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[Project Throne][Free Premium Profile][Horde] 1 - 80 Grinder | Randomized Area's | Random Timers | Class Quests | Discord Support | Catalogs Link | Bug Tracker Link 1.9

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About This File


Today i have decided to finally release a long waited project of mine, after a lot of time and a lot of custom coding to make class quests work.

i hereby present to you Project Throne

-Free Premium Profile


If you find any bugs or want me to implement anything, Join our discord server and send me a messagehttps://discordapp.com/invite/xQuhs5C


Each file has its own name, do not change any of the file names. and keep in mind, i do not work for wrobot, so if there is any problems with wrobot. Report to @Droidz


  • 1 - 80 Grinder
  • Auto-Updater
  • Auto Randomizer Area's (Thanks to @Matenia)
  • Auto Random Time (Custom Code, No more 60 mins BS. it will pick a number between 1 - 60 and farm for that amount of time. This will help prevent a bans Hopefully)
  • All Starting Zones
  • Class Quests
  • Custom Code.
  • Automated Zepplin (Custom Code) 
  • Auto Restarter (Added V1.0.1)
  • Known bugs link - Here
  • Custom Blacklist Area (Coming Soon)
  • Catalog link - here 
  • Area Change. (ill try to change the area's of farming once a month to prevent bans.)     
  • Custom Mount Code (Coming Soon)


        All Class quests are done with Custom Code and AFKable!

  • Shaman Totems Class Quest 
  • Druid Bear Form Class Quest 
  • Warlock Void Walker Class Quest 
  • Warrior Defends & Berserk stance Class Quest 
  • Hunter Pet Class Quest 
  • Paladin (Blood Elf) - Redemption Quest Line! 
  • These Class Quests Include ALL class / Races for there respected Class and are 100% Afkable!


  1. Copy the file into wrobot\Profiles\Quester\Project Throne\FilesHere
  2. Open wrobot / Quester Product.
  3. Select the Project Throne 1 - 80
  4. hit start!






What's New in Version 1.9   See changelog


  • Applied more new hotfixed.

 You do not need to redownload if you have a copy, Auto updater should provide the Update!

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Thank you so much! Amazing what you do. Plus absolutely FREE! Keep it up! 🥳

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Great work man.
bein running it for a few hours and nothing to complain so keep it up

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This is amazing and it's free. No other 1-80 Grinder has this support and features. Even the paid ones. Pair it with HumanMasterPlugin and automate your way to 80!

Response from the author:


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Im using this together with your Project X. I always switch between ProjectX and Project Throne. Both a very great Profiles.
For everyone who don't want to spend money on a Grinder, use this one here! It's 100% worth a try! 🙂

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Early levels are a bit rough, playing on Warmane Frostmourne server. 8x EXP makes this profile an absolute machine.

Semi-afk i would say as I would have to check on the bot once in a while to purchase new gear + potions. Using Humanmasterplugin is highly suggested for optimization and you need a decent fightclass or just simply make one yourself!

Thank you Sye for your hard work. Lookin forward to more free content as I cant be bothered to pay for profiles when I've already paid for the bot. You are a life saver and make wrobot WORTH every penny I paid for.

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One of the Best Grinders Profile Out there! Having Hunter Class quest makes grind alot better after lvl 10!! recomended

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