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    When the bot is about to turn in a quest where the quest giver have multiple repeatable quests, he seems to be stuck trying to turn in one of the repeatable quests instead of the actual quest you want to turn in.
    He will just be standing there in a endless loop trying to turn in the repeatable.
    How to test this:
    1. Get the quest "Betrayal from Within" from Mangletooth in Camp Taurajo, in Barrens.
    2. Go do the quest and finish it.
    3. Let the bot try to turn it in.
    4. He will try to turn in one of the repeatable quests instead, in a endless loop.

    One other thing:
    When you want to pick up ONE of many quests from a questgiver, the bot sometimes picks up some of the other quests before he actual picks up the quests you specified in your quester profile...

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