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  • How about this as a condition in the creation tool

    Bear T.O.E.
    • Version: All Product: Fight Classes Type: Suggestion Status: Not Added


                         if Buff active (**********) then Spell (******) No Cast.

    I think this will help out alot. Let me know what you think?

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    Also sometimes to optimize our rotations and pull the highest DPS we need to White hit for a minute. Or to best describe it we need to Auto attack. Do you think there could be a condition to auto attack and during this auto attack have the ability to look for Procs like for a Death Knight there would be Procs like Rime or Killing Machine that during this auto attack stream a play would have to take advantage of.

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    also you guys could clean up the condition list by putting all the Enemy conditions in one called enemy and under that could a drop menu list of all the available conditions once enemy is added as a condition. this would make thing easier for the creation process.

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