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PvP Honor Tools 1.0.8

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About This File

Hello everyone,

Today i wanted to release my Automated PvP Honor Tools for when you are Botting in battlegrounds, So you'll be able to bot more efficiently but maintain the steady flow of honor income on you're toons.

(Dont waste all them hours botting for honor just to get over capped while away from you're computer!)


  1. Must be in the Capital City for you're faction (Storm wind for Alliance | Orgrimmar for The Horde!)
  2. Will add a hearth to dalaran and take port to a capital city (at a later date)
  • All epic gem are set (off by default.)
  • Honor amount you wish to buy at (Set to 10,000 by default.)
  • Will add army Capabilities (Coming Soon.)
  • Leave battle Ground with a set amount of honor (75,000 by default. you are aloud to set you're own amount)
  • Added Leave battleground (off by default.) ""Strand of the Ancients & Alterac Valley & Isle of Conquest & Warsong Gulch & Eye of the Storm""
  • Added option to buy PvP mounts ( Off by default. "Once you turn the option on for the mount you wish to buy, it will buy only one and learn it. No buying more then one")

Known Bugs:

  • Having battle ground debuff casing movement problems. (working on over riding battleground state.)

Credits :

1) @anarchia For the mount idea

If you find any bugs or want me to implement anything, Join my discord server and send me a message. : https://discord.gg/ppm8Ufc


What's New in Version 1.0.8   See changelog


Rewritten the name's in options .

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Atleast one Project where u give me Credit even there is way more Stuff from me.
As first Member of your Discord u asked me to BugReport your Profiles/Fightclasses/Plugins, that's what I did for several Weeks.
Enjoyed giving u Ideas about what the Community needs, teaching u classes, improving your Products u sold before u banned me for no Reason.

I want to give out fair warning for people putting Time into his Projects. (He also might ask you for AccDetails to build FCs) 
Here's a little log of how I got banned (I was 3 Days away before the Chat & I thought he asked me to test Human 1-5)
14:44 Ana: yo where is human 1-5?
15:02 Smokie: I need you to make
15:25 Ana: ah no lol. There is a full free 1-60 Alliance Quester out there, not gonna spend my time on that^^ little missunderstanding here
15:26 Smokie: Not for wotlk. I am asking you to start making one. If you are not able to help and provide then this partnership is completely fruitless to me.
15:29 Ana: wtf
He then explained that I was only demanding stuff (never wanted anything from him except the Profiles he wanted me to test)
15:31 Banned from DM & his Discord Server

I tried to sort it out with u in DM but all u said is that I'm a Leacher :'D A Mod saw all our DMs and even he can see that I'm not a leacher.
Not sure what is wrong with Smokie but u are warned. (I bet my Credit is removed soon)

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