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Wrobot is detectable at warmane wow, icecrown

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Respected fellow members and admins,


I have been using wrobot for a long time now, never had issues, using custom profiles (self made only). My profiles were perfect in all regards.

But recently, 1st week February onwards, 3 accounts got banned, at different occasions, 

1st account was banned while herbing where only 12 people were there and reporting was next to impossible, and during this occasion, i was multiboxed and the other account which wasnt botting didnt receive a ban. 

2nd attempt, Made a new profile in a new location, and banned within 7 minutes. Was using a different pc and vpn so it dosnt detect my ip.

3rd account was bannned yesterday, while herbing in icecrown, when i was actively watching the screen and near by people. Again 8th minute ban time. 


in all 3 incidents, it wasnt a mass ban, just 5-8 people getting banned. that too not by account, but by name. Im sure all of these 5-8 people were using wrobot, as i know 1 of the guys who got banned i knew was using wrobot. 


Be extremely careful, its detectable. 

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They can manage to make the links between your old and new accounts, you do not use the same browser? never same ip (you told that you use VPN but you use also to create account?)? Also, try download again the Wow client for a new account. How many hours per day you bot? You have try to use different fightclasses/plugins/profiles?

They do not necessarily ban when they catch you, some wait and ban several users at the same time.

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i always use a fresh wow client to start botting, with a different install location. 

Also, new accounts, no connection with previous accounts.

i bot 2-3 hours per day, but i dont leave the computer unattended at all. im always watching, lookin around for people tryin to report etc.

I make my own fightclasses, i got 1 for each class type, and same goes for profiles.

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It is always recommended to keep an eye on what is going on. I do intend to let the bot do its work and i can go watch a few youtube videos etc in my bed. But i will always peak over just to ensure everything is running smoothly.

I also tend to write /dnd Sorry, Farming {WHATEVER} and my chat is disabled. 

- This will legit save you from quite a lot of suspicious players. 

I also tend to watch my bot do one or multiple laps of something its repeatably doing and i do my best to eliminate stuck points or anything that looks funky. If players follow me or are always around me, then i'll proceed to hide or go stealth until they leave. On PServers you are also able to double check if they are online through /who. So remember their name and from there you can check where they are. (this is only on some servers tho, but if this is available then i do recommend checking it!)

Furthermore, make your own routes/profiles, Also make your own Fightclass and turn on combat rotation (this way your combat rotation is somewhat randomized and at that point. Combat rotation atleast cant be a reason for suspiciousness)

I also do not think that WRobot is the reason to the bans. This is more entitled to the way people bot. Most people purchase a license, Download the program and download pre-created profiles and fightclasses. Then they just bot away. Many of these profiles that are released here are literally made in a sense that it doesnt look playerlike at all. People also want everything to run fast and efficiently, But the slower you appear in-game the more likely you are to be thought off as a normal player 🤷‍♂️

Another thing worth mentioning, If you are farming mats etc. And you have the ability to fall down small hills. Do it! You never expect bots to jump down hills right? 😉

Just my few cents on what i specifically keep an eye on when i'm botting. JS i've never been banned for botting 🙂

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