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[PAID] FightClass.Wotlk - Multiple Files 1.0.0

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About This File


Contact via PM or Discord:



NOTE: The demo is for warrior and can be downloaded by clicking on the button to the right -->


Each fight class utilizes a priority tasking system that keeps a rotation going.

Currently, these are the namespaces that are available.

Each purchase includes all of the files in the FightClass.Wotlk namespace.

  • FightClass.Wotlk.DeathKnight.Frost
  • FightClass.Wotlk.Druid.Restoration
  • FightClass.Wotlk.Paladin.Retribution
  • FightClass.Wotlk.Shaman.Enhancement
  • FightClass.Wotlk.Warrior.Fury



Contact via PM or Discord:





NOTE: The first sale is designated for the purchase of a "Seller Subscription"

NOTE: The second, third and fourth sales are designated for the purchase of a "1 Year WRobot Subscription"

NOTE: More content will be created when I am able to afford these two subscriptions.


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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You're not a seller. You're not allowed to sell unless you own a "Seller" subscription and have Droidz' permission.
So please be careful as you could get in trouble if you didn't get permission for this already.

If you did, welcome!

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I have obtained permission to do this. If Droidz revokes this permission I will delete the post until the subscription has been acquired.

I have added a disclaimer stating that the first sale will purchase this subscription.

Sorry about any confusion and thank you for looking out for the community.

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thought about expanding to TBC and the $8 would include future releases as well. not sure how I’d distribute them though. maybe a discord server shrug

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Makes sense, I think a paid-only discord is not a bad idea in terms of distribution. I'd be more interested in more WotLK classes than TBC classes if you were wondering, but that's just me hahah

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