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  1. Hello, try without wow addons, try to download again wrobot, install it in new folder and run it without fightclass/settings (use automaton). Try also to run wrobot with shortcut "WRobot (DX hook)". If problem is not resolve try to download another wow client (don't forget to disable your antivirus)
  2. Hello, try to remove the two empty items to buy. If problem is not resolved disable all plugins/fightclass and reactivate them 1 by 1 (to try to identify what is causing the problem)
  3. Hello, can you share your log files please (bot and relogger)
  4. Hi, it is the "Remote" option that can generate this error message, if this message appears from time to time it is okay.
  5. You have tested with WRobot for another wow version?
  6. Your framework version is updated?
  7. Hey, You have log file of the bot please
  8. What macro do you want run? you use xml fightclass?
  9. Hello, in wow settings you can assign a shortcut with an alphabetical keyboard key, try to do that to check if problem is caused by that
  10. Hello, can you share the log file of the session please (you can found it in the folder "Logs"), you can also try with another profile (and activate radar3d tab "Map" to check where WRobot want to go)
  11. It is probably server problem, try this plugin: using System.Threading; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; public class Main : wManager.Plugin.IPlugin { public void Initialize() { wManager.Events.InteractEvents.OnInteractPulse += (target, cancelable) => { if (ObjectManager.GetObjectByGuid(target) is WoWGameObject) { Move.Backward(); Move.Forward(); Thread.Sleep(30); } }; } public void Dispose() { } public void Settings() {
  12. Hello, you haven't changed your antivirus or installed another software since?
  13. Wow window title has changed? (maybe you need to run this program with admin right)
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