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Jelly's Protection Warrior 7.1.5 WIP (1-?) 0.1.2

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About This File

leave some comment or feedback, if something needs changed, let me know. 

So just a little something I'm working on and wanted to share.
I'm leveling a Warrior and thought i'd share my fight class so far. Currently level 68 and working flawlessly.  No log spam, no attacking dead things. Should work even on a level 1. Didn't test but added some quick spells to get you to 10, once level 10 switch to protection and go easy mode. (I think) 

I'll update as I level more.  


  • No Combat Spam. If a spell isn't usable or the target isn't alive, it simply doesn't cast it
  • Works as early as level 1. (At level 10 you need to switch to Protection)
  • Survivability
  • Interrupts
  • Cooldowns
  • Easy? 

Talents so far:  1,1,2,3,?,?,?



Due to the way Wrobot handles things, I'm just going to list the order of the rotation as in the file, if checks aren't met, it skips to next spell, this is all pretty seamless and fast.

Pull (In this order) All spells have "is spell useable" and range checks, so it's not spamming this.
1. Heroic Leap,
2. Heroic Throw
3. Intercept.

First damage section, check health status and use cooldown if needed.

4. Shockwave (If 2 or more enemys, checks if usable and facing enemys)
5. Ignore Pain (In combat only, health 50% or below)
6. Shield Block (In combat, checks to make sure we don't already have shield block buff)
7. Demoralizing Shout (Checks for no combat, 2 or more units in a 9 radius) I use this as a way of pulling more mobs close by, handy for farming
8&9. Victory Rush, Impending Victory (Checks if in combat, spell usable, and looks for Victorious Buff so you don't waste the free healing)
10.Focused Rage (Checks if have Ultimatum buff, if so, cast this to increase damage of shield slam)

11. Pummel (If target casting, use this) 
12. Spell Reflection (if pummel is not usable, and target casting, use this) 
13. Shockwave (checks if target casting, if pummel and spell reflection not usable, check if facing then use this)

Main damage Section
14. Thunderclap (If units are bigger than 1, and thunderclap is usable, use this) 
15. Revenge (Uses every time avaliable as long as in combat and target not dead)
16. Devastate 

Misc and cooldowns 
17. Taunt (If target is targeting other party member) Not sure i should keep this in here
18. Berserker Rage (Use if stunned)
19. Battle Cry (Use every time available)
20. Shield Wall (If the spell is usable, Im in combat, and health is 40% or below, use this)

Low level rotation is at the bottom so its low priority. 
21. Charge (Do I know charge, is my target alive, and within 8-25 yards, am I level 9 or below)
22. Execute (Rage 40 or bigger, is target alive and targets health percent below 20, am I level 9 or lower)
23. Slam. (Rage 30 or bigger, target alive, me level 9 or lower, in combat, and target in melee range (3 yards) ) 

So it seems like things may be out of place, but it works extremely well and I have very little down time. I'm level 68 now with this as of the update. No deaths even on things +3 levels above me. Elites my level seem to be no problem but i do have looms. 

What's New in Version 0.1.2   See changelog


Added some skills as i'm leveling up. 


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