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Found 32 results

  1. Ok so I have been making a priest fightclass as I level. I am getting in to wailing caverns now and i want to make it so my priest will cast will of the forsaken when he gets debuffed with sleep. I have tried using the buff condition but it doesnt work. I have searched around and I havent found anything. I am not familiar with lua or coding really. any help would be appreciated.
  2. Version 1.0


    Hello friends! I have made this small Holy Priest fight class for a bit of fun. I have only used this a few times, so let me know if there is anything wrong. If you have any changes to it, let me know! TheBlo0d.
  3. Version 1.0


    Made this fight class for a grinding low level priest. Only uses Smite, Pain, and Shield
  4. Version 1.0


    [Loki] Shadow Priest This is the final version And am I proud of this baby or what! The train of thought for my profile is: Power Word: Fortitude and Inner Fire always up First put Vampiric Touch and SW: Pain up for DoTs. I have them on a 10000 and 12000 ms timer atm but will make a "condition" for the final product which prevent the cast if the DoT is up. When DoTs are up I have: 1) "Mind Spike whenever Surge of Darkness proc is up. 2) "Mind Blast whenever proc is up", <-- NEW IN 1.0 3) "Dev Plague whenever 3 Shadow Orbs" 4) "Mind Blast when avaliable" 5) "Shadowfiend when avaliable" <-- NEW IN 1.0 (this is a nice mana generator and also decent dps) When those four are unavaliable I want Mind Flay to be the fallback spell that always is avaliable. I will also add conditions for the AoE for when 4 enemies are within 5 yds in the final release. Other than that I have SW: Shield to kick in at 85% and renew at 70%. Also dispersion at less mana than 100k for obvious reasons. If you drop below 75% Vampiric Embrace kicks in and gives you 100% healing of any single target damage spell you cast for 10 sec <-- NEW IN 1.0 As a last resort if you drop below 35% it will cast Fade and then pump Flash Heal til you are back above 35% and take Shadowform again. <-- NEW IN 1.0 Even though Dispersion kicks in below 100k mana, Ive also added Hymn of Hope if you go below 50k. This will break Shadowform for 6 secs but there is a 50%+ Health condition also. <-- NEW IN 1.0 I did NOT add Halo or Cascade to the profile because they will suck your mana dry in notime and you dont want the extra aggro that they will cause, becoz you will DIE. Add it yourself if you wish (or ask me to make one for you) but I really do NOT recommend it. Only time you want it is when farming pets and stuff vs lvl 50 mobs and anything that dies only by looking at them. I ran this for 335s (5min 35sec) just to get a graph to post for you. Its done in full DISC gear (ilvl 495). This means more spirit, less crit. And obv no set piece bonuses. A REAL Shadow priest will obviously kick my graph to pieces. I even do my dps in disc spec nowdays :) That fight class will be uploaded soon too. Its a beast. Please share pictures or just the numbers on what you can do with this fight class. Its used on the Raider's Training Dummy. Talents and Glyphs (you HAVE to have this or the fightclass will loose ALOT of effect) Feedback to me below please. Loki
  5. Hey I made a pretty well working PvP profile for shadowpriests, but there are 2 Problems i can't fix: "Mind Flay" and "Shadow Form" can not be found, so the priest has no filler and no shadowform to cast spells.... Fixing that bug fast would be nice! Regards, N4rc0tic
  6. Version 1.1


    Priest doesn't use mindflay and shadow form because its not recocnized by wrobot. This fight class uses def cooldown, off cooldowns and standardattacks. It's made to grind honour in BG's! ! Shadowform works now !
  7. Version 1.2


    Rotaion include's Shadow word:pain Vampiric Touch Mind Blast Mind Flay
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