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Get quest item from grinding mobs

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Hello Guys

Is there a smart way to get the title done ?

Right now i have made a kind of workaround, but is there an "easy" way to do it:


Grind the mobs added as id, check for item id xxx in bag/check if item xxx is picked up, and then When item xxx is found use it, and get the quest.


Thanks for help :)

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I assume you want the bot to grind mobs till it finds the item that starts a quest. 

 take a look at the below profile.. The first pulse is a kill and loot, however the <iscomplete> condition is:

      <IsCompleteCondition>return ItemsManager.GetItemCountById(113578) &gt;= 240;</IsCompleteCondition>

What that does is checks you bags for ITEMID- in this case 113578 and if its bigger than or equal to 240 the quest is complete.

All i would do is change the ITEM id to the quest start object and set value to =1.  the next quest profile step will be to "pick up the quest" .  In the Quest you need to set true "pickup from item" and add the item ID. ( pic attached).


Without doing it for you i cant give you much else- hope that helps




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