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    1. If you want to post PAID fileClick here !
    2. If title is not clear enough/wrong - your post removed
    3. If your description is wrong/lazy/stupid/not clear - your post removed
    4. If your post in not in english - your post removed (use your native lang on respective subforums)
    5. If you can't spent few minutes on screenshot/image - your post removed
    6. If you can't spent few seconds to add tags and wow version for your profile/plugin - your post removed. add "fightclass" for fightclasses, "vanila/tbc/wotk", "quester/grinder/gatherer/etc" for profiles, "plugin" for plugins
    7. If you can't spent few seconds to check in what category you post your file - your post removed
    8. You cannot "updating" your file without real updating to get on top (mainly paid files).


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      • WRobot for Wow Cataclysm
      • WRobot for Wow Wrath of the Lich King
      • WRobot for Wow The Burning Crusade
      • WRobot for Wow Vanilla
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