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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    A quick skinning profile I put together. Eventually I will have more zones as I level it. Let me know any issues, and enjoy.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tested the private server version on the new Warmane 2.4.3 TBC Server? I'm willing to fork over the 20 if it works well since I was so happy with the retail version of wrobot. Honestly, I don't even need questing, grinding, or gathering profiles. Just looking for a reliable fish bot because fuck fishing. Also, do I need to download a different wrobot version? Or can I use the most up to date version and just type in the new product key after I purchase the private server edition?? Thank you.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hello guys & girls - First of all, sorry for my English, it is not my 1 language. I have decided to put all my "Questing profile work" into 1 thread, to make it more manageable. - And because a lot of people have asked me for my other non released profiles. - and as I coulden't change anything in the other post _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ First of all we have the alliance questing profile (1-70) Price 10 euro Bot Quest Path: 1-6 Northshire valley, 6-12 Elwynn Forrest, 12-17 Westfall, 17-20 Redridge Mountains, 20-25 Duskwood, 25-32 Northern Strangelthorn Vale, 32-37 Hinterlands, 37-45 EPL / WPL, 45-48 Badlands, 48-50 Searing Gorge, 50-52 Burning Steppes, 52-55 Swamp of Sorrows, 55-60 Blasted lands + all outlands zones Futher more I have added some starting zones for other races aswell Drawf Gnome Night elf @ Credit to Eeny for helping with it, and to have made most of the outlands - Note that this was created for 7.1 but should work with all newer versions of retail as well - let me know if there are any bugs other than pathing, and i will check it out. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Right now i'm working on a vanilla questing profile: Profiles: Horde: 1-40 - 40-60 - 1-60 - Alliance: 1- 40 - 40- 60 - 1- 60 - Full Vanilla profile: This includes: Alliance 1-60 Horde 1-60 - - Check the link for more info ! ______________________________________________________________________ Last but not least I have Fight classes (for retail wow) Price 2.5 Euro - They are made from icy veins suggestions for the diffent classes - They are aimed for leveling (so you can run the 1-70 allience profile without trouble - They should work with Eeny horde profile as well) - They all work untill lvl 110 - but some of the artifact weapons might not work, as I simply don't have all toons at 100+ lvl ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other leveling profiles: - Blood Elf 1-5 I am planning to release more leveling profiles, most likly untill it is possible to start whatever class and race you desire, and run it to xxx lvl - Please send me a pm, if i can help you with something - i can't promisse i will do it, but i can take a look at it. - Note for the retail profile, i won't look at the 70-80 part before Droidz have updated the pathing in Nothren. - I will ONLY update this thread for now on, so if there are any updates they will be posted here And let's hope for a good 2017 botting year :)
  4. Hi! Is there anyone out there who could make a fightclass for my hunter on priv?
  5. Sometimes, my dude will sit at 55% life / mana to recharge and it only takes 10 seconds (not 30, the default rest period) to reach maximum. How do I tell him to go back to fighting once he reaches 100% life / mana? Instead, he waste many, many seconds just sitting. It also, looks a little tricky...
  6. Hello, I didn't see this anywhere else yet (or I'm bad at searching) but whenever my Warrior hits a target and Mace Stun (talent) procs he drops target and acts like it doesn't exist - moving on to the next viable target. Generally this just results in him running a few steps away and then the mace stun effect finishes and he runs back to attack - others can be problematic when he gets himself on a 2v1 scenario actually reaching another mob in 4 seconds. Any ideas as to why this might be the case? Thanks,
  7. Version 1.0.0


    1-60 Druid Combat profile setup: Buffs: Will rebuff before pulling Gift of the Wild always up Thorns always up Innervate if mana less than 35% (only uses in combat) Barkskin always up and on 60,000 (5 min) timer Healing routines: Will go out of Moonkin form to heal Rejuvenation if health less than 80% Regrowth on low health (replaces having to eat too) Combat routines: Force of Nature always up and on 18,000 (3 min) timer Moonkin Starfire only cast once per target Insect Swarm always up Moonfire always up Wrath until target is 18% Moonfire to death if target is 18% or less Other: Travel form to travel faster Use War stomp if not in feral form (Tauren special)
  8. Hello, I'm running into a problem when starting any profile (Questor, Grinder, etc etc) but appears* to be unique to Night Elves. I tested a level 1 night elf and level 1 gnome. The level 1 gnome ran completely fine with both quester & grinder however the level 1 night elf, after clicking the start button, the bot thinks for 2 seconds and then crashes (via "This program has stopped working"). Based on the log (snippet below) it is either around the pet battle which fails or loading the Teldrassil zone. Any help? [D] 21:47:36 - [Blacklist] Added, 48 uniques Npcs, 28 Blackspots and 0 Npcs types (Training dummy ignored = True).[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : NEOneToFour[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : NEFiveToSeven[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : DolanaarDelivery[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : NEEightToTen[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : TimberlingSprouts[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : DenalansEarth[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : TimberlingSeeds[F] 21:47:37 - [FightClass] Loading Fight class: C:\Users\D\Downloads\WRobot\FightClass\[A]Druid leveling 1+.xml[D] 21:47:38 - [Spell] spellName=Wrath, Id found: 5176, Name found: Wrath, NameInGame found: Wrath, know = True[D] 21:47:38 - [Spell] spellName=Healing Touch, Id found: 5185, Name found: Healing Touch, NameInGame found: Healing Touch, know = True21:47:38 - [Quester] Started[D] 21:47:38 - [FightPetBattle] Cannot load pet battle fight class, use default.[D] 21:47:38 - [Spell] spellName=Battle Pet Training => Failed[D] 21:47:38 - [Mount] No ground mount selected.[D] 21:47:38 - [Mount] No aquatic mount selected.[D] 21:47:38 - [Mount] No flying mount selected.[N] 21:47:38 - [Path-Finding] Load finish: C:\Users\D\Downloads\WRobot\Data\Meshes\\Kalimdor\Kalimdor_30_12.mesh.gz
  9. Hello All, I'm having some issues using a fight class for my 70 Warrior (TBC 2.4.3) because the bot does not seem to be able to detect the Hamstring debuff on players. I have tested the fight class on mobs and it works perfectly however when it gets into battlegrounds all it can do is spam hamstring. The reason it spam's hamstring is because my other abilities have the requirement of 'Target Buff - Hamstring True'. The Hamstring ability has a 'Target Buff - Hamstring False' criteria but this seems to only be working against NPC's not players. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached my fight class should that be needed. The fight log is pretty useless because it just shows [Spell] Cast Hamstring over and over. To a lesser extent I'm having the same issue with casting buffs on players. Occasionally my druid will just spam Rejuvenation on the same target until he goes oom regardless of the 'Target Buff - Rejuvenation False' criteria. Appreciate any help! [Tyler]Warrior Berserker-70 (Simple).xml
  10. Version 1.0.2


    DISCONTINUED Just an simple Ret paladin FC which i use at leveling. So far does the job pretty nicely, updating while leveling.