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  1. Hello, Disable all Wow addons, all WRobot plugins and share your log file please ( https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1779-how-to-post-your-log-file-with-your-topic/ ).
  2. Hello, you have try without fightclass? You get this problem all time when bot start fight?
  3. Hi, yes next time that you get this problem check if NPC is not blacklisted (use radar3d with option to see blacklist enabled). It is recent problem for all? only in Wotlk? you have try to put bigger interact distance?
  4. hello, send me screenshots of untranslatables fields.
  5. Hi, When you edit "wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting" change is instant. Maybe quest profile change settings, if you save settings when running, quester cannot restore default settings
  6. If you can try with new update and tell me if problem is resolved
  7. I am sorry I don't understand why you have this problem (and I don't remember anyone reporting a similar problem to me)
  8. You haven't changer wow or wrobot of folder? maybe one folder name use special char or access rules
  9. I updated Windows and I use more recent version, I don't get problem. I really think it's a configuration issue. Check that the path to Wow and WRobot is correct in the settings of the relogger
  10. Hello, the problem is that you use grinder and you cannot use option to mount after all farm. try to use this plugin for force to use this option: using System.ComponentModel; using robotManager.FiniteStateMachine; using wManager.Wow.Bot.States; public class Main : wManager.Plugin.IPlugin { public void Initialize() { robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnRunState += delegate(Engine engine, State state, CancelEventArgs cancelable) { try { if (state is Farming) ((Farm
  11. it's a bit mixed, on some image/video you seem to be taking to the wrong NPC because he has the wrong flags (in this case, blacklist the npc with the wrong flag), on other the pathfinder does not appear find a usable path (you should see the logs of the path generated and see if all the destination flightmaster has a correct position in the DB), and other times the bot seems not to find the NPC.
  12. Hi, try wManager.wManagerSetting.GetListZoneBlackListed().RemoveAll(z => z.Comment == "comment to remove"); // or wManager.wManagerSetting.GetListZoneBlackListed().RemoveAll(z => z.GetPosition().DistanceTo(new Vector3(1, 2, 3)) < 0.5);
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