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Found 68 results

  1. Hi, I am testing a dungeon profile for WC(wailing caverns). So I can learn how to create my own profiles in the future. How ever the test profile i have created only manages to runcode>>> pulse gotodungeon>>>wait 2000>>>"SKIPS" pulse lord cobrahn>>> "SKIPS" pulse lady anaconda>>>pulse exitdungeon>>>wait 2000>>>runluacode resetinstances()>>>gotostep 1 From what I have studied from Droidz dungeon sample Sunken Temple and useing the snippet code below; The bot COMPLETELY skips the pulse to lord cobrahn / lady anaconda, then runs back outside to reset. So my profile works great for entering and leaving the dungeon for a reset. I have attached my test profile/log for others to see where I have messed up. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 9 Feb 2017 12H21.log.html WC TEST.xml
  2. [Quester] UseItemOn

    Hi guys, Playing around with building quester profiles, and I can't figure out how to add a wait time after using an item with the "UseItemOn" quest type. The item in my quest requires a channel time so I need to be able to do that! Thank you
  3. So I know everything is set right in the quest file to force use of a flight path, but it sits there trying forever. Is it an issue with how the bot works with vanilla and is there anyway to fix it?
  4. Hello everyone so i learned from the other tutorial for quester and figured id create my own tutorial and get alittle more detailed. i hope this helps alot more in explaining certain things on how to create quester profiles. its not to much more in depth but gets alittle more. I did this mainly for 3.3.5 servers Lich king but should give the gist of how to do on other versions also hope you enjoy and sorry its long lol and the quality of my voice Video found here
  5. Hey, back on wRobot again ! Is there the possibility in c# to get the position of a target/npc/gameobject as a vector for the pathfinder ? Something like: lua.RunMactroText("/tar NPC"); Vector3 NPC = wManager.Wow.Bot.Whatever.GetTargetPosition(); wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(NPC, XXXXX, 0, false); Or something that can have the same effect. It's useful for npc that spawn right behind you or after you interact with a mob. Any ideas ?
  6. Hello guys, Right now i'm trying to program the druid starter quest in Dalaran and it has been a pain in the ass, so far. The quest consist on picking up the quest in Dalaran, then teleport to the druid area in Kalimdor and turn in the quest. In the meanwhile, the quest giver changes his position and ID. So far I have been managing to pick up the quest and do the teleport. but once there the bot will no turn in the quest. I have been working on that stuff for almost 20 hours straight now so it's quite a serious issue for me. Also if you find I have too much xml code and I should put more stuff in classes please do tell me. Here are the samples of code for the quest : C# : using wManager; using robotManager; public sealed class aSummonsFromMoonglade : QuestClass { public aSummonsFromMoonglade() { // Name = "A Summons From Moonglade"; QuestId.Add(40643); } } XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <QuesterProfile xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""> <QuestFile>Intros\druid-intro.cs</QuestFile> <QuestsSorted> <QuestsSorted Action="WriteLog" NameClass="Compiling Legion introductory druid quests" /> <!-- 2: A Summons From Moonglade --> <QuestsSorted Action="PickUp" NameClass="aSummonsFromMoonglade" /> <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="(wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest.HasQuest(40643) &amp;&amp; !wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest.GetQuestCompleted(40643) &amp;&amp; wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName != &quot;Moonglade&quot; &amp;&amp; wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName != &quot;Reflet-de-Lune&quot; &amp;&amp; wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName != &quot;Claro de la Luna&quot; &amp;&amp; wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName != &quot;Radaluna&quot; &amp;&amp; wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName != &quot;Mondlichtung&quot; &amp;&amp; wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName != &quot;Clareira da Lua&quot; &amp;&amp; wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName != &quot;Лунная поляна&quot;)" /> <!-- All languages supported --> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.CloseIfPlayerTeleported = false;" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunCode" NameClass="wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.CastSpellByIdLUA(18960);" /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndIf" NameClass="" /> <QuestsSorted Action="TurnIn" NameClass="aSummonsFromMoonglade" /> </QuestsSorted> <NpcQuest> <NPCQuest Id="101061" Name="Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem" GameObject="false"> <PickUpQuests> <int>40643</int> </PickUpQuests> <Position> <X>-833.6385</X> <Y>4403.738</Y> <Z>737.4111</Z> <Type>None</Type> </Position> </NPCQuest> <NPCQuest Id="101064" Name="Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem" GameObject="false"> <TurnInQuests> <int>40643</int> </TurnInQuests> <Position> <X>8001.76</X> <Y>-2680.266</Y> <Z>512.0837</Z> <Type>None</Type> </Position> </NPCQuest> </NpcQuest> <Npc></Npc> <Blackspots></Blackspots> </QuesterProfile> Thanks in advance, not much hairs left on my head ;)
  7. Hello, I'm making a profile with quester in the gnome and dwarf starting area. The problem is that after my character takes a quest it tries to constatly cast Fireball while walking very slowly toward the quest point I set (like trying to attack the targeted allied quest giver), it eventually reaches the quest spot and start working correctly, but it looks very weird at first. Did I make a mistake creating the profile? I have attached my quester profile and fightclass, I would appreciate If I could get some help. thanks! 10 nov 2016 21H27.log.html Mage.xml
  8. Can someone please make a quester file that will cover ALL of draenor quests and achiewements please
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hello all. I have decided to go ahead and share what I have for my Highmountain quester. This will get you through the first 80 steps in Zygors addon (about 30% of the zone) The first step is picking up 'The Rivermane Tribe' so you will have needed to chose Highmountain and taken the quest to fly there, after you land, you should be good to hit start. There are a few portions of this profile that may need some babysitting (kicking fish into the water for instance) When kicking fish I could not find a way to make him aim at the river so I punted a few into rocks and whatnot but I feel this is kind of inline with what a noob may do, so maybe its NBD... There are some portions that I just could not figure out on my first run through. The 'Spray And Prey' quest I never got working properly so you may wanna pause and coax the bot there... Everything else seemed to go pretty good until the VERY end, when you have to go speak to the Spiritwalker and do the scenario when you control the Tauren. I have added all the quest in this scenario, as well as the NPC that gives/receives it I did not know how to get to this to work @ all. Does it require a new FightClass? So, I am starting a new profile now that will be step 81 onward until I hit what I feel is another good stopping point then I will share that profile here too If anyone who knows a little bit more about the bot than I do after a week... would like to give it a shot and perhaps try to fix the "Spray and Prey" and "Huln's War" quest I think this will be a pretty solid start to a Highmountain Profile.
  10. Dk starting area Quester

