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[PAID][SALE] RoboXecute - Discord Commands for WoW 1.0.0

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About This File





About this File

RoboXecute allows for commands / messages to be sent from Discord into WoW through WRobot. This plugin will also send Whispers that are sent to your WoW character into Discord so that you can see them. This also means that you can install the Discord app on your phone and send commands from your phone..


This Plugin allows full integration with Discord. Send Commands from Discord!



Game Versions

I have tested RoboXecute on the below game versions. I am sure it works in other versions, but below are what I have tested.

  • Legion (Retail)
  • WoTLK
  • Burning Crusade
  • Vanilla

I have not tested all versions of the game. If you would like to test the plugin on a version of the game that I have not tested listed above, message me and I'll give you a free copy!


Current Executions/Actions that can be sent to Discord and then sent to WoW:

  • Whisper other players
  • Message in the Say Channel
  • I will be adding more in future updates. 
    • Logout
    • Hearthstone
    • Send Screenshots


Current events that are sent to Discord from WoW:

Any time any of the below things happen in WoW, a message will be sent to Discord with details.

  • Whisper Received
  • Say message Received


Performing current supported actions from Discord:

  • Whisper:
    • /w <playerName> <message>
      • for example: /w shenzul Hi how is it going?
  • Say:
    • /s <message>
      • for example: /s Hi How is it going?



Receive Whisper and Say Notification from WoW

Message sent to bot character from other player.


Message received in discord.



Send Whisper and Say Notification to WoW From Discord

Whisper is sent from Discord:


Whisper gets pushed to WoW and sent to player Shenzul:


Say Message is sent from Discord:


Say message forwarded to WoW from Discord.


Configuring Whispers and Says to be sent to Discord from WoW.


RoboAlert can send Discord  messages based on configured events.

  1. Open Discord Desktop Application.
  2. Select the New Server button. It is shaped like a plus on the left side of the application (+).
    1. image.thumb.png.ca6e61d1f37c836cada22558a3248f7d.png
  3. Enter a name for your Discord Server.
    1. image.png.a2b618b11a78fa925a6ffef66eeda0d8.png
  4. Click the Settings Button of the General channel.
    1. image.thumb.png.1bfb5085d3868018810f16796dfe3bdc.png
  5. Click Webhooks on the Settings Page and select the Create Webhook button.
    1. image.thumb.png.2b7a620391c8eb9f67f53f324ea63ac1.png
  6. Enter a Name for the webhook, and then COPY the Webhook URL.
    1. image.png.e9a316bf1aca9d141cea17afbce59ea7.png
  7. Click Save.
  8. Paste Webhook URL into WRobot RoboAlert settings Discord Webhook URL field.




Configuring Discord to send Actions to WoW 

  1.  Go To URL:
  2.  Click New App
  3.  Give App a Name.
  4.  Click Create App.
  5.  On next page, Copy the CLIENT ID under App Details. SAVE THIS
  6.  Click Create a Bot User.
  7.  Next to the Token button, click the CLICK TO REVEAL url.
  8.  Copy the Token. SAVE THIS
  9.  Go To below URL, but replace the YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE with  the copied Client ID from step 5.
  10.  Select your custom server that you added a Webhook to. Make sure Read Messages and Read Message History are checked.
  11.  Click Authorize.
  12.  Paste WRobot RoboXecute settings Discord Bot Toekn field from step 8.

Below Gif shows the process:







Purchase RoboXecute on Sellfy - €7.99 €5.19






For Support or any assistance, please message me through private message or on in the comments. I check WRobot website multiple times a day, and will do my best to respond within 24 hours. 




My Other Plugins:


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.In accordance to the rules, I am required to state that I am not associated with WRobot company. I am not associated with the WRobot Company - Avvi

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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