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Found 72 results

  1. Version r12


    FNV316 Vanilla Alliance Quester 1-40 Note: This is a BETA version. This means it is likely to contain a few bugs and misses some features, that will be implemented later. Due to this, updates are going to release at least once per day within the first week after release, if necessary. Just message me and tell me what's wrong. I'll try to provide a solution as soon as possible. You can find video footage of this profile pack below. A demo version has already been released a couple of months ago, which you can find here. The 40-60 part will follow up later, after the 1-40 has been truly finished / missing features have been implemented. It tries to simulate a natural way of questing, as a human would, changing zones frequently and coming back later. The general path the profile follows is close to how I myself have played my characters in Vanilla / TBC / WotLk. This profile pack has been recorded and tested on Eylsium / Light's Hope! Requirements: -A fight class that is able to deal with at least two enemies at once -Default range pull for any class besides Paladin -Update your characters gear / spells / skills frequently, especially if playing Warrior & Rogue -An advanced C# fight class for botting on Warrior, Rogue and Mage Features: -Full 1-40 leveling by questing (with minor grinding parts) -Night Elf start (1-6) -Dwarf / Gnome start (1-6) -Hunter pet quests - alpha state -Warlock pets Imp / Voidwalker -F. e. full Legend of Stalvan quest chain -Fully scripted taxi (you can use inbuilt taxi nevertheless, but it can cause issues) -Scripted Hearthstone -Automated discovery of any necessary flight path -Automated item blacklist -A huge amount of custom routes, whenever it's necessary -(two basic fight classes for Paladin & Priest, that I used for testing) What has not been implemented, but will be in the future: -Automated boats implemented (alpha state) -Automated abandoning of unnecessary quests -Druid bear form -More quests, to get fully rid of grinding -Loading time optimization What will maybe be implemented: -Other class quests (Rogue poison, Warrior stance) -Throw away unnecessary not salable items Starting points: -Level 1 (obviously) -Level 18+ (if you haven't done any quests in Redridge, Darkshire & Wetlands so far) -Level 30+ (if you haven't done any quests in Hillsbrad, Stranglethorn, Ashenvale & Desolace so far) Note: It doesn't mean that doing any quests there breaks the profile. Most of the time it's just going to skip some steps / routes, what can lead to a chain reaction. F.e. it misses discovering of an important taxi node, it wants to travel to later on, and you get stuck on the flight master. Or running through an area with a high density of enemies, the bot would travel on a designated path otherwise. Class performance (1-5): I did test runs with any class besides Druid at least once. Best Used Fight Class: Warlock* 4,5 eeny's Demon Affliction FC (free) Paladin 4 Self written fight class FCE** (included) Hunter* 4 Ordush's Beast Mastery Hunter (paid) Priest 3,5 Self written fight class FCE** (included) Mage 2,5 Matenia's Frost Mage FC (paid) Rogue 2 Self written (modified fight class of eeny's Warlock FC) Warrior 1,5 Self written (modified fight class of eeny's Warlock FC) Druid NOT TESTED (expected 3-3,5) Worst *After they got their lvl 10 pet **Fight Class Editor -Buy- -Discord- Alpha state: Not fully tested or only run a few times. Bugs and issues are likely to occur Beta state: Tested and worked on live server repeatedly . Lower chance to experience bugs / issues, but not tested within a larger audience / under any possible condition so far Recommended Plugins: -WhatsGoingOn (free) - status frame to see what the bot is doing right now -HumanMasterPlugin (paid) - many amazing and handy features, that overall improve wRobot -iEquip (paid) - automatically equips new / better items Special thanks to @Matenia for testing, general advice and providing me a free copy of his Mage Fight Class! I am the sole creator and owner of these files and I am not associated with the wRobot company in any way. Preview Video Loch Modan 13-17 It consists of ~3 hours of the first half of Loch Modan between the grinding parts of my free 1-18 profile. Taxi (take taxi, get taxi node) is fully scripted, so that the automated taxi won't cause any trouble. Total deaths: 5 Used plugins: iEquip (automatically equips better items) Dustwallow Marsh preview ~37-38: 2,5 hours of video material Total deaths: 13 (most of them due to drowning) Used plugins: None, besides WhatsGoingOn (status frame)
  2. Is it possible sell grey item , repair and mail AT Quester Mode
  3. Hey I was wondering if it were possible to have the bot fight mobs on the way to gather herbs/mines once it has locked onto said herb/mine. If i set the search radius low it will be safe and not run into a pack of mobs to mine but it will also skip a lot of close veins if i set the search radius too high it will gather but it will run into a lot of mobs to get to the vein. Is there a work around to this or just set it low and level fast but skip a lot of herbs/mines thanks again
  4. RealQuester60Horde

