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need help :D

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i started using the bot today ( and bought today).

every profiles im finding and using. quest grinder etc.

every one is either stopping or keep dying all the time. 

im using on a privat server (wotlk) 

can anyone please guide this noob 🙂

im on discord aswell

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Cross, there are WOTLK profiles here that work *mostly* with most of the WOTLK servers out there.  For example the one titled "[we] - Durotar (1-12 Orc & Troll)" works well for Horde orc and troll starting characters although it's a tough profile.  You just need to download it and place it in your quester profile directory.

The Bot is a tool, or rather a collection of tools, not an out-of-the box easy button.  Get that starter profile, create a horde Orc Warrior, and give it a shot.

I know it works on ChromieCraft -- I just ran through it about 3 times.    That area is tough, there's not really enough XP on a 1x server to get you high enough to easily progress with a bot.  It really need some grinding breaks placed in it so that your character grinds up a level between some of those quest chains.  Even Warriors and Pally's were dying constantly on two of the quests there.   But if you can twink them it should take you to at least level 11 on a 1x server.

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And what's awesome about the ChromieCraft and this bot?  They allow you to run 5 accounts from one IP.  So when I say "Twink" what I mean is I have another similar level character using the "Party" product with wRobot following around my leveling character either healing or assisting w/damage.

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