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Feral drinking


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I noticed that the default drinking behavior doesn't work for feral druids.

I looked at one feral druid fight class and it cancelled cat or bear form if mana was low and the bot was out of combat to get the mana bar out so the default drinking behavior works.

I was thinking of making my own feral druid fight class and disable the default drinking/eating and instead make it use the items in my code.

I could make it drink like this (but a little bit smarter, just some test code).

if (ObjectManager.Me.ManaPercentage < 35 && !ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("Drink")) { ItemsManager.UseItem(159); }

But is there any way I could make it pause its movement and targetting until it has fullfilled some criterias (enter combat or full mana or lost drink buff).

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