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Is wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest.GetLogQuestIsComplete(); used to return true if quest in quest log marked as (Complete)? It return false for such quests at least in TBC and Wotlk


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Droidz i know, but ok this quest is bad example. There is some quests, where IsObjectiveComplete just don't work. For example recenty opened Nightwing(tbc), also iirc lordaeron(wotlk) has same problem: Druid bear form quest(ally at least) BodyAndHeart(6001)  don't have any objectives to check(look picture) despite it not None type quest when pickup-turnin enough. If i put IsObjectiveComplete quest is  pulse endlessly since there is no objective, if i left complete condition empty it pulse endlessly too, if i set there is no objective it's ofc don't pulse at all, i just don't know what to use in this case.  GetLogQuestComplete  would be ideal thing to put in Is Complete Condition(but don't work for some reason), also this can be very useful for quests like Raene's Cleansing(1045) which have different objective count for different wow expansions. NOAIKe1muGI.thumb.jpg.327fca2a135d570015ff66e702d8e921.jpg

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You would need to add the objective count in your quest editor (by number, - if the objective is like in this example - just set objective 1 to 1).
If you want a quest with different objective counts to work both in vanilla, tbc and wotlk, you can a CanCondition for both quests (and then put both as Pulse in your quest order editor).

For the CanCondition, you can just check

Usefuls.WowVersion == 5875 //vanilla
Usefuls.WowVersion == 8606 //TBC
Usefuls.WowVersion == 12340 //WotLK


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