    Version 1.0.0


    A Quester i did for WarmaneOutland(3x) Download files, select fc and run them. BOT IS DOING QUEST till level 60! no grinder! Bugs!! there are some. at some point bot wont use flightmaster anymore(i'd recommend turn off use trainer and do it manual) and also Desolace got some mapping problems. if u like it mb ill upload 60-70 ;)
  5. Version 1.20.1


    <3Valentine sale<3 To share the love to my fellow botters, a valentine sale have just started. This mean everything in my shop will be 40 % doing this special event :) Enjoy, and remember to share valentine with someone you love // Arcangelo Hello fellow botters ! As some of you might already know, I am back and been working on updating my leveling profiles ! What to expect: A profile that have been here for over a year, and therefore much more tested that a lot of the other "new comming profiles" A script that optimize your wrobot settings, and add all the quest items to "safe" + all gathered notes/leather and so on. - A semi afk bot, where all questing is done by the bot, but until a 100 % safe way is created for boats / zeppling / trams - those have to be done by hand. * It's highly recommanded to run it in the background and check it from time to time. - You buy the profile from the actual creator, meaning I can help you out, if the bot does some strage things + bugs will be fixed when they are reported. - But it is vanilla, sadly it is the most difficult version of wow to level on, and even harder for a bot - but it is possible ! just be patient. - You HAVE to start a level 1 if you require help (the bot saves the ID of the quests it does, so if you start at any other level the bot will have a hard time figure out what's done and what's next) - You have to start the bot at the zones they run from (for now orc/troll & human) - The profile is made for xp rate 1 ! and include around 1000 quests for each faction (only grind where it is needed) * vanilla/TBC/WotLk does not have a list of completed quests, meaning the bot manually have to add them to a list as you complete them. ** The above reason is why you need to start level 1, there are work arounds though - but it require quite some user interference. - Trying to keep updating it for a smooth experience, 1-40 is running pretty well now, but 40-60 horde and 50-60 alliance is still lagging the same "smoothness". Importent - you can't change between my profile and other profiles - simply because most of the early versions of wow have a big amount of pre-quest for later levels. What's new: - 1-40 on both faction is done now. - the 40+ are beeing updated the comming weeks. - Droidz have agreed on helping with the bugs made by wrobot ! - The profile is now encrypted, so they can't be shared or resold, this will all of us, as i will keep fixing bugs and make new releases. You can buy the profiles from sellfy - by using this link: Vanilla profiles: The full package Alliance profiles: Alliance 1-40 Alliance 40-60 Alliance 1-60 Horde profiles: Horde 1-40 Horde 40-60 Horde 1-60 The Burning Crusade profiles: Horde - The Burning Crusade 60-70 (xp rate 1) ---- Alpha ---- My other work for retail: Important Remember to PM me on discord for the newest version - sellfy don't have the updated versions!! * for now the newest version is on sellfy, as i can't be around as much as I like. Note that only 1-40 is updated now, the rest of 40-60 update is in progress (read the description) Plugins: human master plugin - (Must have !) Whats going on - (Must have!) Fightclasses: Vanilla - TBC - * I would recommend to only use fightclasses that is still supported by its developers What to come: - 40-60 is being updated as we speak, but it will take a couple of weeks before everything is fully functional. - TBC, WOTLK when vanilla is so stabel that everyone should be able to run them. In accordance to the rules, I am required to state that I am not associated with WRobot company. I am not associated with the WRobot Company. The new thread is approved by @Droidz If you have any questions then join me on Discord ! Anyone who bought the old version of the files - send me a message on Discord, with the email you used on Sellfy + a link to your profile here on WroBot, and you will get the updated profiles for free :)
  6. Dear Community, sometimes i have a problem with my bot. After i use Quester for a while i switch to Grinder or Automator to get some extra XP faster. For some reason, my bot did not use the grindprofile, even the automator did not start correctly. If i hit the startbutton, the bot run away from the startpoint/profile. I have no idea what happen, one time i let him run and he run trough feralas into desolace and after he cross desolace he run into the hills/wall and get stuck. ? Hm... looks like a ghost-profile is aktive :) Are there a possibility to clear the cache (if wrobot have one...) The only way to solve this problem is to reinstall wrobot. But this is terrible because i have bought the levelprofiles from Arcangelo and they are realy alpha. If i reinstall wrobot, i have to enable/disable the not working quests every time. Thats not fine... I hope anybody have a idea what happen and can help me. Thanks a lot. Best Regards
  7. Dear Botters, i have start to write a startzone quester profile and run into a compilator error. If i try to add the quests 458 and 459 (the Names a the same "The Woodland Protector") i get a compilator error in fact of the same quest name. How can i solve this? The quest name have to be the one in the questlog/DB or? If i change the name in the quest editor my toon did not pick up the quest... Any ideas? Best Regards Birdfree
  8. [PAID] [A] 1-58 Questing Profile

