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  1. No sorry I'll not add that
  2. Hi, it is strange, try to restart your computer if problem is not resolved tell me
  3. Hi, GossipOptionsType contain already "binder" type.
  4. Droidz

    Skip underwater nodes

    If the node is too deep in the water, the water detection may not work. The only solution is to blacklist the zone (or decrease the search distance)
  5. ok ty, I'll release this new feature in the next update
  6. Hello, in product settings (if you use gatherer product) disable option 'mount all time'. In advanced general settings you have mount distance option, increment it
  7. Hello, tab "Tools" in "npc db" try to select and remove All (press key "Del"). Check if mailbox is not blacklisted (tab "Map" with radar3d). When is done, try to start bot near the mailbox when your bags are full, if problem is not resolved if you can share log of this session
  8. Can you try with this file and tell me if you get problem (or not): Relogger.exe
  9. Hi, I'll add option like
  10. Hello, can you share full log file please. You can try to use VPN (China's internet connection is not always stable with WRobot servers)
  11. https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/12499-fishing-bot-using-blink/
  12. Hi, try to don't use fightclass. if problem is not resolved can you share screenshot of your fisher product settings and share your log file please
  13. you have two times options, remove first line
  14. Hello, you have closed WRobot before to edit file?
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