    Hello all, I decided to start making a quester profile for the DK starting zone for retail. Embarrassingly I have only gotten to the 2nd quest before having an issue. I finally got most of it figured out. The bot will accept the quest, loot the sword from the sword rack ( took a while to get it to stop after having 1 in its inventory), and then take the sword to the hotspot infront of the Runeforge and use the item. I had to make a non-questlog quest that uses the iscomplete function. The issue I am running into is after the bot creates the runforged sword, the loot log says that i received the item but it doesnt actually go into my bag. The iscomplete i used is "return ItemsManager.GetItemCountById(38607) >= 1;" but since i do not have the actual item in my bag i think this is causeing the bot to stall and not move onto the next step which is turning in the quest. I have attached the profile, i hope it is something simple that I am missing and hopefully someone can point out my mistake so i can move on and continue learning as I go. thanks in advance! TestDK1.0.xml
  11. Hearthstone

    Hey guys! I have seen a lot of questions posed but not a lot of answers about the matter... In my quester profile, what is the best way to have my char. use his/her hearthstone after completing a step. In my particular instance I have to run to place A then place B then kill mob X and return to Dalaran (use hearthstone) I have the first three steps as 3 separate quests, just dunno how to do the next part (use hearthstone) Thank you!
  12. Azsuna "The Consumed"

    Hey guys, I am having a hard time with a certain quest in Azsuna. Quest name is "The Consumed" I need to loot Crystals and then use the items they give on the little Mana-Drained Whelplings... I tried doing two seperate Operations, GatherCrystals and then The Consumed... but my guy never once attempts to gather the Crystals... Can anyone try to point me in the right direction on this? It is one quest that contains a Gather and then Use Item On operation... EDIT: I have managed to get my guy to grab one of the Crystals, using Gatherer, now he will not move forward from that step... I think it has something to do with using the same QuestID Twice, but if I dont use any quest ID it will not grab the Crystal at all... EDIT: Okay, I think the problem is that the Dim Ley Crystal does not actually go into your bags so the bot is never seeing that as complete. Anyone know if I need to choose something other than Gatherer here? How do I work around this fact? EDIT: Alright, I don't know why it worked... but when I put the 1 into Objective Count 2... it looted the Crystal and Magicaly went off on its own... So... That happened :D For anyone following this hoping for some answers as well. I made two "Quest Entries" for "The Consumed" the first was a Gatherer with an Objective Count 2 value of 1 and the other was an "Interact with NPC" with an Objective Count 1 value of 10
  13. 100-110 Questing

    Is there only one profile for 100-110 questing that is only for azsuna?
  14. Problème monture

    Bonjour, j'ai malheureusement un problème avec le quester Aszuna et le profil de combat DH Tank, je ne sais pas si ils ont un rapport mais mon perso ne monte jamais sur sa mount.. J'ai déja désactivé l'utilisation du fly etc etc.. Pourriez-vous m'aider svp ?
  15. [H] [Quester] Hyjal 80-83

