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    Smokie got a reaction from bio33 in Quest : the gift that keeps on giving   
    I am in need of a little help with a quest complete condition, for the dk quest, “the gift that keeps on giving” the player throws thing item on the ground to make ghouls, (friendly units.) I need a condition that detects the ones that player makes, createdby.play == 5
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    Smokie reacted to pudge in Setting wrobot runecode   
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    Smokie reacted to Talamin in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
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    Smokie reacted to Droidz in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    To solve the problem and make me look like an idiot, give me or a known member of the forum access to the bot (or access to a PC with TeamViewer where the bot is installed) (or accept Paypal, I'll buy it).
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    Smokie reacted to Matenia in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    Our guy Yakub over here still trying to break even after wasting his money on UI development courses.
    @Bambo said it earlier, but if Yakub had actually spent the time he's wasting attmepting to scam people just developing bot profiles for wRobot or retail bots, he'd probably have made much more money by now. 
    Hey Yakub, if you're worried about making rent this month, don't worry. Just send me a PM on here. I feel so sorry for you, I'll help you out with the money I've made from Classic since release.

    To backup Droidz: If you're accepting PayPal as a payment method, I will literally buy your bot for 5x it's price right now.
    Of course as a secure business transaction and not friends and family 🙂
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    Smokie reacted to Bambo in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    After this shitstorm in this thread no sane person would buy your product lol
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    Smokie reacted to Matenia in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    This guy who is still pretending it's not his bot (even though he instantly had access to my test to their form - because he's apparently best buds with the "real admin") actually has so little experience in developing actual bots for WoW that he doesn't even understand how Blizzard's detection works on Windows processes.

    I love how he dismissed possible detection vectors that would be instantly picked up on a public bot because he doesn't even understand them. 
    Just goes to show the dude hasn't spent more than 5 minutes on figuring out the changes that 7.3.5 brought in terms of their updated protection.
    If the bot were real, you could've allowed Droidz a 30 minute trial license and gotten positive responses despite advertising your product on a website you have no business on. But it's (real) not and you thinking that you can just copy or steal source code that needs to read and write memory from and to several constantly changing binaries is proof of that if nothing else.

    I admit I was wrong about the form not submitting intially. But everything still stands. You're sending reviews you clearly didn't implement yourself to a third party domain and there's good reasons my browser extensions recognized that as an easy, even if the other site is adjusted for CORS policy.
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    Smokie reacted to Matenia in Need a bot for wow classic official servers   
    This guy still thinks SEO works by reposting the same link over and over on the same URI. What is this, 2005?
    I sure hope Google does actually index it, so everyone can see what a C class scam this guy. 
    Also insulting wRobot... it's not even a competitor. It's a private server bot. It can't get your WoW account banned because it's not for retail. But at least it works, unlike the review page that's full of fake reviews. I'm surprised they put some 4 star reviews in there now. Last I checked they didn't have them. You can tell it was quickly thrown together because they couldn't even be bothered to make the missing star look like it fits the rest 🤣
    Keep in mind, he's saying other people are toxic and overwhelming him, yet he came onto this site and attacked the owner of a website that he chose to advertise his product on. Calling him a poor faggot with no life.

    Look at this garbage:

    Submission form is also completely fake:

    Success message hard coded instead of a server response, full of javascript serialization bugs. As if not being able to select the amount of stars, but being asked to put them in as text wasn't a clue enough how fake this is, the form doesn't have a target either. So it would have to be submitted through javascript. 
    Also says it requires recaptcha, but doesn't actually display one. 

    Here is what happens when you try to submit the form:

    It's just tracking data. If you allow ads and tracking, it simulates a form submit.
    Also sends some data to secureserver.net's API, which as far as I can tell is more or less a public API beloging to GoDaddy.

    There's no reason they should send an XHR request to another domain. Basically anyone reaching this from Google, wondering if that bot is legit - no it's a huge scam and you'd be better off investing in an EWT or LuaBox based bot for retail Classic WoW. They have become fairly advanced and a lot of people are selling advanced bots using the Lua unlocker's API. It may seem a bit pricey, but it's well worth it and veeeeery scure.

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    Smokie got a reaction from Bambo in [Releasing] Crafting / learning a spell Custom Script   
    Not stolen tbh, lua doesn’t belong to anyone but Blizzard but nice for you to think of it that way!
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    Smokie reacted to Matenia in If focus is casting   
    if ObjectManager.Me.FocusObj.IsCast
    {         SpellManager.CastSpellByNameOn("Shadowstep", "focus");
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    Smokie reacted to Sjd6795 in Purchased profile saying my transaction ID is being used   
    This has said to been resolved. Testing the script now will post back with update.
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    Smokie reacted to Kamogli in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    Legend! 😍
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    Smokie reacted to Marsbar in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    Great contribution. Clearly a lot of work went into this.
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    Smokie reacted to Matenia in Fightclass Framework for 2.4.3/3.3.5a and more   
    If you've seen my 1.12 fightclass framework, this is basically the much enhanced version.
    It should work for WoW 2.4.3 and 3.3.5a, possibly many more expansions. The only thing you would have to do is adjust the way combatlog events are parsed, if paramters have changed in your expansion. Everything else should be handled by wRobot. 

