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  1. Version 1.0.0


    I made this earlier today it goes to 67 from 58 and mainly grinds near alliance towns. Can use it horde if want also recommend having bags, flying mount and decent gear. The toon i did these with 1x lordearon was fully 60 twink pvp geared may not be super auto for everyone if gear lacks. Also use quester with this one should go fine its one of those grinders.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    ONLY FOR WoW 3.3.5a! | or 3.3.5a+ before poisons get spells, but not tested yet! Plugin to refresh Poisons after they expired. You can set your Poisons in the Plugin Settings. Installation: Extract the two files into the the plugins folder! Then start/restart WRobot and activate EasyPoison under the Plugins Tab. Setup your Poisons: Go into the plugin settings and fill the field's of the main/offhand poisons with your poison-name(case sensitive!) or poison-itemid of choice. NOTICE/SELF-HELP:
  3. Version 2.2


    This is a utility plugin that adds nearby Profession Trainers, Arrow/Bullet Vendor, Repair Vendor, Mailbox, Class Trainers, Food Vendor, Trade Supply Vendor, and Reagents Vendor! to the NPCDB as current profile NPC or saved NPC with the correct "Npc.Type" and "Npc.NpcVendorItemClass". The benefit of this is that the wRobot train state, and item/bullet/reagent buying state can be used more dynamic/automatically without needing to setup other things first. Additionally plugins/code that want to search the NpcDB for Trainers or other NpcTypes/VendorItemClasses can do so using code like this: public static void GoToNearestTrainerForClass() { Npc.NpcType PlyClassNpcType = (Npc.NpcType)Enum.Parse(typeof(Npc.NpcType), ObjectManager.Me.WowClass.ToString() + "Trainer"); Npc NearestTrainer = NpcDB.GetNpcNearby(PlyClassNpcType); // GetNpcNearby(Npc.NpcType, Npc.NpcVendorItemClass) if (NearestTrainer.Type == PlyClassNpcType) { GoToNpcAndInteract(NearestTrainer.Position, NearestTrainer.Entry, 1); } } Note: TrainerScanner is a more lightweight version that only applies to Class Trainers. Use NpcDumper for all features.
  4. Version 2.0


    Basic Player Detector to play an alert file if someone was found nearby. I may update this further. Tested on 3.3.5a but it should work on everything i think. How to Install: Put the plugin in your plugins folder. Configure and/or Enable the Plugin. Purpose: It will print out player-names if any are in render distance, if they stay in render distance longer than configurable seconds, you hear an alert. Note: The alert will be played every configurable ms until all players are out of render distance. Alert is configured in a way where you can have wow minimized and sound disabled in wow client.. Github: https://github.com/KateLibby31337/PlayerDetector
  5. I would like to create a simple addon with a basic frame that can be dragged around the screen, and will show strings of text from my plugin. I am not quite sure how to communicate between the addon and Wrobot's plugin. Thank you in advance!
  6. Version 1.2.0


    EvadeHate stops fights with evading npcs and blacklist it. Currently it only works for english clients. If you encounter any problems feel free to post a log with the proceedings and information about the used product, fightclass & a screenshot of the situation would be helpful. Additional features: -take screenshot on evaded npc -fight back if npc is attacking the player again (currently it only detects the player's target - bugged combatlog) => since new changes to combatlog, a new version can be expected, if other projects are done Any Ideas, suggestions? Please leave your feedback here.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Made it this morning have yet to test it but made from same source material as last one following proff guide. Hinterland Eastern Kingdom
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Sobre este arquivo Profile de quest que irá levar seus chars do lvl 45 ao lvl 50. REQUISITOS: - Vender Itens: ON - Reparar Itens: ON - Vender itens cinza, branco, verde e azul - Configuração de bebida e comida (ou vai morrer constantemente tomando um monte de tempo extra) - Colocando Bags maiores aceleram muito o processo de execução das quests, mas não são necessárias - Recomendo o addon aqui em anexo TopFit. (Equipar automaticamente seu char) - Recomento o addon aqui em anexo TurnIn. (Nas configurações de pegar e entregar quest automaticamente para economizar tempo) - Addons podem ser Baixados neste Link: TopFit e TurnIn Qualquer erro ou bug no profile por favor reportem-me para que eu possa corrigi-los.
  9. Version 3.0.0


    This is my 3.3.5a frost dk dps fight class that i spent 3 hours on making and 2 hours testing. There may be bugs because i haven't tested it enough but basic things like rotation should work as intended. I will update if i find something to fix
  10. Version 1.0.2


