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  1. Ok, and what about the classes profile ? I'm looking for my hunter but it is not working that well. Also have to do it myself ?
  2. Hello, I am coming to you because after several searches on the bot forum, I unfortunately cannot find much content concerning profiles of all types: harvest, exp etc. for the cataclysm extension. If anyone has any more profiles, or if we can convert profiles from other places I would be happy to receive them. Thank you very much
  3. It works perfectly thank you ! problem solved
  4. Already done. I also installed a fresh version of the bot and nothing happened
  5. Hello guys, I just started to try the bot functionalities and it appear that Archeolgist function doesn't work for me so I decided to post a new topic. I went to an archeologist zones that are in the list, I marked this zone as active and nothing happen. Attacher the log, thank you very much 11 juin 2021 17H32.log.html
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