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  1. You can try json, or if the structure is simple you can use txt file. For the complex and big data, I think use sqlite should be better as json/xml/txt.
  2. Hello, What do you put in your settings to get this file size?
  3. Look this video For healing your character, use condition "Health percent"
  4. Try to update Windows also if it is not done. If it is not the problem I am sorry I don't understand why you get this problem.
  5. You have try to update Windows or try to install it with others iso (some versions don't work fine)? But WRobot should work fine in VM.
  6. Bonjour, pouvez vous donner plus de détails.
  7. Hello, infight healing is managed by the fightclass
  8. Hello, maybe Wow FPS is too slow for the bot. VM settings provide good performance?
  9. To be sure that it isn't the cause of the problem please disable this plugin. You can also try to download Wow client in another website (to be sure that it is not modified).
  10. Hello, yes if you can send me your log please
  11. Hello, https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/13470-ascension-map-not-working-bot-allways-running-into-walls/?do=findComment&comment=63515&_rid=1
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