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  1. if you can try with new update to check if crash problem are resolved
  2. I worked today to try to resolve detection, seem good with the latest version (but the Tauri team reacts quickly and does not lack ideas to detect the bot, I advise you not to use the bot on an important account for you)
  3. Hello, When 1.13.2 will be supported by private servers
  4. https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/11725-sunwell-insane-detection-systemincredibly-active-gms/?do=findComment&comment=56264
  5. Hello, I think Sunwell has found a way to detect (or at least partially, to flag suspicious accounts and GMs manually verificate). If someone can try with the new version (Wotlk only for now)
  6. Hello, try to install required software:
  7. Hey, https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/6609490929
  8. Droidz

    Relogger or wrobot problem

    try to delete folder "D:\Wrobot LK\Data\temp\" but I think it is profile problem.
  9. Hello, You have enabled option "Close Wow" in your "Wait" Task? You have try with fresh install?
  10. hello, I think it is profile problem, contact creator
  11. Hello, download unmodifier wow client in another website
  12. put abort beetween try/catch try { startStop.Abort(); } catch { } or don't use it
  13. Any way to try with another IP (reboot router or vpn)?
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