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  1. they ip banning..and all the acounts that log in that ip
  2. thnx m8 that work..and is C# code: QuestHelper.AbandonQuest("questName") . fast question how i can put 2 costum script ? in 2 profiles im using for key looting using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Diagnostics; using System.IO; using System.Linq; using System.Threading; using wManager.Events; using wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks; using wManager.Wow.Enums; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; using System.ComponentModel; using Microsoft.VisualBasic; using robotManager.Helpful; public class Key { public static bool haveKey(int keyId) { bool haveKey = Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("local itemIdSearch = " + keyId + "; local bag = KEYRING_CONTAINER; for slot = 1,MAX_CONTAINER_ITEMS do local itemLink = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); local _, itemCount = GetContainerItemInfo(bag,slot); if itemLink and itemCount then local _,_,itemId = string.find(itemLink, '.*|Hitem:(%d+):.*'); if itemId and tonumber(itemId) == itemIdSearch then return true end end end return false"); return haveKey; } }
  3. i have test it there is no errors but the quest ist delete
  4. how to abandon a quest? i have tryed but is not working local questId = 786; for i=1,GetNumQuestLogEntries() do local _, _, _, _, _, _, _, id = GetQuestLogTitle(i); if id == questId then SelectQuestLogEntry(i); SetAbandonQuest(); AbandonQuest(); end end i also try this that i use in vanilla but im getting an error var logId = Quest.GetLogIdByQuestId(409); if (logId > 0) { Lua.LuaDoString("SelectQuestLogEntry(" + logId + "); SetAbandonQuest(); AbandonQuest(); "); } [E] 09:36:04.090 - Compilator Error : c:\Users\wow1\AppData\Local\Temp\upb0zp3d\upb0zp3d.0.cs(26,27) : error CS0117: Το 'wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest' δεν περιέχει ορισμό για το 'GetLogIdByQuestId'
  5. Ok i need same help with this npc..the issue happends only with this npc Ogg'marr.https://classicdb.ch/?npc=4879 So Bot is looping when try's to buy food and never buys.the toons stops in front of npc but never ineract with him and loop again..check the log pls log.html
  6. miminio

    blacklist issues

    this is a log that run from 20:00 until 5:00 without any stops the first picture is at 5:00 that u can see that the red dots are missing and the second picture is from stop/restart .. 18 Δεκ 2018 20H09.log.html
  7. Anyone has experience blacklist red dots to suddenly disappear when bot is running? In my profiles happens after last update. For example quester is running for 4 hours and just the blacklist dots disappear after 2 hours without stops or pauses by me
  8. miminio

    VanillaFlightMaster – Horde

    from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:03:26 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:03:32 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:03:38 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:03:44 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:03:50 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:03:56 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:04:02 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:04:08 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" 18:04:14 - [VanillaFlightMaster] – flying from "Stonard" to "Gromgol" can u pls check Gromgol .toons try to go to gromvol and stuck.maybe is because fhe name is Grom'gol or something.tnx
  9. miminio

    VanillaFlightMaster – Horde

    There is a standar loop between thunderbluff and campT when toon have a pulse in desolace and the fp there isnot discover. Can u fix that?
  10. miminio

    VanillaFlightMaster – Horde

    tnx alot both of u . working perfect
  11. this is still a issue!up
  12. miminio

    Quests order editor

    Is there a fast way to move up a new step in quests order editor?
  13. 23:08:58 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:09:03 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:09:10 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:09:15 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:09:22 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:09:27 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:09:35 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:09:40 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:09:47 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:09:52 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:09:59 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:10:04 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:10:12 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:10:17 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:10:24 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:10:29 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:10:36 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:10:41 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:10:48 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:10:54 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:11:01 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:11:06 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:11:13 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:11:18 - [Resurrect] Player dead 23:11:25 - [Resurrect] Not found Spirit Healer 23:11:30 - [Resurrect] Player dead happens to all my toons not all the times but when happends stuck there and never resurrect