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  1. using System.ComponentModel; using wManager.Events; using wManager.Plugin; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; public class Main : IPlugin { public void Initialize() { OthersEvents.OnDismount += delegate (CancelEventArgs cancelable) { Move.JumpOrAscend(); }; } public void Dispose() { } public void Settings() { } }
  2. (Csharp) Return Deadly Postion Stack count. public static int ReturnDeadlyPosionStacks { get { return Lua.LuaDoString<int>(@" local DeadlyPoison = {'Deadly Poison', 'Deadly Poison II', 'Deadly Poison III', 'Deadly Poison IV', 'Deadly Poison V', 'Deadly Poison VI', 'Deadly Poison VII','Deadly Poison VIII', 'Deadly Poison IX'} local DeadlyPoisonStackCount = 0; for Poison = 1, #DeadlyPoison do
  3. Return Deadly Poison Stack Count Lua script : local PoisonName = {"Deadly Poison", "Deadly Poison II", "Deadly Poison III", "Deadly Poison IV", "Deadly Poison V", "Deadly Poison VI", "Deadly Poison VII", "Deadly Poison VIII", "Deadly Poison IX"} local PoisonStackCount = 0; for Poison = 1, #PoisonName do for i= 1, 20 do local name, _, _, count = UnitDebuff("target", i); if (PoisonName[Poison] == name) then PoisonStackCount = count; end end end return PoisonStackCount; You can edit the poisonName table and add any poison that has a stacking effe
  4. using System; using System.Threading; using robotManager.Helpful; using wManager.Plugin; using wManager.Wow.Enums; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; public class Main :IPlugin { bool _Loading; private ContinentId ContinentZone = (ContinentId)Usefuls.ContinentId; public void Initialize() { _Loading = true; if(_Loading) { try { while(Conditions.InGameAndConnectedAndAliveAndProductStartedNotInPause) { if(ContinentZone == ContinentId.IsleofConquest) { Battleground.ExitBattleGround(); } Thread.Slee
  5. wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.FlightMasterDiscoverRange = 0;
  6. @Droidz This will help a lot not just for raids / Dungeons but for path finding also. if a player doesnt want to go into water or lava etc.
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