    Version 1.0


    Support in my DISCORD! Discord: Invite Link Buy It: Purchase Link This Profile will Quest from 1 to level 58 its not an 100% Questing Profile but it will do 80% with Questing done! (This Questing Profile needs Heilrooms) This Profile is not a 100% AFK Profile it need to be watched. I dont will publish the zones that the bot runs down here for free becaus i dont wannt that everyone know it. Trial Version: The Trial Version is from Level 1 to 45 but if you want to skip the Classic content you need to buy my Quest-Profile // No-Autoswitch from the Profiles ________________________________________ 1-10 10-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-58 ________________________________________ If you have any Questions send me a private message or join my Discord and write in the Support channel.
  9. Hallo, i notices following issue: I have an Object that i have to rightclick (interact with) and complete a quest directly after interacting. How can i do it?
  10. Hallo, i am trying to force the bot to run on the road between two quest givers. How can i do it? In Vanilla the best way is often the way the bot dies over and over again.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if I record paths that overlap each other inside Quester, KillAndLoot Type if the bot will choose random hotspots? I do not see any hotspot for pathing inside Quest Editor Quest Type KillAndLoot.
  12. Attention Druids

    After questing etc as moonkin and feral, feral is way easier and it tears through the world quests etc way after. I was banging my head with the moonkin with it getting stuck and dying lots etc, so I hope this thread saves other druids lots of time!
  13. Pickup quest loop

