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    Never have crazy fraudulent hoops to jump through like a well known competitor. Keep an English speaking support person around. Polish 1-110 in some way for both factions which ties into learning riding speeds and a mount important along with polishing an autoequip plugin as well, one exists except I have no idea how well it works. The plugin could be as simple as item level is higher so equip it only to stay relevant while leveling. This is the most important part to a bot imo since you need a 110 before you can really make gold. Grinding to level first would be ideal which would need good navigation in place to move between continents, zones, and areas plus going through portals while also riding zeppelins and boats. From what I have experienced so far it seems promising. Got my first 100-110 with BG-grinding mix and it would throw errors and the client would crash, but it usually got 2-3 levels before doing so and who knows if I had it setup optimally although I thought I did.

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