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  1. Hello, try to disable option "use lua to move" in advanced general settings
  2. yes if yo can try to be sure that is not the problem
  3. increment min latency in advanced general settings
  4. Hi, like that: var CodeToRun = "var r = 1 + 1;"; string _sourceCodeIQuesterCondition = @"using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Configuration; using System.IO; using System.Linq; using System.Threading; using robotManager; using robotManager.FiniteStateMachine; using robotManager.Helpful; using wManager.Wow.Class; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; using Timer = robotManager.Helpful.Timer; using wManager.Wow.Enums; public class Main { public static void Pulse() { [RUNCODE]; } }"; string error; if (!robotManager.Helpful.RunCode.CompileAndInvokeStaticMethod(RunCode.CodeType.CSharp, _sourceCodeIQuesterCondition.Replace("[RUNCODE]", CodeToRun), "Main", "Pulse", out error)) Logging.WriteError(error);
  5. Hello, you cannot detect with relogger if profile is completed or not. To close bot and game you can run c# code: try { wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.GetProcess().Kill(); } catch { } wManager.Pulsator.Dispose(true); but problem, if you close game and/or bot, relogger will relaunch all. You can try to stop bot and logout wow character like that (to wait end of relogger task): wManager.Wow.Helpers.Lua.LuaDoString("Logout()"); robotManager.Products.Products.ProductStop();
  6. And with this wow addon: testaddon.zip (change code, addon/Title/Author name to avoid problem), if this don't works, use VMs is the best way
  7. Droidz

    submitted tasks

    Hello, If I understand correctly what you are asking me, you can already:
  8. Droidz

    Pathfinder wrong path

    Wrobot can use only one offmeshconnection per path, if path need several offmeshconnections you need to combine them. For your problem, you need to create one offmeshconnection "Rut'Theran to Auberdine", one to "Darnassus Portal Down to Rut'Theran" and one "Darnassus Portal Down to Auberdine" ("A to B", "B to C" and "A to C")). (if I understood the problem correctly.)
  9. Droidz

    Pathfinder wrong path

    hi. You have try to increment settings "OffMeshConnectionsSearchDistance" ?
  10. I cannot reproduce problem, and when I lost connection with one server wrobot switch to another without problem. Try to use cloudflare or google dns, or try with another proxy server.
  11. Hello, Proxifier is generally used: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/9219-guide-to-botting-with-proxifier/ . Also avoid using the same webbrowser when you create your account
  12. Hello, try to increment your min latency in advanced general settings (or in product settings you can try to increment timer)
  13. WRobot start when you character is already in game, you cannot bypass multiaccount security with him. You can try to edit mpq file (add code to randomize GetTime in MPQ file or found function used if they don't detect mpq files change)
  14. Hello, when this happen you haven't reason in the log?
  15. Hello, use questtypee FollowPath
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