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Found 15 results

  1. I downloaded Wrobot, was trying it out (I play on a private server) and didn't use it for a few days. Now anytime I try using it tells me my license key: trial is expired. (photo below) I've re put in the key: Trial, read on forums but I didn't see anything that helps me figuring out what I might be doing wrong. Thanks for any help you guys might be able to provide me.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The most tested and stable WRobot grind profile for Alliance on private servers. The Demo is a 1-6 Northshire Valley. After which it will load the grinder. The Zip includes 1-60 Vanilla and 1-70 TBC Alliance grinding packs. Built on Elysium Vanilla and Warmane TBC. Also includes recommended WRobot plug-ins for leveling. The Alliance profile is split into 2 parts 1-45 and 25-60. At some point you will need to move the bot dependant on level- when you do it is up to you (you have 20 levels to decide. A third profile is added for 58-70 in TBC. Leveling paths Vanilla 1-45 1-6 Northshire 6-12 Elwynn 12-19 Westfall 19-22 Redridge 22-32 Duskwood. 32-36 STV 36-45 Swamp of sorrows Vanilla 25-60 25-30 Wetlands 30-37 Arathi 37-43 Badlands 43-51 hunterlans 51-55 WPL 55-60 EPL The Burning Crusade 58-61 Hellfire peninsular 61-64 Zangarmarsh 64-67 Terrokar 67-70 Nagrand While this profile is 99% grind- you will still need to load it as a quest profile. The profiles favour quiet grind spots with mainly beasts being the target. I have made gradual mobs changes so you wont see any massive jumps in death / mob difficulty as the profile goes on. A Second grind path is included that will also target humanoids for those bots who need cloth. However these spots may have more players than the 'normal' grind profile which favor quiet spots- you are able to freely swap between profiles as they follow similar paths. Price is 5 Eu https://sellfy.com/p/UqlK/
  3. Dear Community, since several month i have Problems to start wrobot for private Servers. Last year it works fine on win10 without any Problems. Atm i can start wrobot (with a delay of 10-20 seconds) and start to bot. But if i start wrobot a second or third instance to Level a Party, i can not hit the startbutton. I can not start the Programm only the first instance. Hm... have install wrobot new, no changes… delete all profiles/Plugins... no changes. Install/repair all neccessary Windows librarys, no changes. Have no idea what else to change. Any ideas? Thanks a lot. Birdfree
  4. Is there a way to feed my hunter pet "X" food after "x" amount of time, or "x" number of monsters killed? If this isn't possible with fight class/lua in fight class could someone make a plugin that does this?
  5. thykker

    Attack Player Problem

    So i play on a server thats heavy pvp and i want the bot to auto focus players if they are within 10 yards. my bot keeps attacking mobs while he is getting destroyed by players
  6. Hello! I recently purchased WROBOT and i has a kouple of problems. The Bot itself is easy to configure and I really enjoy the ide of leveling through the boring stuf with a bot, however, Wrobot crashes after aprox 5 min or so. I have tried to re-install it et cetera. I am using a pc with windøws 8. I have taken advantage of some great user profiles such as link below if it matters. I would appreciate any feedback and responses that may solve my problem. Thanks in advance for anyone who may respond. regards, no4 :)
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tested the private server version on the new Warmane 2.4.3 TBC Server? I'm willing to fork over the 20 if it works well since I was so happy with the retail version of wrobot. Honestly, I don't even need questing, grinding, or gathering profiles. Just looking for a reliable fish bot because fuck fishing. Also, do I need to download a different wrobot version? Or can I use the most up to date version and just type in the new product key after I purchase the private server edition?? Thank you.
  8. Skalikas

