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    If you can try with new WRobot update
  2. WRobot shuts down after 5-10 seconds

    Can you try to update WRobot and tell me if problem is resolved please
  3. Farming Specific Materials?

    Hello, yes add name of objects in"General settings" > "Enter advanced settings..." > tab "Looting and Farming..." > "Harvest object...".
  4. Errormessage in log

    if you can try again to relaunch WRobot
  5. Pathfinder error for Argus teleporter: Hope's Landing

    Can you record video (or take screenshots) of the way that you want to use and the path found by WRobot? (and the log file)
  6. WRobot shuts down after 5-10 seconds

    Hello, steps 12 and 15
  7. Hello, Honestly the BG bot isn't a priority for me, I even regret having released it (because now I can not delete it). The BG bot destroys the game (for legit users), the BGs are sensed to be fun to play. I do WRobot to help in repetitive tasks (gathering, leveling, quests...), but not to bother the other players (otherwise I would also do cheats/hacks...), and this product works with default settings (on live servers) (even if you have to keep an eye on it). And if you use a separate hack and disable trees and object collisions you can understand why you get banned (cheat is easy to detect). 6: This depend maintly of your fightclass 7: 9: This problem is caused by the option "Randomize path" (in product settings) when you profile contains positions near the ground (or if you use profile with underground positions). Yes WRobot is not perfect (it is a software, not a human), WRobot for official server is probably better (less bugs) than WRobot for private servers, I have a big list of bugs/suggestions to do, but with good profile/fightclass (gatherer, grinder, quester) you can run more than 10 hours per day WRobot without problem and no more one stuck by hours (this in all version, private or official servers), but for that you need to adapt your profile at WRobot, and not wait than WRobot adapts to your profile. And WRobot is probably the more advanced bot for private servers, if you found another bot better do not hesitate to use him. I repeat that I know that WRobot is not perfect and that I agree with you on some of your remarks , but you exaggerate, look at the ban reports and you will see than the number of bans is very little. You can use WRobot several hours per day during several years without problem if you use good profiles/fightclasses. Now, why you, you get ban all few days/weeks while anothers use WRobot since several years without ban (like me)? I don't know.
  8. Errormessage in log
  10. start button not working

    Can you try to download WRobot.exe en move it to your WRobot folder: Can you also try to run WRobot with shortcut "WRobot Quick Launch"
  11. You have activated option "Auto attack/Auto shot" and disabled option "Stop auto attack"?
  12. Hello, Can you share your log file please ( ).
  13. "New Update found"

    Hello, try to disable your antivirus
  14. Can you check if you have activated option "auto attack/auto shot", if no activate this option and tell me if this resolve your problem