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  1. Any way to try with another IP (reboot router or vpn)?
  2. Hello, WRobot has not had an update for a long time. I think if there is a problem there is on your side, look in the "Logs" folder if the bot has time to create one (if yes share it). If you use a proxy try to disable it (and close all unnecessary software)
  3. Hello, This problem comes from the profile and not from WRobot, contact the creator of your profile.
  4. you have try to close program like Discord? (program that use overlay UI in game)
  5. hello, try to download Wow client on another website
  6. hi, No tested, bu like that: var result = new Dictionary<int, string>(); var r = Lua.LuaDoString<List<string>>(@" local ClassyRaceAchievementIDs= {5163,5165,5160,6625,5161,5162,5164} local Races = {""Blood Elf"",""Goblin"",""Orc"",""Pandaren"",""Tauren"",""Troll"",""Undead""} local Classes = {""Death Knight"",""DemonHunter"",""Druid"",""Hunter"",""Mage"",""Monk"",""Paladin"",""Priest"",""Rogue"",""Shaman"",""Warlock"",""Warrior""} local RaceAchievementIDs= {[5163]=""Blood Elf"", [5165]=""Goblin"", [5160]=""Orc"", [6625]=""Pandaren"", [5161]=""Tauren"", [5162]=""Troll"", [5164]=""Undead""} local queries={} for i=1,#ClassyRaceAchievementIDs do local id = ClassyRaceAchievementIDs[i] local numCriteria= GetAchievementNumCriteria(id) local raceStr= RaceAchievementIDs[id] for c=1,numCriteria do local criteriaString, criteriaType, completed, quantity, reqQuantity, charName, flags, assetID, quantityString, criteriaID, eligible = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(id,c) local classStrif tContains(Classes,criteriaString) then for i= 1,#Classes do if Classes[i] == criteriaStringthen classStr=Classes[i] end end end local query=""r-\""""..raceStr..""\"" c-\""""..classStr..""\"" 120"" if completed==false then tinsert(queries, id) tinsert(queries, query) end end end return unpack(queries) "); if (r.Count % 2 == 0) { for (int i = 0; i < r.Count; i += 2) { int q; if (robotManager.Helpful.Others.ParseInt(r[i], out q)) result.Add(q, r[i+1]); } }
  7. You have installed required program? https://wrobot.eu/files/file/2-wrobot-official/
  8. No you can use your key in several computer. Can you share your log file please ( https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1779-how-to-post-your-log-file-with-your-topic/ ). y
  9. In your account log key is used. You can found your key in button "Manage" here https://wrobot.eu/clients/purchases/ To use your key launch "WRobot.exe", click on button "Launch bot", new window appear, replace "TRIAL" by your key (you can click on button "+" to save your key), click on button "LOGIN -..."
  10. He haven't wow addon for that in cata?
  11. Hello, sorry for the delay, your problem seem resolved.
  12. maybe it is server problem
  13. Hey, can you share your log please, I think your profile disable option to sell green items
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