    Fight Class for Fury Warrior 1-80 (Beta) [3.3.5a] Rotation: Battle Stance (On/Off-Setting) Berserker Stance (On/Off-Setting) - Charge (On/Off-Setting) (Pull) - Charge (On/Off-Setting) (switches out of fight to Battle Stance) - Bloodthirst - Bloodthirst - Rend - Whirlwind - Sunder Armor (On/Off-Setting) - Heroic Strike (More then 40 Rage) - Slam (if Bloodsurge proc)(On/Off-Setting) - Cleave (+2 Targets) (More then 40 Rage) - Heroic Strike (More then 40 Rage) (Main before Bloodthirst) - Victory Rush - Cleave (+2 Targets) (More then 40 Rage) - Intercept (On/Off-Setting) - Victory Rush - Pummel (Interrupt) (On/Off-Setting) - Overpower - Execute - Pummel (Interrupt) (On/Off-Setting) (switches to Berserker Stance and back) - Slam (if Bloodsurge proc)(On/Off-Setting) - Execute Buffs : - Racials (Blood Fury, Berserking) (+2 Targets) (Boss fight) - Battle Shout (On/Off-Setting) - Death Wish (Boss fight) - Demoralizing Shout (+2 Targets) - Bloodrage (<15 Rage) This Fight Class is still in Beta. Please help me to improve it and comment. Have Fun Chiper
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Making mining files to level my proffs lordearon following a guide online hope enjoy as they come out. Also more work will be done on my 1 - 80 quest file project hopefully soonn. Btw It's in Highlands Eastern Kingdom
  12. Version 1.0.0


    So got to about 78 this morning off the hotspot one running 10 hours and alot of JC quest drops enjoy!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    I made this because didn't like how many people were going though that HB profile converted for "Last Rites"! So I made this one it farms rams, yetis and an elite which can blacklist if bot caan't handle it at 70 solo. It stops in the very near by alliance town to vendor, repair and mail have fun! ^^
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is my WIP hunter fight class. I've slowly added to this class as I have botted up my Character. Feel free to ask any questions! This profile will work with low level beast mastery Hunters and 1-80 marksmanship hunters. Features: - Doesn't use disengage [Stops bot from pulling extra mobs in it's immediate vicinity] - Every spell works/is in use - Hunter Pet revived when dead - Arcane, Serpent Sting working - Hunters Mark casted 35-100 range from target - Casts mongoose, raptors strike etc in melee range Fully functional for Marksmanship hunters level 1-80. Not yet incorporated all of Beast Mastery talents. Enjoy!
  15. Version 1.0.3


