • Edit, evasion bellow 50%
  • Fan of knives when more then one target is around edit as AOE

Hopefully this helps you update your profile mate,
Good job btw!

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I purposely didn't put any aoe abilities because rogues suck at multiple targets.  It's better to burn them down one at a time.  I will look into the other issues you mentioned.  Thanks :)

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