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It has that enabled. Am i supposed to actually do mining when i create the profile, or simply just fly the route and it'll automatically mine any notes it sees?
I just tried again, it still fly past all the mining notes. And "Harvest Minerals: On" is enabled yeah

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8 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, try to add mines to havrest to your profile or in advanced general settings to objects to harvest list

I even tried to download one of the gather profiles made for Legion in Valley of the Four Winds even though i play in Mist of Pandaria, the bot started flying around but still ignored all the mining notes.
Please help me as i'm paying for a product which doesn't work. It's really strange because the Deepholm mining profile which is in the download center worked fine, i just had to install it and start the bot and everything worked fine. So theres an issue with creating gather profiles at the moment

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