    Hello When I run my quest profile. The bot is instantly in a pickup loop. It runs to the quest giver and tries to pick up the quest, but it is already accepted. There is none errors inside of the profile (error check validation). For testing purpose I am using this fight class There is also no error shown in the log, even debug mode shows fight class output only. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <EasyQuestProfile xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""> <QuestsSorted> <QuestsSorted Action="PickUp" NameClass="BeatingThemBack" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Pulse" NameClass="BeatingThemBack" /> <QuestsSorted Action="TurnIn" NameClass="BeatingThemBack" /> </QuestsSorted> <NpcQuest> <NPCQuest Id="197" Name="Marschall McBride" GameObject="false"> <PickUpQuests> <int>28762</int> </PickUpQuests> <TurnInQuests> <int>28762</int> </TurnInQuests> <Position X="-8913.424" Y="-137.5417" Z="80.80939" Type="Flying" /> </NPCQuest> </NpcQuest> <Npc /> <Blackspots /> <BlackGuids /> <EasyQuests> <EasyQuest> <Name>Beating Them Back!</Name> <QuestId> <int>28762</int> </QuestId> <QuestType>KillAndLoot</QuestType> <QuestClass xsi:type="KillAndLootEasyQuestClass"> <HotSpots> <Vector3 X="-8871.397" Y="-121.7881" Z="80.97594" /> <Vector3 X="-8856.24" Y="-131.1988" Z="81.26251" /> <Vector3 X="-8836.021" Y="-145.0555" Z="80.95481" /> <Vector3 X="-8819.995" Y="-140.5367" Z="81.08103" /> <Vector3 X="-8809.524" Y="-149.9288" Z="83.01125" /> <Vector3 X="-8829.702" Y="-110.0037" Z="82.17344" /> <Vector3 X="-8843.955" Y="-62.95861" Z="84.94896" /> <Vector3 X="-8789.425" Y="-153.1252" Z="82.8803" /> <Vector3 X="-8798.66" Y="-86.83028" Z="85.82486" /> <Vector3 X="-8887.393" Y="-83.40341" Z="85.45062" /> </HotSpots> <EntryTarget> <int>49871</int> </EntryTarget> <IsGrinderNotQuest>false</IsGrinderNotQuest> </QuestClass> <ObjectiveCount1>6</ObjectiveCount1> <ObjectiveCount2>0</ObjectiveCount2> <ObjectiveCount3>0</ObjectiveCount3> <ObjectiveCount4>0</ObjectiveCount4> <ObjectiveCount5>0</ObjectiveCount5> <ObjectiveCount6>0</ObjectiveCount6> <ObjectiveCount7>0</ObjectiveCount7> <ObjectiveCount8>0</ObjectiveCount8> <ObjectiveCount9>0</ObjectiveCount9> <ObjectiveCount10>0</ObjectiveCount10> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount1>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount1> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount2>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount2> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount3>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount3> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount4>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount4> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount5>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount5> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount6>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount6> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount7>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount7> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount8>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount8> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount9>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount9> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount10>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount10> <CanCondition /> <IsCompleteCondition /> <RepeatableQuest>false</RepeatableQuest> <NotRequiredInQuestLog>false</NotRequiredInQuestLog> <PickUpQuestOnItem>false</PickUpQuestOnItem> <PickUpQuestOnItemID>0</PickUpQuestOnItemID> <Comment /> <GossipOptionRewardItem>1</GossipOptionRewardItem> <RequiredQuest>0</RequiredQuest> <MaxLevel>999</MaxLevel> <MinLevel>0</MinLevel> <WoWClass>None</WoWClass> </EasyQuest> </EasyQuests> <Script> </Script> <OffMeshConnections /> </EasyQuestProfile> Best regards, Halfbax
  14. 1-5 Night Elf

    Version 1.0.1


    The profile contains the complete chain of quests of the Night Elves. Supports: - Sellers - Repair - Class trainers - Class quests
  15. Click start NOTHING (QUESTER)

    Hi i load a profil and a fight class but when i click on strat nothing happened im currently at the 7.2.5 of wow uptade and my window is uptade , i download all the thing that forum says of how to repair but nothing work :( PLZ HELP ME :) 5 août 2017 00H32.log.html
  16. Hello I would like to know how to add motion keys like w, a, s, d and 12345 to make macros but with the keys. I have noticed that the robot only moves by movement per click I want it also to move by keys like I do to do it ? Example for what this ActionButtonDown (5)
  17. Version 1.0.1


