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  1. Hello, Paypal suspended my account again. PayPal will no longer be available on this site.
  2. Hello, check your website private message and your mailbox, but paid profiles are not managed by this website
  3. Hi, how I reply by private message if you can share share logs files of last sessions (in "Logs" folder) (and screenshot of error if you have)
  4. Hello, you can found invoice here: https://wrobot.eu/clients/orders/
  5. Hello, try to remove wow cache and to download/install bot again in new folder (with default settings). Run "Automation" to check if the bot follow god path.
  6. Hey, sorry if you can again update, problem should be resolved
  7. Hello, look https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/3633-getting-started-with-wrobot-video/
  8. Hello, You use recent bot version? Some olds versions can be detected. It mainly depends on your server and if GMs are active (it is also possible that they are monitoring your IP)
  9. Hello, you have code that I can run to reproduce this problem?
  10. Hello, WRobot works only on private servers, he doesn't support current Blizzard versions
  11. Hello, If you use custom profile (or quester) you can use C# do to that, but you need some knowledge of wrobot API and C #.
  12. Hello, check if you use good license key. Can you check also bot log (in folder "Logs") maybe error is in these.
  13. Hello, Disable all Wow addons, all WRobot plugins and share your log file please ( https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1779-how-to-post-your-log-file-with-your-topic/ ).
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