    [Twin] Mailer

    Version 1.0.0


    A simple plugin to send items to another character, it is developed with intent to fix currently existing problem with mail sending. It does NOT tell bot when to send items it simply takes control of the bot when the default mail function tries to send items and does it in its stead. How to: Make sure that 'Use Mail' is enabled in the General Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Mail Set 'Recipient' and 'Items' in the Plugins -> TwinMailer -> Settings
  9. Hi, I looking for some help/guidance on how I would approach creating a profile for a dungeon in vanilla wow(private server). What product would be best used? Quester? Grinder profile with hotspots? I would be doing this as a party and my first profile in WC(Wailing Caverns). I have my own private server for testing so and help or guidance as to where I would begin would be greatly appreciated! Seems to be a very new thing on this forum, and finding educational material for me as a new member is starting to become a bit overwhelming. As guessing is really not going to get me anywhere. I have had a look at this; However that seems it heavily relies on the the objective tracker which doesn't exist on vanilla wow. Or is their a way to do whats displayed in this video and it be applied to vanilla wow aswell? As I said before any help will be greatly appreciated. P.S. Wasn't quite sure whether to put this thread here in general assistance or under Vanilla Wow Private server. Moderators move if necessary, thanks in advance.
  10. Hello fellow Wrobot users. i am looking for dedicated people who would like to come together and make private server wrobot awesome. i am looking for people who are willing to learn quester making, grinding making, class making, and alot more. This is going to be a big project. I am wanting to get this filled with everything possible we can do. This is a donation of time and effort. Comment here and i will message you and give you contact details so we can talk. I live in the US so my time is eastern standard. If you have time and can dedicate yourself to this project please let me know. TY for your time and lets blow this up
  11. Version 3.3.5a


    These are my Nightelf Lvling and paths from night elf starting to astranaar they are long routes and were created on a private server for 3.3.5a Wicked's Path Astranaar to Forest Song.xml Wicked's Ashenvale Astranaar 17-25.xml Wicked's Darkshore 10-16.xml Wicked's Night Elf vl 1-12 Long route.xml Wicked's path Darkshore to Astranaar.xml Wicked's path Dolanaar to Darnsssus no kill.xml Wicked's Stonetalon Mountains path and 15-27.xml Wicked's Thousand Needles 25-35.xml Wicked's Tanaris 40-50.xml
  12. Batman

    Vanilla 1.12 Support

    How soon will a beta be up and running? You think this is something I can help you test?
  13. Hello, I'm running into a problem when starting any profile (Questor, Grinder, etc etc) but appears* to be unique to Night Elves. I tested a level 1 night elf and level 1 gnome. The level 1 gnome ran completely fine with both quester & grinder however the level 1 night elf, after clicking the start button, the bot thinks for 2 seconds and then crashes (via "This program has stopped working"). Based on the log (snippet below) it is either around the pet battle which fails or loading the Teldrassil zone. Any help? [D] 21:47:36 - [Blacklist] Added, 48 uniques Npcs, 28 Blackspots and 0 Npcs types (Training dummy ignored = True).[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : NEOneToFour[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : NEFiveToSeven[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : DolanaarDelivery[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : NEEightToTen[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : TimberlingSprouts[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : DenalansEarth[D] 21:47:37 - [Quester] Create instance of : TimberlingSeeds[F] 21:47:37 - [FightClass] Loading Fight class: C:\Users\D\Downloads\WRobot\FightClass\[A]Druid leveling 1+.xml[D] 21:47:38 - [Spell] spellName=Wrath, Id found: 5176, Name found: Wrath, NameInGame found: Wrath, know = True[D] 21:47:38 - [Spell] spellName=Healing Touch, Id found: 5185, Name found: Healing Touch, NameInGame found: Healing Touch, know = True21:47:38 - [Quester] Started[D] 21:47:38 - [FightPetBattle] Cannot load pet battle fight class, use default.[D] 21:47:38 - [Spell] spellName=Battle Pet Training => Failed[D] 21:47:38 - [Mount] No ground mount selected.[D] 21:47:38 - [Mount] No aquatic mount selected.[D] 21:47:38 - [Mount] No flying mount selected.[N] 21:47:38 - [Path-Finding] Load finish: C:\Users\D\Downloads\WRobot\Data\Meshes\\Kalimdor\Kalimdor_30_12.mesh.gz
  14. colderpotato

    Private bot sub

    I was wondering I know can use 3.3.5a bot, but does my sub cover other private server versions as they come out like 4.3.4 and 5.4.8? Seen these recent posts about mop is it out and how do I use it?