    Disclaimer: You cannot use it on x1. There are grinders in it, if you somehow level at slower experience, but I do NOT give support for x1 realms. Please check out Arcangelo's x1 Questing Profile, if that's what you are looking for. Alliance Version here This profile is based on Arcangelo's/Eeny's x1 Quester for WoD/Legion. Because the TBC content didn't change a lot, I was able to re-use a lot of their quests. I added some of my own, fixed some where prequests were required and added some more waypoints, blacklists and vendors. The first quest is Journey to Thrallmar. You need to do everything before that. Any quest you have already finished needs to be manually added to your finished quests in "Product Settings". This is a limitation of TBC and there is nothing I can do about it. Do NOT use "Blacklist Zone where I died". Make sure to get a good fightclass. My fightclass store can be found here. I also recommend starting at level 60 with spells trained. It does: a lot of quests in Hellfire Penninsula almost as many quests in Zangarmarsh a few quests in Terrokar a few quests in Nagrand (you will hit 70 here) a few quests in Blade's Edge a few quests in Netherstorm PURCHASE NOW - 10€ (Rocketr) Visit my Discord channel for help I, the owner and creator of this file, am in no way associated with the wRobot company. By purchasing this file, you agree to the contract of the purchasing website and that alone.
  18. Hello again, did you miss me ? Anyway. I recently began to mess up with the party chat command plugin from droidz, to study the way the bot can work with user input from the game itself. It turned out the bot can do a crazy tons of things with this plugins. So i began making a quest profile that use the custom commands to make the bot do simple things like grind a mob or gather some stuff around him. With this system, the player can play his character while being assissted by the bot. example: "go take out thoses bunnies around my farm" - NPC - just target a bunny, use a macro, and the bot will grind the bunnies as long has the user tell him to stop. The problem is... is it possible to change the profile or change a specific settings while the bot is running ? If i use the automaton to grind bunnies, i need to set the bunnies as the mobs to kill. I was thinking of use the grinder and create a profile everytime you use the farm command then restart the bot but it might cause trouble to users with low performanc pc. Do you guys have any idea ?
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Need people to QA profile Free Night elf quest profile that should get you 1-20 hands free. I didn't like the Darkshore quest lines (too many stucks) so i just pulled in the 10-20 block from the Draenei profile which works OK. I have seen some issues with the flight co-ordination from Darnasus to Exodar so you may need to watch that. around lvl 10. Requires the Quickquest addon and auto-gear addon to be full afk. I tested with non heirloom'd bots and hit 20 each one. Let me know if you see any stuck's. Im looking to make a 1-20 for most classes / starting zones.
  20. Version 1.1.0


    Released 4th may 2017- STILL IN BETA / TESTING Free profile for 1-20+ Draenei start zones. this profile is 100% quest Requires the Quickquest addon and auto-gear addon to be full afk. I tested with non heirloom'd bots and hit 20 each one. Let me know if you see any stuck's. Im looking to make a 1-20 for most classes / starting zones.
  21. Dungeon Specific kill mob

    Hello guys, I checked multiple dungeon profile and couldn't find out what i need to do: I want to go inside Zul Gurub, Kill a specific mob not in the objective list then go out and do it again. So i am able to go inside, go to the mob and then it stop. Can you guys help me out and tell what is wrong on the profile? Thanks zul_gurub.xml
  22. This function seems to be broken :-( a fix or a work around, without using a hotspot. ?
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, these are quest profiles for Tol Barad peninsula + city. for alliance, tested and worked on Atlantiss server. Tol Barad city profile don't kill Problim , so you need to kill him manually.
  24. Hi, I am testing a dungeon profile for WC(wailing caverns). So I can learn how to create my own profiles in the future. How ever the test profile i have created only manages to runcode>>> pulse gotodungeon>>>wait 2000>>>"SKIPS" pulse lord cobrahn>>> "SKIPS" pulse lady anaconda>>>pulse exitdungeon>>>wait 2000>>>runluacode resetinstances()>>>gotostep 1 From what I have studied from Droidz dungeon sample Sunken Temple and useing the snippet code below; The bot COMPLETELY skips the pulse to lord cobrahn / lady anaconda, then runs back outside to reset. So my profile works great for entering and leaving the dungeon for a reset. I have attached my test profile/log for others to see where I have messed up. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 9 Feb 2017 12H21.log.html WC TEST.xml
  25. Hey, Could anyone tell me how to automate "The Binding" quest for warlocks, in Ogrimmar. (, in a quester profile. I can pickup the quest, run to the summoning circle. But the bot simply wont summon the voidwalker. Hes just standing there... Thanks in advance!