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WRobot Beta 8, Now including a Free Trial and support for Windows XP

  • Key notes:

    Use the key of 'trial' without quotes for a free 30minute session

    The bot was recompiled to support Windows XP and now runs off of .Net Framework v4 as opposed to 4.5.

    Read the full story for more information.

Two very important news items today.

Due to popular demand we have added a 30minute session trial to the bot. Now anyone can test out all of the features of WRobot without limitation for a 30minute duration. Simply install the program from the given installer or extract the zip version and enter "trial" without "" into the key field. The Bot will start in Trial mode and run for a 30minute duration. You can repeat this as many times as you like, but we ask that you buy a full subscription to run without the duration limitation and support our software if you enjoy using the trial.

Also at the request of several users, the bot was recompiled to use .net 4.0 as opposed to .net 4.5. This will add support for the Windows XP OS, as Microsoft chose not to support .net 4.5 in XP. Well we say everyone has the right to use our product so the bot has been recompiled for you. My installer was also updated to check for .net 4.0 instead of .net 4.5. Current users, if you experience any problems running the bot because of this, we ask that you install .net 4.0 Framework manually or rerun my installer. .Net Framework 4.0 can be downloaded from Microsoft here. If your install is not in English then make sure to check for the proper file versions as well.


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