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[FREE] Feral 1-70 2.1

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About This File

I have extensive Feral Experience, Here is a FC I use for leveling after downloading a diff free FC and having lots of issues with it, I have changed about 75% of it to be wayyyy more productive.

set it to use food/drink, it will hopefully not have to eat/drink often but still will help. 

some improvements / cool features / to make it look less like a bot

  • (untested feature to leave form if frost nova'd/cone of cold/ entangling roots)
  • only buffs out of combat
  • goes bear vs 2 or more, and back to cat when its 1 (does not use this feature until dire bear form is learned as its more efficient)
  • no rip below 50% hp targets, as its not efficient
  • does not leave cat form to heal unless below 39 energy (unless critically low hp)
  • set to not leave form to heal when oom (though this does not always work properly because of % factors)

ISSUES=  cant figure out yet how to have it stop going cat when talking to FP, so it runs everywhere 😛 

also I have "travel form" set to mount, as I think you have to edit in your mounts name to cat-form buff condition, but i gave up on a solution for everyones diff mount names and just let it use travel (pro is you cannot get dazed off mount, into combat- plus its cheaper)

Comment what you think or if you have any issues, maybe I can fix them (but I am NO pro) 

Feral 1-70 retrostalgic.xml

What's New in Version 2.1   See changelog


This one has bear form for 20-40 added on multiple mobs. 

Feral 1-70 retrostalgic1.1.xml

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For break cat form at Flight Master:

//break cat for the flight master
        if ((ObjectManager.Target.IsFlightMaster) && !(ObjectManager.Me.InCombatFlagOnly) && ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("Cat Form"))
                Lua.LuaDoString("CastSpellByName(\"Cat Form\",1)");    


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I don't have those settings enabled, i'm not pro enough to figure that out, I simply edited it in the Wrobot FC editor- If you want to make changes to it you can do so, there. 

On 1/25/2019 at 12:09 PM, hrox said:

retrostalgic, u know why it looks like this when i try to enter the settings page?




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