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  1. Just like most servers after the hype is over...
    Works great! It saves a lot of gold and time while leveling. My Settings for a WotLK Ret-Paladin: https://pastebin.com/Y1U2mUEx You may want to change aura and blessing to whatever you use in your fightclass.
  2. Some profile change this setting. You may want to check if the ones you are using do.
  3. I use netcup their price/performance ratio is good and i never had any downtimes. Its a german hoster though.
  4. The Account you used PQR on is probably already flagged you might want to use another one and make sure to switch IP (they do link Account with same IPs).
  5. I hope you will add wotlk support for this Plugin. ?
  6. The only bad thing i noticed is that it does not refresh Agony before it runs out.
  7. Yes, now it is working. Thanks!
  8. Title says Druid if any1 is wondering.
  9. Hello, I am unable to use the license key I just bought (5 sessions) with version 2.0.1 (20338) for wow 7.3.5 (~26365). I guess its because 5 session keys did not exist back then? Thanks in advance. EDIT: current 3.3.5 client works but the old legion client does not :c
  10. guid = Globally Unique IDentifier You need it to adress a specific object.
  11. Yeah im also trying to get this to work on firestorm. The old version is working if you use the trial license but not with my own one.
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