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  1. Du musst dir erstmal eine Klasse erstellen oder dir eine aus dem Wrobot Forum eine herunterladen. Ich empfehle dir aber eine eigene zu erstellen wegen eigenen Skills und Spielweise usw. . Geht sehr einfach und eeny hat ein sehr gutes Video dazu gemacht.
  2. I want to check on which continent the profile is, to create a plugin which allows you to travel between continents. For example when you are in Kalimdor and you want to get to the eastern Kingdoms.
  3. How can I find out on which continent the currently selected profile is (for example a grinder on Kalimdor).
  4. I was trying to make a plugin (I am really bad at programming so I am sorry if this is a dumb question) And I got this error
  5. So currently obliterating things is the only way to make gold with professions?
  6. Hello, So far Ive only been selling mats on the AH for gold, but Ive made a toon with blacksmithing and alchemy. I finished the quest line with blacksmithing and alchemy is nearly done. The problem is I dont have a clue how to make gold with these professions. I know guides about making something called obliterum and chaos crystal or so, but I dont know how to create them.
  7. Hello, The pet battle bot doesnt start any fight or even flies to the pet
  8. Version 1.0.0


    The profile kills Voltile bears in the north of Stormheim. The big advantage of the profile is, that there are nearly no players in this region. Hope you like it.
  9. Is there any server you would recommend to bot on? I am currently playing on blackmoore.
  10. I have seen people on the honorbuddy forum saying that they make 30$/bot a day or 200k a day. Is that amount of gold possible or are they just exaggerating and if its possible what requirements do I have (profession, level, how much bots, bot runtime)?
  11. Is it possible to create a profile that farms and then after some time goes to the auction house sells the stuff and goes back farming something else and sells it again. Is that possible with the normal editor or do I have write that in lua Code. And when selling the bot should teleport to stormwind and then selling it in the auction house and then going where he should farm next. How do I create profiles which tell the bot to go somewhere.
  12. I am currently farming a lot of raw beast hide, but when it comes to selling it takes very long. Do you know any ways or tactics to sell it with or without the auction house.
  13. Which way is the best to farm gold instances or killing mobs etc.
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