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a profile i have been working on for 80-85. Its not 100% AFK yet so i cant really say its my best work (see below) You can start this at 79 at Nordrassil in Hyjal its got a filler so it will kill elementals till 80, at which point it starts questing. i think it will get to 81.5-82 from quests on my bots with heirlooms.. then there is a grind filler after the quests, if you leave it long enough you can get 85. if someone can try with alliance and let me know if it works that would be cool. Known issues: Only part which makes this non afk is the pathing on quest "barron geddon" which should be about 15 minutes in. The bot will die here if left AFK and the pathing from the GY back you your corpse is bad so the bot will get stuck. once you have completed that quest its all AFK though.
  16. Use Item with AoE

    Anyone got code to use items or spells that are not defined in a fight class that give an AOE cursor? How would one go about using that code in multiple places? cheers Eeny
  17. Quester Profiles

    So I'm looking for some quester profiles for TBC, Cata, MoP, and WoD. Trying to play catch up from my long absence :P
  18. Hello, i started looking at the classes/method list with a decompiler like DroidZ recomend in this post, To find if there was a way to go on a specific position and interact with npc without using the pathfinder and, i haven't find anything (maybe i'm just blind). Does something like, MovementManager.GoAndInteractWithNpc(Path, 33759, 2, true); exist ? It could be useful for taking quest when the pathfinder dosen't work correctly or just to follow a path and interact with npc in a scenario (or something like that). If nothing like that has been created, do you know a way to interact with an npc without moving ? Something like:, 3, false); (with gossip options or not ~) I realise now that it's a bit hard to explain in english, tell me if anything is not understandable
  19. Hello, today, i noticed a weird way the bot pickup daily quest. Some npc let the player choose between 3 or 4 daily quest, only one can be pick up. The thing is, whenever the bot have to choose a specific quest (with id) on thoses npcs, he don't always take the good one. The quest i tried to pick: The id's are correct (14074) The quest the bot pick: This is not the id i choose (14152) I don't know if it's a bug or if i miss something.
  20. Hello, I know there is a way to use the MoveTo command in a RunCode step on quest profiles but, what is the exact sentences to move the bot on a specific hotspots ? Something like wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.MoveTo should work but, how should i give the position of the hotspots ?
  21. Hello, Since i start to make some quest profiles i wonder if it's possible to change settings while the bot is actualy doing a quest profile. example: i have a quest that need the bot to go far from the npc, use an item on a point, kill a mob, back to the npc. I would like to tell the bot to only use ground mount while using the item. Is there a way to change the mounts options in a middle of this profile (a plugin maybe)? And if yes, how can i do it ?
  22. Hello, i tried to make a quest profile pour my daily quest on my cataclysm server. But, it didn't go has expected. The file only have 2 step in the quest order: PickUp > ChampBreakfast (my quest) pulse > ChampBreakfast unfortunately, the bot is stuck on the first step. He take the right quest but keep stay on the npc and try to take the quest over and over. No idea if it's because it's a daily quest or because it's cataclysm. You can found the file below Silver turnament - alliance.xml
  23. Hi together, i have make a Quest Profile for "Grind Zaxxis Insignie" in BC Netherstorm. Bot Grind perfect and fly to the NPC Quest Giver and open the Quest but then does nothing more. When I click the quest manually he completed the quest, continues and opens them again ans stand still. I used as a template the Quest profiles of Droidz Grind for MeatGut Bones. why not use the bot to Quest Button? cheers D.large <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <EasyQuestProfile xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""> <QuestsSorted> <QuestsSorted Action="Pulse" NameClass="DasKonsortiumRufFarmPULSE" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Pulse" NameClass="DasKonsortiumRufFarmTURNIN" /> <QuestsSorted Action="GoToStep" NameClass="0" /> </QuestsSorted> <NpcQuest /> <Npc> <Npc> <Position X="-1831.948" Y="5298.299" Z="-12.42778" Type="Flying" /> <Entry>18940</Entry> <Name>Briefkasten</Name> <GossipOption>-1</GossipOption> <Active>true</Active> <Faction>Neutral</Faction> <Type>Mailbox</Type> <ContinentId>Expansion01</ContinentId> </Npc> <Npc> <Position