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[PAID] [H] [Quest] Horde Legion Quester 1-80 by Eeny 1.1.0

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About This File

The creator of this profile (Eeny) is away until August 16th 2017.  The profile is provided working. As-is  where-is until that time.

Horde Quester 1-80 by Eeny


Profile is for Horde 1-80 Retail -7.0.  Currently there are three Quest profile's with hundreds of hours of testing.  Profiles are 1-60, 58-70 and 68-80.  I have prioritised 1-80 speed and AFK'ness for these profiles. 

I have attached 58-60 as a demo /  teaser. 

To Business 

Highly recommended to run with Heirlooms.  Not only the +exp but the gear is just...better, bots kill faster etc.

Selling is ENABLED for green, white and grey items.  You can modify the white list as you see fit in the WRobot advanced options for you bot.

Ground Mounting is optional- FLYING IS DISABLED ON PURPOSE.  No plans to change this.

This is a questing profile- the aim  is to get to 70 as fast as possible- training professions can be done outside of the bot.

If you do purchase the profile (thank you)  It needs the quick-quest addon : http://wrobot.eu/files/category/130-wow-addons/  as it streamlines quest 'admin' activities.

Bot Path:

  • 58-62 Hellfire
  • 62-64 Zangarmarsh
  • 64-65 Terokkar Forest
  • 65-68 Nagrand
  • 68-69 Blades Edge Mountains
  • 68-70 Netherstorm


Known issues

Prior to starting the either profile empty your quest log,  I dont want to be the guy to blow up a log of half filled quests the moment you load the profile.

Getting the bot from Nagrand to Blades Edge Mountains it will not take the 'Horde' tunnel using normal pathfinding.  My options here was to use a followpath(Risky) or have the bot die a few times running through the Alliance tunnel.  Due to the chance of bots getting stuck with some Followpath quest pulses I decided to let the bot run through the alliance cave.  Expect a few deaths here however I change the WRobot settings to minimise fightback / death.  You can always assist the bots- however my full AFK test bots got through after a few deaths.  Rogues / Feral Druids should be fine here.


Updates to the profile will be provided free of charge to users who  can prove they have bought the profile.  I will update this thread with anything major- those who prove they have purchased will get and updated file sent to them.

Feedback is welcome- helpful and constructive feedback will land you with free future expansion profiles which i will add to the bundle later.  After this profile is added the price might go up after further QA. 


The price is $10 EUR- price may go up as more profiles are added and quality rises.  I am using SELLFY.com to distribute / sell the file.  the direct link is:



If you have already purchased and would like the updated bundle sent me a PM with the purchase confirmation and i will send you a download link! You don't need to buy this again as i add more content...

I am not associated with WRobot company



What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog



Added code to assist bot getting from Nagrand to Blades Edge Mountains

Send me a PM if you would like the updated version

User Feedback

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I was betatesting this profile and only gamebreaking problems i had was when bot was trying to go past the wall that is in middle of hellfire peninsula which Eeny has fixed already. Otherwise really damn good profile! looking forward to betatesting northrend profile :ph34r::ph34r:

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