    Below you can find the GitHub repository. It also contains a very simple enhancement shaman fightclass as an example that you could change to fit your own needs.
    This is for developers only. If you're a regular user, I recommend just buying my fightclasses. They are, in my opinion, fairly priced.

    - checks with server if a spell was successful
    - support for different types of spells 
    - no more double casts of any sort (heals, debuffs, damage)
    - possibility to ignore server responses
    - easy offtarget handling
    - performant caching and rotation handling
    - possibility to use as a healing framework
    - support for wanding
    - multilanguage support
    - dispel by debuff type

    @Droidz would be nice if you could sticky/pin this thread
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    Smokie reacted to Droidz in how to stop bot when Game master change my character size ?   
    Hello, try plugin:
    using System; using System.Threading; using robotManager.Helpful; using robotManager.Products; using wManager.Plugin; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; using Timer = robotManager.Helpful.Timer; public class Main : IPlugin { private bool _isLaunched; public void Initialize() { _isLaunched = true; var t = new Timer(1000 * 1); // 1 sec while (_isLaunched && Products.IsStarted) { try { if (t.IsReady && Conditions.InGameAndConnectedAndProductStartedNotInPause) { t.Reset(); if (ObjectManager.Me.Scale != 1) { Products.ProductStop(); // or close: Environment.Exit(0); Logging.Write("Size change."); } } } catch (Exception e) { Logging.WriteError("[Size change]: " + e); } Thread.Sleep(150); } } public void Dispose() { _isLaunched = false; } public void Settings() { } }  
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    Smokie reacted to Droidz in Why is not there a Wrobot BfA bot?   
    I'll release BfA bot after Shadowlands release
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    Smokie reacted to cyberpunk in C# Fightclass development - video tutorial   
    Great, thanks!
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    Smokie reacted to Mortis123 in [SUNWELL] Insane detection system/incredibly active GMs?   
    Another suspension for my 73 lvl while beign offline.
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    Smokie got a reaction from spacepancakes1337 in [Warmane] Wow.exe   
    Today while i re-download the wow client from there website, i found out there wow.exe is modified, i have some normal stuff java script i inject to help remove some stuff and it was causing a error saying "Wrong wow.exe" but once i download the Exe file from another server it works, kinda confused tbh. i do not know if it effects bot hooks but i thought it might be a good idea to let people know.
    unmod client : https://mega.nz/#F!qZZDEKSL!sgHakKcCNcuA7pXjxCOUGw
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    Smokie reacted to krycess in Warrior Stances and Weapon Enhancements   
    these are mostly for my own reference but also for anyone who is looking to do the same things that I was trying to do.
    these properties and methods assist in swapping warrior stances and checking for weapon enhancements such as poisons/oils/shaman enhancements etcetcetc
    public static Task<bool> HasBattleStance => Task.FromResult(Lua.LuaDoString<int>("_,_,isActive,_ = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1);", "isActive") == 1); public static Task CastBattleStanceAsync() { Lua.LuaDoString("CastSpellByName('Battle Stance')"); return Task.CompletedTask; } public static Task<bool> HasDefensiveStance => Task.FromResult(Lua.LuaDoString<int>("_,_,isActive,_ = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(2);", "isActive") == 1); public static Task CastDefensiveStanceAsync() { Lua.LuaDoString("CastSpellByName('Defensive Stance')"); return Task.CompletedTask; } public static Task<bool> HasBerserkerStance => Task.FromResult(Lua.LuaDoString<int>("_,_,isActive,_ = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(3);", "isActive") == 1); public static Task CastBerserkerStanceAsync() { Lua.LuaDoString("CastSpellByName('Berserker Stance')"); return Task.CompletedTask; } public static Task<bool> HasMainHandEnhancement => Task.FromResult(Lua.LuaDoString<int>("result = GetWeaponEnchantInfo()", "result") == 1); public static Task<bool> HasOffHandEnhancement => Task.FromResult(Lua.LuaDoString<int>("_, _, _, result = GetWeaponEnchantInfo()", "result") == 1);  
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    Smokie reacted to Zan in [SUNWELL] Insane detection system/incredibly active GMs?   
    How do you bot from first quest to lvl 50 using the trial edition?
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    Smokie reacted to maukor in Paying for someones time. Want to create a simple profile..   
    Smokie is a good guy, didnt get pizza from him, but he helped me with fightclasses few months ago ; )
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    Smokie reacted to eLucious in Paying for someones time. Want to create a simple profile..   
    You're a compulsive liar. Stay away from Smokie. 
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