X="3073.644" Y="3656.375" Z="143.0913" Type="Flying" /> <Entry>19572</Entry> <Name>Gant</Name> <GossipOption>-1</GossipOption> <Active>true</Active> <Faction>Neutral</Faction> <Type>Vendor</Type> <ContinentId>Expansion01</ContinentId> </Npc> <Npc> <Position X="3078.104" Y="3602.156" Z="144.0669" Type="Flying" /> <Entry>18938</Entry> <Name>Krexcil</Name> <GossipOption>-1</GossipOption> <Active>true</Active> <Faction>Neutral</Faction> <Type>RidingTrainer</Type> <ContinentId>Expansion01</ContinentId> </Npc> </Npc> <Blackspots /> <BlackGuids /> <EasyQuests> <EasyQuest> <Name>Das Konsortium Ruf Farm PULSE</Name> <QuestId> <int>0</int> </QuestId> <QuestType>KillAndLoot</QuestType> <QuestClass xsi:type="KillAndLootEasyQuestClass"> <HotSpots> <Vector3 X="3070.801" Y="3672.309" Z="142.3847" /> <Vector3 X="2703.169" Y="3752.975" Z="142.1365" /> <Vector3 X="2668.54" Y="3744.273" Z="143.5777" /> <Vector3 X="2655.843" Y="3776.977" Z="143.9903" /> <Vector3 X="2625.133" Y="3726.244" Z="144.6726" /> <Vector3 X="2620.715" Y="3738.49" Z="144.8572" /> <Vector3 X="2621.286" Y="3767.191" Z="143.4945" /> <Vector3 X="2655.843" Y="3776.977" Z="143.9903" /> <Vector3 X="2612.78" Y="3820.764" Z="139.6754" /> <Vector3 X="2654.184" Y="3802.756" Z="140.021" /> <Vector3 X="2515.254" Y="3772.53" Z="132.2227" /> <Vector3 X="2523.675" Y="3782.006" Z="134.9667" /> <Vector3 X="2520.249" Y="3850.383" Z="134.6695" /> <Vector3 X="2485.305" Y="3848.259" Z="126.0001" /> <Vector3 X="2513.891" Y="3869.067" Z="133.6897" /> <Vector3 X="2497.712" Y="3907.362" Z="128.6237" /> </HotSpots> <EntryTarget> <int>18875</int> <int>19642</int> <int>19641</int> </EntryTarget> <IsGrinderNotQuest>false</IsGrinderNotQuest> </QuestClass> <ObjectiveCount1>0</ObjectiveCount1> <ObjectiveCount2>0</ObjectiveCount2> <ObjectiveCount3>0</ObjectiveCount3> <ObjectiveCount4>0</ObjectiveCount4> <ObjectiveCount5>0</ObjectiveCount5> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount1>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount1> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount2>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount2> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount3>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount3> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount4>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount4> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount5>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount5> <CanCondition /> <IsCompleteCondition>return ItemsManager.GetItemCountById(29209) &gt;= 250;</IsCompleteCondition> <RepeatableQuest>true</RepeatableQuest> <NotRequiredInQuestLog>true</NotRequiredInQuestLog> <PickUpQuestOnItem>false</PickUpQuestOnItem> <PickUpQuestOnItemID>0</PickUpQuestOnItemID> <Comment /> <GossipOptionRewardItem>1</GossipOptionRewardItem> <RequiredQuest>0</RequiredQuest> <MaxLevel>110</MaxLevel> <MinLevel>66</MinLevel> <WoWClass>None</WoWClass> </EasyQuest> <EasyQuest> <Name>Das Konsortium Ruf Farm TURNIN</Name> <QuestId> <int>0</int> </QuestId> <QuestType>OverridePulseCSharpCode</QuestType> <QuestClass xsi:type="OverridePulseCSharpCodeEasyQuestClass"> <Code>wManager.BlackListSerializable.AddBlackListToWRobotSession(); GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(new Vector3(3069.964f, 3674.858f, 142.3456f), 19880); Lua.LuaDoString("QuestFrameCompleteButton:Click(); QuestFrameCompleteQuestButton:Click();"); return true; </Code> </QuestClass> <ObjectiveCount1>0</ObjectiveCount1> <ObjectiveCount2>0</ObjectiveCount2> <ObjectiveCount3>0</ObjectiveCount3> <ObjectiveCount4>0</ObjectiveCount4> <ObjectiveCount5>0</ObjectiveCount5> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount1>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount1> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount2>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount2> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount3>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount3> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount4>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount4> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount5>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount5> <CanCondition /> <IsCompleteCondition>return ItemsManager.GetItemCountById(29209) &lt; 10;</IsCompleteCondition> <RepeatableQuest>true</RepeatableQuest> <NotRequiredInQuestLog>true</NotRequiredInQuestLog> <PickUpQuestOnItem>false</PickUpQuestOnItem> <PickUpQuestOnItemID>0</PickUpQuestOnItemID> <Comment /> <GossipOptionRewardItem>1</GossipOptionRewardItem> <RequiredQuest>0</RequiredQuest> <MaxLevel>110</MaxLevel> <MinLevel>66</MinLevel> <WoWClass>None</WoWClass> </EasyQuest> </EasyQuests> </EasyQuestProfile>