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  • Relogger bug (s)

    • Version: All Product: Relogger Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    After installing wrobot patch for 7.2 there are 2 problems with relogger

    A) sometimes it forget fight class. In relogger is written proper class, but it force to run bot with another. Detected with grinder, maybe problem is in grinder.

    B) sometimes blizz dc char to character select screen and report: You have been disconnected, blz (dont remember code) and relogger dont know what to do with that.

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    Seems my own installation (of bot) was bad, after reinstall now wokring fime. But still bot "dies" at this screen. Cant simply click "ok" and log back to char.


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    Ganolf, I would suggest you hide your character name.

    Even if we need to be authenticated to access this part of the website.

    Some file may be exposed to in the rest of internet.

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