    Hunter Fightclass for WotLK ::Features:: Cast Aspect of the Viper if you are below 10% Mana Cast Aspect of the Hawk if you are over 90% Mana Cast Raptor Strike if Target in Melee Range Cast Mongoose Bite if Target in Melee Range Cast Hunter's Mark on Target but only if you are over Level 20 (Otherwise you have Mana issues) Cast Serpent Sting on Target but only if you are over Level 20 (Otherwise you have Mana issues) Cast Kill Shot if Target is below 20% Cast Rapid Fire Cast Kill Command if Pet exist Cast Silencing Shot Cast Chimera Shot Cast Aimed Shot Cast Arcane Shot Cast Steady Shot if all other spells are on Cooldown Cast Mend Pet if Pet is below 85% Health Cast Call Pet if Pet is missing Cast Revive Pet if Pet is dead Cast Disengage to get Distance (New since 1.0.2) The FightClass is specially for leveling with Marksman 1-80. if you are below Level 20 it wont use Hunter's Mark and Serpent Sting otherwise you have mana issues in this level range. as soon you hitting level 20 you getting Aspect of the Viper and rid of the mana problems, at this point the Bot will use it. I recommend to level with a pet that can taunt/root your target like a Crab, Turtle or something. if you have any suggestions let me know. Have fun! Dreamful
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This version intended for levels 1-26. I use this with the Party function in wrobot and I set the tank as the person to be followed at around 30-40 yds. I made this priest fight class to follow me around in quests and dungeons and keep me alive. i tank with zero problems as long as i'm not taking unrealistic damage. it casts Fort to whoever's in the group when the bot starts along with Inner Fire. It will cast lesser heal or heal, based on how much mana you have. < 50% mana it casts lesser heal. > 50% mana and it will cast heal. either triggers when HP reaches below 65% Renew will cast at 80% hp Flash Heal will cast at 35% or lower hp PW:Shield happens at 75% or lower hp This bot will cast fade automatically if it gets below 75% hp Dispel magic works, for now I have just been putting in the name of the debuffs manually per the dungeon. (Sleep, Druids Slumber in Wailing Caverns) I was making a new condition for each debuff that had to be checked. There is a smarter way to do it, I have just been lazy. If ever you need this bot to recast Fort to people who do not have it, simply remove the buff from the bot, and that will trigger it to recast it to whoever doesnt have it, casting it on itself last, so when the buff runs out naturally after 30 mins, it will recast again and cover everyone once more. Its great. Feel free to edit or update or just download this to look at and learn from. I wanted to give something back. Thanks!
  17. Hello I am a fellow wrobot user just like the rest of you, i logged in the see a hurt bag message sent to me about my warrior class, im putting it up right now for people to inspect and try out, only problem is, it doesnt do attack skills, barely rend, barely mortal strike, and thats even if it is barely, everything else works fine, or so yet i have to try. HERE is the PVP AWAR WOTLK wrobot build ive been working on for us all The file's name is this because i ABSOLUTELY SUGGEST running it when you're around. other wise it might spaz out on you and work all weird... w**** p***** joking... but seriously please help me get my fight class working, and feel free to post it for yourselves and how you all work in bg's/pvp ps: my wrobot crashes my game and itself as soon as it loads in, so i dont know how to really test this.... ITS UP TO YOU GOOD FOLKS! ArmsWarrior with person.xml
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Sobre este arquivo Profile de quest que irá levar seus chars do lvl 35 ao lvl 45. REQUISITOS: - Vender Itens: ON - Reparar Itens: ON - Vender itens cinza, branco, verde e azul - Configuração de bebida e comida (ou vai morrer constantemente tomando um monte de tempo extra) - Colocando Bags maiores aceleram muito o processo de execução das quests, mas não são necessárias - Recomendo o addon aqui em anexo TopFit. (Equipar automaticamente seu char) - Recomento o addon aqui em anexo TurnIn. (Nas configurações de pegar e entregar quest automaticamente para economizar tempo) - Addons podem ser Baixados neste Link: TopFit e TurnIn Qualquer erro ou bug no profile por favor reportem-me para que eu possa corrigi-los.
  19. Is there a plugin that can made disenchanting automatic like milling and prospecting for wotlk 3.3.5a? I know there is one for Mop but it doesn't work on wotlk. The addon TSM and Destroy is not working for wotlk either.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This is a profile for Blood Elves on the WotLK 3.3.5a version. What it does: Quests all but one quest before leaving the starter island. Gets you to at least level 5 1-click Sells trash when enabled Repairs when enabled What it doesn't do: Doesn't train new skills. Doesn't do the class quest. Skips the item-generated quest due to a bug on the server (Tainted Arcane Sliver). Doesn't equip the new bag from quest. Doesn't always choose correct quest rewards for char type. Look out for: It may or may not get hung on Felendren the Banished. I couldn't figure out how to stop targeting the same mob when that part of the quest objective was complete. Worst case it will continue to pull mobs before it gets to the top. Full bags will stop you on item gathering quests. Slow spawns The quest order isn't optimized. You can rearrange them in the editor.
  21. Version 1.0.1


    My 3.3.5a Combat Rogue Profile. It works great for me on Lodearon-Warmane (60+ rogue) Most of the time it opens with stealth. To get poisons i use the macro fuction of WRobot with 3600s time between the uses. If you have any suggestion feel free to comment and ill try to update :) but im still a noob in programming so i have still limits ;D ToDo: make it usable for low lvl :) (making 1-80 class) Greetings Aron
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Full AFK Questprofile. IMPORTANT: Enable Selling Items Get Bags With current Version of the Bot 1.5.6 (38508) - Stop the Bot at LvL 6 and train new Skills. Report Bugs via Privat Message.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This is a profile for farming Icy Dragonscale, an item mostly used for leatherworking. DETAILS *********** Zone: Sholazar Basin Min-Level: ~75 Mobs: Primordial Drake Mail/Repair/Vendor: No/Yes/Yes Fraction: Alliance & Horde Created on: Rising-Gods 3.3.5a Other: Will also farm a lot of Borean Leather Feel free to edit my profile.
  24. Version 1.0.2


    It's finally done it starts where last one left off via loading profile, Trains all classes in SW expect for mage, and ends at 40 in Swamp of Sorrows. To be clear this is grinder, but need put it in quester profile folder and use quester to run it.
  25. Version 1.0.0


    So this is my feral cat dps fight class for 3.3.5a that has everything you will need (exept prowl that i will add to next version)
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