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Tank FightClass is working good with with WRotation but with grinder/quester not.


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Hello Guys! Hope you can guide me a little bit!.

Im trying to do a tank fightclass to tank dungeon (I'm trying RFC atm). My goal is make this tank able to do all instance by himself tanking good in 2+ mob pulls. 

Well, I have done my classfight. It works good in WRotation and tank changes target if some1 of hostile units is not targeting me in a range of x yards and do his skills properly to get aggro. The problems comes when i try it with a grinder/quester path. All works good but when a pull with 1+ mobs come and one of these mobs change target to any party member my warrior is changes to the target correctly but instantly my target is back to the first Mob and it stills changing in bucle. (I thought that was the option "Attacks when being attacked, but i switched off this option and the problem stills happening).


First pull RFC, 2 earthborner (this worms). My warrior gets the 1st mob aggro good and when heals are received the 2nd earthborner goes to the healer. Then my warrior changes to this second earthborner but instantly changes to the first one and stills changing target between 1st and and the second one without attack or do any skill in bucle.

REMEMBER: If i put the bot in WROTATION my warriors works so good, he changes target even in pull of 3+ mobs it takes aggro very good(Better than me HAHA :D).

HERE is the option that i put in my classfight.xml 

This on SPELL


<WoWUnit> HostileUnits = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitHostile() ;  

foreach (var unitsInRange in HostileUnits)


    if (unitsInRange.GetDistance <= 30 && !unitsInRange.IsTargetingMe && unitsInRange.InCombat)





This is my returning option: 

ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitHostile().OrderBy(u => u.GetDistance).FirstOrDefault(u => u.GetDistance <= 30) != null

Combat only True

Not spell, C# code: True


. Do you know how i can change this auto targeting or force to cancel this option or other way to force a target??

Thanks in advance and forgive me if i miss something obvious.

Edited by mochikk
I thought i was in other kind of post. This should go on fight class! My apologies
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