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[PAID] – WWarrior for Vanilla (1-60) 1.1.0

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About This File

**No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product

Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company.

PURCHASE LINK – $2.00 – Single IP License (1)
PURCHASE LINK – $3.00 – Ten IP License (10)




Arms Warrior (1-60) fight class for Vanilla WoW – $2.00


  • Dynamic pulls – cycles between ranged pulls and Charge
    • Uses Charge when pulling a lone target, i.e., no surrounding hostile mobs
    • Uses ranged pulls, e.g., Shoot Bow, Crossbow, Gun or Throw, when target is surrounded by other hostile mobs
      • Automatically approaches ranged and caster mobs following Shoot or Throw action
    • Automatically switches to Charge-only if no ammo is available for ranged pulls
  • Range-checks for Demoralizing Shout, Thunder Clap, Cleave, Sweeping Strikes, Intimidating Shout, etc.
    • To conserve Rage, AOE spells are only used when multiple mobs are within the area of effect
  • Melee auto-attack checks – combat rotation ensures auto-attack remains toggled ON while in combat
  • Intimidating Shout + Bandage
    • If bandages are available in inventory and character is low HP, will fear mobs and use bandages prior to resuming fight
  • Battle Shout duration checks
    • Maintains Battle Shout outside of combat or otherwise between fights
    • Tracks buff duration and re-Shouts only if excess Rage is available and existing buff is soon to expire
  • Automatically places newly learned spells on action bar – required for reactive spells, e.g., Overpower, Execute, etc.
  • Support for Racial spells
    • Shadowmeld – casts prior to eating/drinking
    • Cannibalize – casts after combat if character HP is low
    • Blood Fury – casts at start of combat if character HP is not low
    • Berserking – casts when character HP is low
  • All spells, including Racials and ranged pulls, may be enabled or disabled in fight class settings
  • Customizable use of Retaliation – HP levels and aggro count configured in fight class settings

Edited by elitecasaj00

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


  • Improvements to range checks for AOE spells, e.g., Cleave, Demoralizing Shout, Thunder Clap, etc.
  • Implemented additional Battle Shout upkeep check; if soon to expire, plugin will now re-shout under favorable conditions prior to using Execute
  • Complete rework of ranged pull logic:
    • Improved recognition of caster and ranged mobs, i.e., quicker movement into melee range
    • Plugin now retreats following ranged pulls to create further distance between nearby hostile mobs
    • Added the below plugin settings to allow for increased customization of ranged pull conditions:
      • Level buffer : plugin will NOT ranged pull if target is X number of levels below character's level
      • Mob count : plugin will ONLY ranged pull if X number of mobs near target
      • Smart pull : overrides all ranged pull settings; plugin will intelligently determine when to ranged pull mobs based on level and surrounding mob density

User Feedback

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6 hours ago, Zer said:

Does it stance dance for overpower/whirlwind without rage losing?

Does it have positioning vs 2+ mobs to make cleave work?

Could it multidot(rend) all targets he is facing?

Arms only, no stance dancing for Berserker or Defensive.

Cleave checks for 2+ mobs in an arc directly in front of the warrior and verifies mob distances prior to use, i.e., within melee range.  Cleave usage is also avoided if the primary target's HP is low, as a direct Heroic Strike against the secondary target, following the primary target's death, is a higher DPS and more rage efficient option.

Cleave use is replaced by Sweeping Strikes once the talent is learned.

Rend is not used as a multi-target DoT due to its low damage and high rage cost; only multi-target DoT's are from Deep Wounds critical hits via Cleave and Sweeping Strikes.

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2 hours ago, Zer said:

without this options FC is useless. All other options you are writing about can be done with basic class editor in 2 mins.

It does not appear that this fight class is a good fit for your needs, but there are many free fight classes available for use that may further align with your requirements.

Thank you for the feedback and happy botting!

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