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WRobot ready for Wow 6.2.2 PTR server and discount on several subscriptions



Wow 6.2.2 is coming soon (with flying in Draenor), the pre-download in battlenet client has started. I have released WRobot for 6.2.2 PTR server to start to work on new profiles/fight classes...

You can download WRobot beta here.

You can get more information about Wow 6.2.2 here.

I have also added discount when you buy several  WRobot subscriptions if you want to bot more than one character at a time and the IP limitation of unlimited subscription does not suit you, you can get discount on your purchase, For 2 WRobot subscriptions you save 2.50€, for 3 you save 6.00€, for 4 you save 10.50€ and for 5 you save 16.49€ (applies only to purchases being made at the same time).

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