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Dread Wastes Rare Hunt

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About This File

I was bored waiting for Krol the Blade to respawn, so i deceded to create a grinder for the rares. Dread Wastes was my tester to see if it would be worth it to make more for the other zones. Anyway, it will fly around looking for rares in the zone, and makes a big circle covering the whole zone.

Here is the path your bot will take:

  1. Starts at Krol the Blade (Since that is the one i am camping i havent actually seen the bot take him on, but i would imagine it would be pretty straight forward.)
  2. Karr the Darkener (When i landed the ghost mobs attacked me, and after my bot killed them she tried to fly away... i had to stop my bot and go back for Karr. I'm not sure why she tried to skip him after the aggro stuff in the area were all dead.)
  3. Nalash Verdantis (No issues with this one, except for some reason i landed in the water and pulled a few croks.)
  4. Ik-Ik the Nimble (I had no trouble with this one, she even went into his little hole just fine and came back out just as good.)
  5. Omnis Grinlok (I had to jump in on this one and help my bot out a bit... could be due to the fact that i am still learning how to perfect my fight class, or that he had like 5 adds walking with him. Either way, depending on your fight class skills he may or may not give you troubles.)
  6. Gar'lok (My bot had no problem clearing the trash around his building and then killing him. But then she tried to up and fly away without looting. I ran in to loot for her... and well she kinda got stuck in the building, she couldnt figure out how to get out on her own. So this one might be an issue if you arent sitting right there watching your bot run.)
  7. Ai-Li Skymirror (She is not actually in my profile, but you fly right over her if you want to edit the profile and add her. Her id is 50821. I struggle with her when I'm actually playing, so i didnt really trust my bot to handle her. :-/)
  8. Dak the Breaker (No issues, him and the mobs around him went down pretty easy.)

and back around to where Krol the Blade spawns.

P.S.- I did this on my BM hunter.

Let me know what you think, if you like it i can upload the others as i make them. Some constructive criticism is always encouraged!! :P

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