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Quester NPC click again?

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Making a quester profile and to do the quest, u need to talk to quest giver, accept quest, then talk to quest giver again to ride drake and start killing things.  how do I set it up to puck up quest, talk to npc, THEN pulse quest?

If it matters, the quest i'm referring to specifically is "Aces HIgh", id# 13413 if that helps at all.



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Thanks Droidz, i almost have it!  I pick up the quest, and retalk to the npc and she puts me on a dragon to go out and kill stuff, but right now the dragon just sits there and wants to go back to her.  I tried to make a different "quest" that's the same quest, but named something different and to pulse that, but it doesn't work.


Also, is there a way to do multiple quests at once, while you're doing quest a, it also does quest b and c?  is that the "pulseallinone"?  but  then there's no option to select multiple quests. 

Thanks a lot, you're the best!

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Hello, you cannot run multi quests objectives at same time (without C# code), but you can:

  • Pickuup QuestA
  • Pickup QuestB
  • Pulse QuestB
  • Pulse QuestA
  • TurnIn QuestA
  • TurnIn QuestB

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